Five Things to Know Before Buying a Liquid Temperature Control Product

When buying a new liquid temperature control product, there are a number of factors to consider when picking a product.

By PolyScience

Pick the Right Product

Make sure you are picking the right product for your application. With so much variation within each product category, determine the differentiating features of the product line and choose the best fit for you. For example, PolyScience® Circulating Baths are available with six different temperature controllers, ranging from basic to sophisticated, with standard features ranging from English/icon controls to operation in 11 different languages. We have options with unlimited programmability options, and multiple connectivity ports. When in doubt, contact the distributor or manufacturer’s sales team for assistance.

Think Ahead

If you’re in the market for a heated circulating bath, and have room in the budget, consider buying a refrigerated circulating bath if you may be operating at temperatures near or below ambient in the future. It’ll save money in the long run as you’ll already have the ability to work at those temperatures, without purchasing another unit.

Check for Promotions

See if the company you are buying from has any trade-in promotions or other discounts. PolyScience® will take in your old, used circulator regardless of condition and brand, and will give you a trade-in credit towards your new purchase. All recoverable materials (such as steel, copper, plastic and packaging) will be recycled, and refrigerants reclaimed. PolyScience® also offers discounts for educational facilities and volume purchases.

Consider Maintenance

Like any other piece of equipment, temperature control products require maintenance. Be sure to set up a maintenance schedule (or at least think about it) before buying the unit so you’ll know what it entails. Select PolyScience® Circulators include a Service sub-menu, tracks operation statistics and even notifies you when your filters or fluids need to be replaced.


Pick up accessories at the same time to save on shipping and downtime. PolyScience® offers tubing, fluids and other accessories required to make the most of your new purchase. PolyScience® also offers an iOS app called “PolyTemp Remote” which allows you to monitor and set the temperature of Circulating Baths equipped with Advanced or Performance Series Controllers. This is ideal when the bath is located under a fume hood or you are off-site and want to check the status of your Circulator.


Each application has a different set of requirements, so it’s important to select the right unit to ensure it meets the necessary requirements. With low profile units, ideal for viscometers, to large refrigerated circulating baths with unlimited programming for accelerated beverage testing, and an extensive list of additional, factory-installed options, PolyScience® offers products that meet almost any need. 

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