Streamlined Workflow, Expanded Selectivity, and an Orthogonal Technique for Your Laboratory

Giving you the power of normal-phase LC, but with the ease of use of reversed-phase LC, convergence chromatography is a broad-based, complementary analytical platform that is taking its place as an essential separation technology for modern laboratory analysis. 

By Waters Corporation

Bringing usability to gradients and chiral compounds

With the power to separate both chiral and achiral compounds, as well as utilize gradients, this technique provides another, reliable choice as an analytical platform that is orthogonal to reversed-phase LC, while significantly streamlining the entire analytical workflow.

In convergence chromatography, the separation is achieved by manipulating the density and composition of a supercritical fluid-based mobile phase. Because of the very high diffusivity of the mobile phase, high separation efficiency and fast gradient formation can be achieved. Additionally, the diversity of stationary phase and mobile phase (co-solvent) options provides access to the largest selectivity space available to any separation technique.

Diverse applicability and selectivity

Convergence chromatography utilizes the same eluotropic spectrum as normal-phase LC. The flexibility of this technique, however, also allows the use of some conventional reversed-phase columns, such as C18, yielding similar retention characteristics to reversed-phase LC when analyzing highly lipophilic compounds.

The ability to span this wide range of selectivity is what makes convergence chromatography such a powerful tool.

Convergence chromatography and the ACQUITY UPC2 System

The ACQUITY UPC2 System is a holistically designed convergence chromatography system that utilizes liquid CO2 as the primary mobile phase, and is the first analytical system purposefully designed to manage supercritical fluids. The system leverages the chromatographic principles and selectivity space of normaI-phase LC while providing the ease-of-use of reversed-phase LC, enabling you to address routine and complex separations challenges. Built upon proven, low-dispersion, high-efficiency UPLC technology, the ACQUITY UPC2 System offers a level of reliability, robustness, sensitivity, and throughput never before possible.

The advancements made in the ACQUITY UPC2 System, over and above traditional analytical SFC, finally enable normal-phase separations to be done robustly and reproducibly, so that convergence chromatography can be as routinely applicable as any other separation technique.


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