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Hettich Lab Technology’s UNIVERSAL 320 benchtop centrifuge offers versatility, longevity, and efficiency within a compact footprint. The UNIVERSAL 320 is a midsized single-solution premium centrifuge well suited and easily adapted for many applications. Lab managers across the globe choose the UNIVERSAL 320 as an investment to serve diverse projects for years to come.

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For over 110 years, Hettich Lab Technology has worked with lab managers to provide quality equipment that meets the ever-changing needs of the modern laboratory. As today’s budgets tighten, laboratory managers must maximize not only the functionality of their equipment but the space of their laboratories as well. The UNIVERSAL 320 helps lab managers meet both these goals by supporting nearly twenty rotors for different applications. The versatility of the UNIVERSAL 320 eliminates the need for different units for different research, saving space on the lab bench and in the budget. Additionally, the UNIVERSAL 320 is contained within a competitive footprint to save further space on the bench.

Hettich offers convenient purchasing packages for several of the most popular UNIVERSAL 320 applications. These packages include all centrifuge parts required for operation: the centrifuge itself, the rotors, buckets, and the adapters. Hettich has preconfigured UNIVERSAL 320 packages for blood tubes, cell cultures, urinalysis, and microliter plate centrifugation, but custom packages can also be configured. All UNIVERSAL 320 packages are available as refrigerated and non-refrigerated units.

Hettich Lab Technology products are designed, engineered, and manufactured with our hundred-year dedication to quality and safety. Accordingly, our equipment is produced with the strongest materials to provide the maximum product lifespan. All Hettich equipment is backed by our five-year warranty and 24/7 at-instrument support system.

The UNIVERSAL 320 offers a mid-range capacity and is ideal for most routine applications. To check the specifications of the UNIVERSAL 320 packages, visit hettweb.com/UNIVERSAL-320. If your laboratory requires greater capacities, consider the Hettich ROTINA 380 or ROTINA 420, which offer the same quality and versatility with higher capacities and performances. Visit hettweb.com for more information.

Hettich Lab Technology is an industry-leading laboratory equipment manufacturer. We design, engineer and manufacture precision equipment for the modern day laboratory. Known for our vast array of centrifugation products, Hettich delivers on quality, safety and reliability. Our engineering and manufacturing capability is showcased in both our standard and customized product solutions. We focus on our customers, their requirements and environmental responsibility. Hettich Lab Technology, proven for more than 100 years.

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