The New PolyScience Premium Digital Water Baths

Premium digital water baths combine sleek design, precise control, and user-friendly operation into a reliable solution for day-to-day laboratory tasks

By PolyScience

Full-Color TFT LCD Display

Full-color TFT LCD display features high contrast and excellent clarity allowing for easy viewing, even from across the room.

High-Gabled Lid

High-gabled lid accommodates taller media bottles and provides easy clearance when opening and closing. Clear, hinged cover tilts out of the way, lets condensation drain back into the bath, and keeps samples in view.

Progammable Presets

Programmable presets save programs that control both time and temperature settings of your frequently used needs.


Digital Control Panel

Digital control panel features large, square buttons for easy access and navigation of the intuitive interface.

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Recessed Handles

Recessed handles enable easy positioning and minimize the footprint to allow space for additional equipment on lab work surfaces.

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AI & IOT: A Powerful Combination

Published: June 11, 2019

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