Thermo Scientific™ inSPIRE™

The world’s first collaborative laboratory automation system that integrates everything you need for your automated workflow

By Thermo Fisher Scientific


Quick visual indicator of instrument and system health
SmartHandle color informs users on instrument control, status, and overall system health. Instruments in warning or error states are identified by a SmartHandle color change which is easily identifiable from across the room.

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Superior instrument accessibility in a compact footprint vertical design
Configure or re-configure your inSPIRE with ease to meet users’ needs through our large catalog of components. The modular design enables multiple inSPIRE systems to be joined together to create expanded workflow solutions.

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Quick and easy instrument access as needed
SmartHandles provide touch enabled automation control with haptic feedback allowing users to intuitively interact and share instruments with the inSPIRE. Requesting an instrument is easy! Simply grip the Smarthandle to get feedback. Feedback is provided by the color and pulse of the SmartHandle.


Collaborative and safe by design
inSPIRE uses the fully collaborative Thermo Scientific™ Spinnaker™ XT robot which has vision teaching, on-the-fly healing, built-in barcode reading for sample tracking, a full 360-degree workspace, built-in container re-orientation station and mover-based container de/re lidding.


Actively positioned means no re-teaching required after manual use
Quickly and easily supply power and communication to an instrument through each SmartShelf’s built-in communication ports. Depending on the chosen instruments, up to 4 SmartShelves can be placed per inSPIRE central pole. Spill containment options are available.

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Published: June 11, 2019

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