Proton OnSite Hydrogen Lab Server for GC Operations

Large testing labs with multiple GC instruments require a reliable supply of carrier gas and FID fuel

By Proton OnSite

Historically high-pressure gas cylinders or benchtop gas generators have been the main means of supplying and transporting these gases. Proton OnSite’s Hydrogen Lab Server solution supplies labs with a safe and reliable source of hydrogen gas for all their GC instruments.

Highest Capacity Laboratory Gas Generator

Available in capacities of 4.8, 9.6 or 18.8 SLPM, the Hydrogen Lab Server is the highest capacity hydrogen gas generator for laboratory applications. Laboratories with Hydrogen Lab Servers can serve multiple GC lab spaces and up to 200 GC units with ultra high purity hydrogen from a central location.

Proton OnSite Hydrogen Lab Server for GC OperationsProton OnSite 

Touch Screen Human Machine Interface

The Hydrogen Lab Server’s touch screen HMI offers users intuitive controls, and up to date information on the generator’s operational status, and maintenance schedule.

Hydrogen On-Demand

Proton’s patented load following technology senses your lab’s instruments hydrogen gas needs and serves up ultra high purity hydrogen on-demand with virtually zero hydrogen inventory.

Proton Exchange Membrane Technology

If you are looking for a safe and reliable hydrogen gas generator look no further. Proton OnSite has employed the Hydrogen Lab Server’s core technology, Proton® PEM electrolysis, in mission critical applications for over 20 years.

Compact Stainless-Steel Cabinet Design

Built to withstand the toughest environments, the Hydrogen Lab Server’s cabinet features corrosion resistant materials and heavyduty construction in a compact package.

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