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ADA Compatible Undercounter Refrigeration

Helmer has released new undercounter refrigerators and freezers that offer secure storage and consistent temperatures to provide safe storage of products while fitting under counters that meet the requirements for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant counters.


ADA requires that all new construction and remodeling projects meet ADA requirements for counter heights. ADA Undercounter Refrigerators and Freezers offer the same high-quality storage solution found in all Helmer Scientific products. They feature superior chamber temperature uniformity and quick recovery with a heavy-duty, air-cooled refrigeration system that promotes exceptional airflow throughout the entire chamber without restricting storage space. The bacteria-resistant powder coated exterior and interior provides security against contaminants and is easy to clean. In addition, products are stored safely with a key lock or with optional integrated access control.

ADA undercounter models have been designed for convenience and performance. The field-reversible door is also self-closing. Front ventilation eliminates the need for top or side clearance so that the unit will easily fit beneath your counter and next to other cabinetry or products. The front drop-down panel offers access to components for easy serviceability.

ADA refrigerators and freezers are available in i.Series®, Horizon Series™, and Scientific Series™ models. i.Series models include the i.C3® User Interface which features an icon driven full-color touchscreen. The i.C3 includes multiple information logs, on-screen corrective action, and downloading capabilities putting valuable information at your fingertips and providing documentation for record keeping.

Custom storage options are available for all models and include drawers, roll out baskets, and fixed shelves. LED lighting, swivel casters, glass doors, integrated access control, and stainless steel are also available to create a custom storage solution for your facility.

For more information on ADA or standard undercounter refrigerators and freezers contact:

Helmer Scientific
14400 Bergen Boulevard
Nobelsville, IN 46060
800-743-5637 or 317-773-9073