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EVOS M7000 Imaging Systems

Advanced automated fluorescence and color imaging system


Customize the system with more than 20 user-changeable LED light cubes, dual cameras (monochrome and color), a variety of objectives ranging from 1.25X to 100X, and multiple vessel holders.

Optimal performance

Autofocus, Z-stack capability, image stitching and tilling, time-lapse imaging, and single click multichannel capture.


Scan a 96-well plate in three fluorescence channels in less than five minutes.


Multi-well plate scanning, autofocus, rapid stage movement, and automated routines (such as scanning a pre-designated area) save time, streamline workflow, and improve experimental reproducibility. 

Time-lapse live-cell imaging

Onstage incubator option for precise control of temperature, humidity, and gases for normoxic or hypoxic conditions allows a wide range of biological studies under physiological conditions.

Data analysis

Extensive quantitative imaging and statistical analysis in combination with Invitrogen™ Celleste™ Image Analysis Software, including 2D and 3D deconvolution and 3D visualization analysis. 

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A photo of the Thermo Fisher Scientific EVOS M7000 Imaging Systems

The EVOS M7000 is a fully automated, no-personal-contact imaging system that incorporates both monochrome and color high-resolution CMOS cameras for the best of both fluorescent and colorimetric imaging.

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