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Go mobile - The BradyPrinter M611

Cloud-based interface

Connect to vital data, instantly, with the Express Labels app. It’s as simple as using a phone, the M611 printer and software. Design custom labels, or populate labels with data from remote files and spreadsheets. Either way, you’ll eliminate handwritten labels, and the costly errors they can cause.

 On-demand printing

Create, edit and print labels right from your phone. The M611’s mobile-driven technology lets you design labels where you need them most – in the field. Custom-build labels for tubes, slides, straws and vials, or use label design guides to speed up the process. Let mobile-driven technology power your lab.

Innovative design

Work all day using a lab printer that’s built for the job, the M611. This rugged printer handles both high label volumes and harsh lab conditions, and features a high-capacity battery that lasts all day. Tight on lab space? The M611 is compact so it creates more room for your lab work. 

Superior materials

Get long-lasting ID in all lab conditions with high-performance Brady labels. The M611 prints on 50+ different materials that survive autoclaves, liquid nitrogen, tightly curved surfaces such as vials, harsh chemicals and slide staining – and still remain smudge-resistant, readable and scannable.

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Optimize lab workflows with greater speed and accuracy using cloud-based technology like the BradyPrinter M611 Mobile Label Printer. Mobile-driven and efficient, it’s a game-changer for labs.

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