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Oasis µElution Plates For Reproducible, Efficient Sample Preparation

Confidently perform solid-phase extraction (SPE) cleanup of very small volumes with high analyte recovery and clean extracts in low elution volumes that can be directly injected into your LC/MS/MS system.



The Oasis µElution plate is a patented design that when combined with the highly efficient Oasis sorbents (HLB, MCX, MAX, WCX, and WAX), enables elution volumes as low as 25 µl and provides fast cleanup with improved performance over protein precipitation. In addition, µElution plates concentrate samples up to 15x eliminating time-consuming evaporation and reconstitution steps, compressing sample preparation cycle time and increasing through-put capabilities.


  • Ideal for samples volumes ranging from 10 µl to 375 µl.
  • No evaporation and reconstitution necessary
  • Up to a 15x increase in concentration
  • Compatible with most liquid-handling robotic systems


Oasis µElution plates are available in a variety of reversed-phase (HLB) and mixed made ion-exchange (MCX, MAX, WCX, and WAX) sorbents to provide a range of method development options for acids, bases, and neutrals.


The presence of matrix interferences in a sample limits the maximum sensitivity that can be achieved. All of Oasis SPE products, including the µElution plate, help you achieve the cleanest extracts by significantly reducing matrix interference.


SPE device capacity is defined as the total mass of analytes and endogenous sample components retained by the sorbent bed under loading conditions. Breakthrough will occur when the capacity of the sorbent bed is exceeded. Oasis sorbents are designed to provide exceptionally high loading capacity, yet each well in a Waters Oasis µElution plate contains only 2mg of Oasis sorbent.

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