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Ohaus Now Features a Full Range of Benchtop Laboratory Equipment

Get a quick look at the latest range of sample preparation solutions from Ohaus

Ohaus Benchtop Laboratory Equipment

Check out the key features of the full range of benchtop laboratory equipment now offered by Ohaus.


As a trusted brand in lab weighing for over 110 years, Ohaus offers reliable solutions for sample preparation.

1. Analytical Lab Balance

Precision balances with large weighing surfaces, a space-saving draft shield design, and full housing in-use cover. Ideal for lab, education, and industrial environments.

2. High-Throughput Bead Mill Homogenizer

A versatile homogenizer ideal for processing multiple tubes, microplates, deep-well plates, or any sample container that fits in the open-platform sample holder.

3. Multi-Purpose Clamps

A variety of clamps and frames with adjustable features to provide an exact fit for labware including thermometers, thermocouples, columns, funnels, and round bottom flasks.

4. pH Meters

Quickly measure sample pH with high-performance meters and micro-electrodes ideal for direct measurement in tubes or microplates.

5. Shakers

Rocking and waving shakers with the unique ability to electronically adjust tilt angle and speed without pausing the sample run.

6. Centrifuges

Multi-purpose centrifuges offer low or high-speed centrifugation platforms, which can be customized to fit workflow needs using a wide variety of rotors and accessories.

7. Hot Plate Stirrers

Modernize your lab with the Guardian Series Hotplate Stirrers designed with outstanding safety and superior performance in mind.