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Streamline Your GC Workflow with Peak Scientific’s All-New Precision SL Hydrogen Generator

Precision SL is the smallest and simplest to use laboratory-grade hydrogen generator in its class

Peak Scientific

Designed to support GC flame detectors, Precision SL is the smallest and simplest to use laboratory-grade hydrogen generator in its class, producing hydrogen on-demand with just the push of a button.

Small in Size

The smallest laboratory hydrogen generator for flame detectors, Precision SL is an extremely compact, bench top hydrogen generator meaning limited space is required for flame support gas supply, particularly when compared with large, floor-standing cylinders.

Peak Scientific Precision SL Hydrogen GeneratorCredit: Peak Scientific

Safe for Your Lab

Available in two flow rate models, 100cc and 200cc, SL is a safer way of providing gas to GC flame detectors in your laboratory, with low levels of hydrogen gas stored and advanced fail-safe technology.

 Streamlined Workflow

Precision SL is the consistent and reliable alternative to cylinders for GC-FID gas supply. No bulk gas required, Precision SL eliminates interruptions to your analyses in its unmatched simplicity and convenience. Practical and dependable, Precision SL is the most streamlined GC-FID solution for your laboratory gas supply.

Simple to Use and Maintain

Developed for simple operation, Precision SL can start producing 99.9995% purity hydrogen at a push of a button. The generator is also designed for fast user maintenance, requiring less than one minute for significantly reduced instrument downtime, ensuring your gas supply remains constant and accessible.

Peak Scientific

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