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Purchasing Guide: Staffing

If done properly, finding the right lab staffing service can make the hiring process more efficient for you

by Lab Manager
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Finding the right candidate to fill a role in your lab can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Some labs employ staffing services that specialize in connecting hiring managers with qualified, screened candidates for a fee. If done properly, finding the right lab staffing service can make the hiring process more efficient for you. Browse lab staffing service providers at

5 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Lab Staffing Service:

  1. Does the service provider specialize in recruiting laboratory personnel?
  2. How specialized is the skillset you need? If specialized, look for a staffing service that can provide qualified personnel in that area.
  3. What does their candidate screening process look like? Is it sufficiently thorough?
  4. How does the contract differ from other staffing services? Are there any catches?
  5. How quickly do you need the new staff? Generally, the more specialized the position, the longer it will take to fill.

Hiring Externally vs Promoting Internally

Before going straight to a staffing service, take some time to consider if any of your current staff could be promoted to fill the role. There are several advantages to promoting internally, such as boosting morale, decreasing onboarding time, and saving money. Consider if the workload is reasonable enough for the other workers to absorb the promoted worker’s responsibilities.

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Weighing Experience

If a staffing service refers a candidate who seems overqualified, don’t be too quick to discard their application. The candidate may wish to stay in a position like the one you’re offering long-term, and other staff may be able to learn from them.