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Live Summit: Quality & Compliance Digital Summit

Quality & Compliance Digital Summit presented by Lab Manager
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Quality & Compliance Digital Summit

Trends in Regulatory, Quality, & Workflow Solutions for the Lab

November 15-16, 2022
From 11 AM EST

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Labs must produce high-quality, accurate data and reports—anything otherwise would spell disaster. The work processes in a lab are governed by a quality management system (QMS), but there are many different sets of regulations and standards which may make it hard to know which ones apply best to your lab. It may also be a challenge to convince lab staff why compliance is important, and to properly train them to prevent recurring problems. 

Lab Manager’s Quality & Compliance Digital Summit on November 15-16 will feature experienced quality managers and agency officials who will talk about the importance of lab standards and procedures. These experts will offer helpful solutions to those who are seeking intrinsic compliance in their labs, and who want to learn valuable strategies for implementing quality management systems in their workplace. The sessions featured in this virtual conference will provide lab managers with the resources they need in order to achieve maximum compliance for their labs, and will follow up with an audience Q&A after each session. Register for free to learn about valuable action items to take back to your lab.

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