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Rapid Concentration of High Boiling Point Solvents

Rapid Concentration of High Boiling Point Solvents

Explore the benefits of VVC technology

by BioChromato

In pharmaceutical research, concentrating solvents is an unavoidable operation. A technical poster describes and demonstrates how vacuum-assisted vortex concentration (VVC) technology offers significant benefits in achieving rapid concentration of samples dissolved in high boiling point solvents such as water, DMSO, and DMF. The VVC method is shown to concentrate samples in a shorter time compared to other methods, it is particularly suitable for concentrating compounds that degrade when heat is applied. Additionally, since excessive decompression is not required using VVC technology, and it is also shown to offer significant benefits for concentrating samples that easily bump, boil or foam. 

Access this technical poster, compliments of BioChromato Inc.