Don Landek, Administrative Director of Pathology for UH Case Medical Center, commented on his experience using VHI: “Before Viewics, it took us three hours to run our reports. Now, we can create reports in 30 seconds and without dependency on our internal IT resources - saving us time, money, and truly giving us unfettered access to information we need to make vital business decisions.

VHI delivers a standardized suite of analytics tools that give users instant access to the data they need without the time, expense, and hassle of developing an internal BI infrastructure. 

We chose Viewics because it gives us the ability to monitor trends and identify attrition risks within our client base at a fraction of the cost it would have taken to build a business intelligence solution in-house. Viewics allows us to be proactive and address issues and concerns before they impact our bottom line,” said Mr. Landek. 

By adopting VHI, this highly regarded academic medical center is further enabled with insights into the key performance indicators that drive better patient care at decreased costs.