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Sample Preparation Resource Guide

A comprehensive guide to all things sample prep

by Lab Manager,PRO Scientific

Sample preparation is an important step to perform before analytical analysis to ensure that samples are uniform. Tools like mills, grinders, and microwave digestors can all be used to break down and homogenize samples for further analysis. The downstream analysis method and sample type will determine which sample preparation method is right for your application. Choosing the right sample preparation method will ensure that your samples are optimized for your analysis and that your results are reliable.

cover of the sample prep resource guide ebook

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 In this eBook, you'll learn about: 

  • Questions to ask when buying sample preparation consumables
  • Getting the most out of your homogenizer
  • How to achieve consistency with microwave digestion
  • The benefits of automated liquid handling for microscale samples
  • Caveats—limitations of sample prep systems vary by instrument type and sample
  • Sample prep for chromatographic analysis