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Starline Plug-In Raceway

STARLINE Plug-In Raceway® is the next generation in raceway systems created to meet the ever-changing power distribution and datacom needs of retail, labs, data center, and higher education customers.

by Universal Electric Corporation

STARLINE’s innovative design offers a flexibility that no other product on the market offers – the ability to add or relocate plug-in modules anywhere on the raceway quickly and easily, eliminating the time needed to reconfigure circuits, receptacles and wiring. Insulated copper bus bars are preinstalled in the raceway sections. With STARLINE Plug-In Raceway, you simply snap the pre-assembled plug-in modules into place on the raceway backplane and the connection to power is made automatically without having to interrupt power.

STARLINE Plug-In Raceway not only offers flexibility and low cost of ownership, additional benefits are:

  • Reliability – If you know the name STARLINE, you know that reliability is the backbone design criteria for all of our systems. This system is tested to meet NEC and UL standards and has the ETL mark. Joints and plug-in units require no maintenance.
  • Aesthetically appealing – The electrical raceway is built with a smooth aluminum finish and its compact design requires minimal space. STARLINE Plug-In Raceway is available in white, metallic silver, or custom colors are also available.
  • Re-locatable and Scalable – STARLINE Plug-In Raceway is an investment that allows you to expand, reconfigure or relocate the system anywhere you need power—improving your ability to meet future changing facility needs and making it one of today’s most “green” products on the market.
  • Reduced Installation Costs – STARLINE Plug-In Raceway makes installation quick and easy, and lowers costs because it takes about one third less time to install so labor costs are cut dramatically. Also, the modules are so easy to install, that an electrician is not needed.
  • Safety and Convenience – Allows the user to avoid large panel boards in a remote location and has greater flexibility without the confusion of determining what breaker corresponds to which outlet.

STARLINE Plug-In Raceway Common Applications:

  • Labs - Designed to provide reliability, STARLINE Plug-In Raceway helps labs and hospitals run at peak efficiency. And the flexibility of STARLINE Plug-In Raceway allows you to meet the constant changes a lab presents.
  • Higher Education - STARLINE Plug-In Raceway has a role in facilities all over campus, from cafeterias, labs and vo-tech classrooms, to stadiums, auditoriums and theaters.
  • Healthcare – The flexibility of the Plug-In Raceway product, as well as the circuit protection each plug-in unit provides, makes it ideal for healthcare environments.
  • Data Centers – Downtime at data centers can be costly. That’s why STARLINE Plug-In Raceway is preferred at Data Centers and Mission Critical Facilities that need the ability to add power, without shutting off power.

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