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Summit: Asset Management Digital Summit

Lab Manager's Asset Management Digital Summit
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Asset Management Digital Summit
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Making Smart Lab Instrument Decisions

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June 20-21, 2023
From 11 AM EST

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Decisions about lab equipment life cycles are up to the lab managers. Significant challenges include determining when to buy new equipment, the use of service contracts, sensible equipment purchases, whether to purchase or lease, instrument running costs, and the sale, regifting, or disposal of outdated equipment. There are many ways that lab managers can improve these decisions through the use of data, software, and vendor relationships.

During its Asset Management Digital Summit on June 20-21, Lab Manager will host industry professionals who will talk on these subjects and more. Hear from leading professionals in the field as they outline practical methods for managing the asset portfolio in your lab and how to make prudent financial choices that will make the most of your budget. A Q&A session with these industry experts will follow each presentation. Register for free to attend this informative event.

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