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Summit: Lab Manager Quality & Compliance Digital Summit

Lab Manager Quality & Compliance Digital Summit

Trends in Lab Regulatory, QA, & Workflow Solutions

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The most important output of a lab is the quality of the data, reports, and projects they produce. A quality management system (QMS) governs the work processes needed to ensure the high quality lab output. Different kinds of research and industries follow different sets of regulations and standards. Lab managers must protect the quality of their data, research, and projects by being familiar with the procedures and regulations under which they are governed. Lab managers can utilize different tools and ideas to make their jobs easier, and help them to meet or exceed their required standards.

Lab Manager’s Quality/Regulatory Digital Summit on October 20-21 will feature expert speakers from various professional and government agencies, as well as seasoned quality managers, who will discuss important standards ranging from GxP and ISO and what they mean to lab managers and staff. The sessions featured in this virtual conference will provide lab managers with the resources they need in order to achieve maximum compliance for their labs, and will follow up with an audience Q&A after each session.

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