Survey Says: Are You in the Market for a Gas Generator?

By Lab Manager

If you’ve had to lug a tank of gas to an experiment station and secure it in place, you know the hassle and danger involved. Many lab managers are turning to generators for convenience; cost also plays a part with labs needing to pay for the delivery of gas while the time required to change the tanks and the managerial costs of maintaining the necessary supply of tanks also hurt the bottom line. Most generators pay for themselves in two years on the hard costs alone and can also make a better product. When you generate gas at a plant, the second you start doing anything with it, the gas starts to degrade, even as the producer starts to fill a tank from a big supply. If users decide to go the gas generator route, they have plenty of options to choose from. One class, the zero air gas generator, makes air that is free of hydrocarbons, which is the kind of gas needed for many processes, including gas chromatography. Labs can also buy generators that make a specific gas, such as hydrogen or nitrogen.  


The type(s) of gas generator(s) our readers are looking to purchase for their labs include:

Calibration 5%
Hydrogen 26%
Nitrogen 34%
Purge 6%
TOC 2%
Zero Air 21%
Other 6%


Applications our readers are using or planning to use their gas generators for:  

TOC analysis 3%
Gas chromatography with flame ionization detection 31%
High-performance liquid chromatography 18%
Gas chromatography with mass spectrometric detection 20%
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy 6%
Inductively coupled plasma systems 5%
Nuclear resonance spectroscopy 3%
Other 12%


The reasons our readers are purchasing/considering purchasing a gas generator:

Switching from helium to hydrogen 11%
Cheaper than gas cylinders 25%
Increase safety 19%
Building/renovating lab 7%
Upgrading old system 17%
Starting a new lab process 15%
QA/QC 2%
Other 3%


The 10 most important features/factors in our readers’ decisions to purchase a gas generator:  

  Important Not Important Don't Know
Value for price paid 96% 4% 0%
Durability of product 93% 3% 3%
Performance of product 93% 7% 0%
Low maintenance/ easy to clean 91% 2% 7%
Total cost of ownership 89% 5% 5%
Low operating costs 89% 9% 2%
Service and support 84% 15% 2%
Availability of supplies and accessories 83% 10% 7%
Ease of use 82% 12% 5%
Warranties 79% 14% 7%


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