2013 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Survey Results

By Lab Manager

One of the oldest and most common forms of absorption-based analysis, ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) spectrophotometry continues to evolve. Increased mobility, reliability, ease of use, speed, and overall miniaturization will be the major trends in these instruments.

Types of UV-Vis spectrophotometers currently used by survey respondents:

Single Beam 48%
Dual Beam 35%
Array Based 12%
Handheld 4%

Top 5 UV-Vis spectrophotometer applications reported by survey respondents:

Biochemistry and biology 20%
Chemical analysis 19%
Environmental 11%
QA / QC 11%
Clinical analysis 6%

Nearly 30% of respondents currently using a UV-Vis spectrophotometer plan on purchasing a new or additional system in the next year for the following reasons:

Addition to an existing system
Replacing an older spectrophotometer
Require an instrument that is simple to operate and maintain
Require an instrument with faster acquisition and data analysis
Require an instrument with excellent reproducibility
Require an instrument with a broad range of accessories

Top 7 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

1. What are the key elements you need to have from the data system?

2. What differentiates the vendor’s software from others offered, in terms of chromatography data handling, customization and powerful analysis?

3. How do you validate the specification claims presented by the vendor?

4. Has the data processing software been designed for enhanced analytics, with lab workflow in mind and does it support critical compliance requirements?

5. What are important price points to keep in mind when selecting a GC software package?

6. Laboratories need fast and effective services. This includes an effective distribution of installations, help desk, education, and service personnel. How does the company serve these needs globally?

7. Is validation, like support for 21 CFR Part 11, critical for you?

Top 10 features/factors respondents look for when purchasing a UV-Vis spectrophotometer:












For more information on UV-Vis spectrophotometers, including useful articles and a list of manufacturers, visit www.labmanager.com/spectrophotometers

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