8 Chemical Storage Plan Fundamentals

8 Chemical Storage Plan Fundamentals

January 13, 2011

In 2005, a university student was helping unload a shipment of hexane into a solvent storage cabinet when a shelf broke, cutt...

Presumed Accurate

June 10, 2010

The notion that a temperature can be exactly X is erroneous, in the strictest sense of accuracy. In reality, all measurements...

Separation Anxiety

February 8, 2010

Here is a statistic that jumped out at me recently: improper storage of chemicals accounts for nearly 25 percent of all chemi...

How it Works: Sample Security

December 7, 2009

Hamilton Storage Technologies has developed an automated sample management system that provides sample security, audit trails...

Managing Samples & Their Storage

May 13, 2009

Reliably tracking samples as they make their way throughout the scientific process is difficult yet absolutely necessary. Nev...
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