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UV/Visible Spectrophotometers

• Classical-looking UV-Vis spectrophotometers now include enhanced standard UV/Visible Spectrophotometersfeatures
• Certain models now include free DataStream PC control software, free validation software, free single cell Kinetics software and free automatic cell changer software
• Each instrument will also be supplied with an appropriate dust cover
• A wide range of additional features is also available

Cecil Instruments

Raman Microspectrometer

• Now offered with lasers with peak wavelengths ranging from 405 nm through Raman Microspectrometerthe 830 nm
• Designed to be added to many different types of light microscopes
• Enables scientists and engineers to measure the Raman spectra from microscopic samples or microscope sampling areas of large samples
• Can even be added to a CRAIC Technologies microspectrophotometer


Fluorescence Spectrometer

Fluorescence Spectrometer• Combines improved sensitivity, sample handling, optics and control and analysis software
• Offers excellent technical performance and flexibility for luminescence spectroscopy
• Enhanced optics include high stray light rejection monochromators, a 3-fold increase in monochromator options, and computer-controlled filter wheels
• Instrument sensitivity is doubled compared to the FLS920

Edinburgh Photonics

Electrochemical Detector
Dionex™ UltiMate™ 3000

• Compatible with the current family of Thermo Scientific Dionex Ultimate 3000 Dionex™ UltiMate™ 3000EC-optimized HPLC and UHPLC systems
• Features the next generation of coulometric and amperometric sensors designed for simple, flexible and low-maintenance operation
• SmartChipTM intelligence automatically configures the instrument and optimizes control when an electrochemical sensor is attached

Thermo Fisher Scientific


ReactoMateChemical Reactor

• Now offers customers the option to use ReactoMate to scale chemistries with well-designed mixing by Innovative Physical Organic Solutions (IPOS)
• Especially important when reaction chemistries are exothermic
• Provides simpler process development and scale-up, faster reactions, better reproducibility and improved selectivity


Refrigerated Incubator
KT 115

KT 115• Features a functional chamber volume of 3.7 cu.ft. (104 liters) and the unit can run at temperatures down to 4°C
• Peltier technology, which is used exclusively for cooling, is vibration free and significantly reduces energy consumption
• Conventional heating technology extends the operating life of the device
• Can be decontaminated at its 100°C maximum temperature


ORION NanoFabMulti-Ion-Beam Tool

• Based on Gas Field Ion Source (GFIS) technology
• Provides an enhancement to the existing helium ion microscope
• System is capable of providing a complete sub-10 nanometer nanofabrication and sub-nanometer imaging solution for a variety of labs
• Optional gallium focused ion beam (FIB) column can also be integrated

Carl Zeiss

Tilt Holder & AFM Tip HolderSample Holders
Tilt Holder & AFM Tip Holder

• Designed for the LVEM5 benchtop electron microscope
• Tilt holder is capable of ±15° of tilt, or a total of 30° of tilt and is compatible with all imaging modes (TEM, SEM & STEM)
• AFM tip holder allows tip shape and sharpness to be easily measured in both TEM and SEM modes

Delong America

Captair® FlowFume Hoods
Captair® Flow

• Designed to protect samples handled in the enclosure using very low energy consumption
• Ultra-clean air entering the cabinet is quality ISO 5 (EN ISO 14644) which corresponds to U.S. class 100
• By adding a carbon filter upstream, the fan module protects the enclosure volume of gaseous pollutants present in ambient air


ESD Ductless Chemical Fume HoodsESD Ductless Chemical Fume Hoods

• Designed for electrostatic-sensitive applications
• Combines excellent user protection against toxic fume exposure with electrostatic dissipative features to prevent static build-up and discharge
• EverSafe II™microprocessor safety controller monitors and adjusts fume hood face velocity to the user preset value
• Filtrak™ positive filter sealing system provides safe and easy filter maintenance and replacement

Mystaire Misonix

Potentiometric Titrator

Potentiometric Titrator • Can run four titrations and stirrers that easily allow end user to do different types of titration in parallel at the same time
• Features reliable high-speed communications with no response time lag and results appear in real-time
• Compact design reduces bench space by 25%
• New buret design allows automatic reagent exchange quickly and efficiently

JM Science

Small Brushless DC Motor Small Brushless DC Motor
Type BL30

• Readily available for integration into a wide range of liquid and gas diaphragm pumps for OEM applications
• Features outside diameter of only 32mm
• Designed to fit within standard compressor housings and delivers all the critical performance benefits associated with brushless DC motor technology
• Offer long service life and quiet and cool operation, among other advantages

KNF Neuberger

Replacement Heating Element

Replacement Heating Element• Designed for Thermo Scientific Barnstead* Mega-Pure* Glass Stills
• 240V 2500w heating element is suitable for the MP-3A, MP-6A, MP-11A, and the MP-12A Mega-Pure Glass Stills
• Offers a new and improved design that is directly compatible to the Thermo Scientific part numbers 740883 and 740895
• Provides outstanding quality at a lower cost


Particle Characterization System
Morphologi G3-ID

Morphologi G3-ID• Measures particle size, particle shape and chemical identity in one platform
• Automates Morphologi G3 with Kaiser Optical Systems Inc. RamanRxn1 spectrometer
• Integrated dry powder dispersion option
•Simple SOP operation from sample dispersion through to size, shape and chemical analysis
• Provides automatic selection, targeting and chemical classification of thousands of individual particles


Pumps and Detector Tubes

•Precisely measure airborne levels of various gases and vapors in over 600 applications
• Piston pump is easy-to-use, lightweight and rugged
• Dosimeter tubes are direct-read, long-term sampling tubes that allow users to make time-weighted average measurements
• Pumps and detector tubes can rapidly measure many substances that can’t be measured with electronic gas detection devices


Precision RTD Temperature Data Logger

Precision RTD Temperature Data Logger• Accepts 2-, 3- or 4-wire 100 pt RTD input
• Features a long battery life of 10 years, multiple start/stop function, ultra high speed download, 670,000 reading storage capacity, memory wrap and programmable high and low alarms
• Using the software, starting, stopping and downloading from the data logger is simple and easy

Omega Engineering

Non-Contact Temperature Sensor

Non-Contact Temperature Sensor • Measures temperature of inaccessible or moving objects and materials
• Features a fast response with high stability, 2-wire 4 to 20 mA output proportional to target temperature, optional manual emissivity adjuster with display and stainless steel housing, sealed to IP65
• Measure temperatures from -20 to 500°C (-4 to 932ºF)


Circulating Bath
Coliform Bath

Coliform Bath• Designed for fecal coliform and E.coli testing
• Features an ambient +10° to 135°C temperature range, ±0.7°C temperature stability, and 28 liter reservoir
• Equipped with the company’s economical MX temperature controller
• Includes a hinged see-through gable cover, single speed pump, useradjustable temperature alarms, calibration capability, and chemical resistant top plate


System for SEM Digital Image Acquisition
Quartz PCI – Slow Scan USB Model

Quartz PCI – Slow Scan USB Model• Plugs into a USB port on a PC and connects to the scan generator and video outputs of a scanning electron microscope (SEM), enabling the acquisition of digital images from analog SEMs
• Also provides image measurement, processing, annotating and database capabilities • Can acquire images from two channels simultaneously

Quartz Imaging

Stirred Reactors

• Designed for researchers interested in performing pressurized chemical reactions in their laboratories
• Range in size from 50 milliliters to 4 liters and may be operated up to 10,000 psi and 350C
• Each reactor has a built in mixer with a magnetically coupled impeller for optimal combining conditions
• All high pressure components are ASME rated

Supercritical Fluid Technologies

Large Capacity CO2 Incubator
Model 2428H

Large Capacity CO2 Incubator• 27 cubic foot incubator features active humidity control up to 95%
• Features excellent CO2 and temperature uniformity
• Includes a user controllable humidity system that is more accurate and responsive to door openings than a traditional water pan humidity system
• Heated glass door minimizes condensation, another potential source for contamination


OEM Syringe Pump Module
Cavro® Centris

OEM Syringe Pump Module• Now available with a range of glass syringes and plastic valves to complement the existing portfolio of long-life ceramic components
• Features flow rates from 5 nl/s up to 5 ml/s
• Drive mechanism offers a broad dynamic range from a single syringe size
• UL-recognized for use in OEM laboratory instruments


Polyethylene Bottom Entry Mixer
Polyethylene Bottom Entry Mixer 740883LS

• Provides an alternative to high-priced stainless steel tanks for buffer and media prep at ambient pressure and temperatures
• Gives users increased process purity and better mixing at a faster pace than top entry models
• Includes the non-metallic tank, the specially-designed tank agitator, the motor and drive system, and several impeller options


Vial Closure System
National Target DP 9 mm C5000 Series

National Target DP 9 mm C5000 Series• For 12 x 32 mm vials
• Designed to virtually eliminate septa push-through while significantly enhancing productivity and flexibility
• These ergonomically efficient, PTFE-free closures are available at a reduced cost when compared to bonded septa caps
• Features a completely redesigned septa/cap interface that improves sealing

Thermo Fisher Scientific



CENTRIFUGE SERIESAt the end of October, Thermo Fisher Scientific announced its new Sorvall LYNX superspeed centrifuge series which aims to maximize everyday centrifuge use in shared laboratory settings.

The company says the series represents a major design innovation and is at least one, if not two, generations ahead of the centrifuges used by academic and institutional laboratories globally.

“Our new Sorvall LYNX superspeed centrifuges dramatically simplify high-speed centrifuges while increasing user safety and peace of mind,” said Maurizio Merli, global product director of centrifugation at Thermo. “We accomplish this with breakthrough technology advancements, such as the Auto-Lock rotor exchange, Auto-ID instant rotor identification and carbon fiber rotors.”

Auto-Lock allows users to exchange rotors in less than three seconds and ensures that the rotor is automatically and securely locked and won’t loosen during a run, while Auto-ID recognizes a rotor when secured in the chamber, improving safety, saving time, and protecting the integrity of samples, the company explained.

The new centrifuge series features a 100,000 x g top speed performance and supports highthroughput sample processing from 50 mL conical tubes and microplates to 1 L bottles, up to a six-liter capacity.

Run set-up is made easier with the series’ touchscreen interface that includes a bright, durable display, while on-board video tutorials and access controls, such as user login with password protection, provide advanced training and programming options.

“Today’s researchers require centrifuge performance that is simplified, to accommodate the reality that labs have multiple users with different experience levels and a variety of processing requirements,” Merli added about why these features are important.

For more information visit:

General Purpose Benchtop Power Supply
BT-GP Series

BT-GP Series• Now offered at 1kV, 2kV, 4kV, and 6kV of output power at 30W
• New, lower voltage range on the BT-GP Series fills in the gap in the product lines by offering bench-top devices at 30W in lower voltages
• Suited for OEM biasing applications such as air purification, process fluid cleansing, hi pot testing, and for laboratory research


Flow Reactor Systems

FlowSyn• Designed to handle everything from homogeneous single reactions to complex, multi-reagent reactions
• A range of optional gas addition, microwave, low temperature and binary pump (4-channel) modules further enhance the operational versatility
• Available with a wide range of reactors (2 - 60ml) in a choice of inert materials
• Can undertake high throughput applications


Oil-Free Vacuum System
WelchNet Titan

WelchNet Titan• A microprocessor controlled system of high capacity PTFE diaphragm vacuum pumps for multi-user laboratory installations
• Pumps work individually or in tandem as the laboratory vacuum demand requires, holding vacuum level even if an individual pump needs maintenance
• Chemical-resistant, energy efficient system includes intelligent vacuum control and green technology and is low maintenance



Reagent Kits

Reagent Kits• Utilizes SPRI (Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization)-based chemistry to speed and simplify genomic DNA size selection for next generation sequencing fragment library preparation
• Allows size distribution to be adjusted between 150 and 800 base pairs
• Available in 5, 60 and 450 mL volumes, enable rapid and consistent size selection, and come with guidelines to assist users in customizing protocols

Beckman Coulter

24(S)-Hydroxycholesterol ELISA Kit

Reagent Kits• Offers an alternative to mass spectroscopy for measuring this key marker of cerebral cholesterol metabolism and neurodegeneration
• Allows for quantitative detection of 0.78 ng/ml of 24-OHC in various sample types including: tissue culture media, cerebral spinal fluid and tissue homogenate samples
• Enables the analysis of up to 36 samples in duplicate in just two hours

Enzo Life Sciences

Transfection Reagent

Transfection Reagent• Allows hard-to-transfect primary cells and stem cells to be transfected with improved efficiency and lower toxicity
• Offer a unique rapid optimization protocol that enables researchers to maximize the transfection efficiency in their cells
• Validated on multiple cell lines
• Designed for transfecting primary cells and stem cells and is highly effective on commonly used cells


Hormones Application Kit

Hormones Application Kit• Designed to simplify the detection and analysis of hormone contaminants in ground water and drinking water samples using liquid chromatography/ tandem mass spectrometry
• Reduces time-consuming and costly method development
• Contains a Thermo Scientific Accucore HPLC column, solid phase extraction disks, MS-Certified vials, a detailed application protocol and Thermo Scientific TraceFinder software method files

Thermo Fisher Scientific


Laboratory Automation Workstation
Biomek 4000

Biomek 4000• Features intelligent liquid handling that adapts as processes require
• Incorporates easy-to-use, icon-driven software and an enhanced work surface with interchangeable tools
• New single and multichannel 1000 μL pipetting tools offer higher throughput for assays using volumes greater than 200 μL and up to 1000 μL
• Includes simple method building

Beckman Coulter

Well Plate Loader System

Well Plate Loader System• Adaptable to most modern inverted microscopes
• Provides three independently controlled and encoded axes for rotational, vertical and horizontal movement
• Two stainless steel racks provided with each loader accommodate covered and uncovered well plates up to 19mm in height
• Can be programmed to respond when racks are changed in the middle of a run

Prior Scientific

Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction WorkStation

• Offers consistent, high-speed purifications by combining several Thermo Fisher tools into one turnkey solution
• Designed to provide cost- and time-effective nucleic acid extraction
• Allows users to process samples from virtually any source, while ensuring accuracy and sample integrity
• Can be easily programmed to ensure the simultaneous running of multiple processes

Thermo Fisher Scientific



LIQUID HANDLING SYSTEMA new liquid handling system announced early last month by Agilent Technologies aims to improve every stage of the research process in user’s labs through a number of unique technological advances.

Yvonne Linney, vice president and general manager of automation solutions at Agilent says the Encore Multispan liquid handling system was the result of customer feedback.

“In partnership with our customers, we worked to understand the many bottlenecks and limitations associated with sample-prep automation and created a unique solution,” Linney said. “It combines advanced liquid handling and robotics to enable true sample-to-analysis automation.”

Two of the system’s innovations include a dual, multispan pipetting system that provides two individual banks of multiple pipettes where each moves independently in multiple axes and a software package featuring a 3-D simulator that allows researchers to set up, visualize, and optimize their protocols remotely and offline prior to running experiments on the system. A built-in robotic arm that provides a span of up to 21 inches off-deck with patented one-touch easy teaching that enables end-to-end workflow integrations is the third major innovation the system will include.

“Agilent’s distinct expertise in both workflow automation and liquid handling has allowed us to integrate innovative technologies into a single platform, and empower scientists to take their research to the next level in terms of flexibility, throughput and ultimately lab productivity,” Linney said. “With the introduction of the Encore Multispan System, Agilent is offering scientists the ability to reach beyond routine liquid handling and experience the highest levels of efficiency and productivity in their laboratories.”

For more information visit:

Compact Chilling/Heating Stage
EchoTherm™ RIC20

EchoTherm™ RIC20• Settable from -20.0ºC TO 110.0ºC
• Designed for remote controlled applications on robotic systems
• Any number of units can be set to any single temperature via a single computer serial port
• Unit(s) will continue to run the temperature instructed, even without a hardwire connection, until told otherwise

Torrey Pines Scientific


Extraction Products

• Designed for rapidly purifying human genomic deoxyribonucleic acid (gDNA) on the Hamilton Microlab® STAR line of robotic liquid handling workstations
• Extract superior quality gDNA simultaneously from eight to 96 samples in just 57 minutes
• System does not require a magnetic head, vacuum manifold, centrifuge, or other space-consuming or expensive capital equipment

Akonni Biosystems

DH5G Electrocompent E. Coli Cells
CloneCatcher™ Gold

CloneCatcher™ Gold• Exhibits extremely high electroporation efficiencies that approach the theoretical maximum of 3.4 x 1011 cfu/μg pUC19 DNA
• Meets the needs of scientists that are seeking to find rare clones or are building complex or metagenomic libraries
• When the amount of input DNA is limited, enhances users’ likelihood of success


Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Mimetic Library

Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Mimetic Library• Designed for engineering surfaces to direct receptor binding specificity, signalling and growing cells in 3D
• Contains nearly 300 biomimetics of fibronectin, vitronectin, laminin and collagen
• Provides a powerful tool for identifying the cellular adhesion profile of user’s cell line or tumor against the widest commercially available collection of cell surface receptor binding peptide motifs


Dedicated Absorbance Reader
Apollo 11

Dedicated Absorbance Reader • Features continuously optimized optics as well as a modern LED light source with a basically endless lifetime
• Up to six filters can be used with the instrument enabling the performance of all important applications
• Provides a large dynamic range of 3.7 OD
• Gives users excellent accuracy and precision


Cell Sorting System
S3 Cell Sorter

S3 Cell Sorter• Automated, easy-to-use benchtop cell sorter now provided and supported exclusively under the Bio-Rad brand as the S3 Cell Sorter (formerly Propel Labs’ Avalon™)
• Establishes a new benchmark in terms of price, performance, and ease-of-use
• New ProDrop™ technology automates setup and calibration in less than 30 minutes • Includes intuitive, lab friendly ProAnalyzer™ software package


Automated Cell Counter

Automated Cell Counter TC20• Features an improved lens and cell counting algorithm that makes it compatible with a broader range of cell sizes and types
• Provides reliable counts of live mammalian cells in 30 seconds
• A good fit for stem cell research, toxicology studies, and flow cytometry
• Has the ability to analyze cells across multiple focal planes


Imaging System
Lightsheet Z.1 LSFM

Lightsheet Z.1 LSFM• Provides biologists with a new method of imaging dynamic processes in living organisms
• The extremely low phototoxicity and the integrated incubation enable gentle imaging of specimens over hours to days
• Delivers more information on large objects, in particular, than established methods of fluorescence microscopy
• Achieves maximum image quality at minimal illumination intensity

Carl Zeiss Microscopy

Adherent Cell Electroporation System
Cellaxess® ACE

Cellaxess® ACE• Developed to meet the growing need for in-situ transfection of hard-to-transfect adherent cell types
• Enables transfection and delivery of non-genetic material in any adherent cell type at any developmental stage
• Enables in-situ primary and iPSC-derived cell types directly in 96- and 384-well microplates and cell culture dishes at any cellular developmental stage


Sample Preparation System
PBI Shredder SG3

PBI Shredder SG3• A good fit for the extraction of DNA, RNA, protein, mitochondria, and small molecules
• Creates a closed system in which to safely prepare samples
• Portable for easy and efficient field collection
• Operates by using pressure, which forces the sample against the lysis plate in the tubes for low-shear cell disruption


System for Low-Volume Cell-Based Assays

System for Low-Volume Cell-Based Assays • Gives scientists the freedom to run cellular assays as their research demands, and not based on the availability of cells or cost of reagents
• Allows scientists to use a fraction of the cells, media and reagents they have traditionally used
• Enables users to acquire rich, high content data

Curiox Biosystems

Sample Concentrator

Sample Concentrator • Efficiently removes water and other higher boiling solvents
• Reduces the temperature of the solvents being concentrated, keeping samples cool and safe
• In conjunction with the highly efficient SpeedTrap, the miVac sample concentrator is able to safely recover almost all removed solvents
• Features an LCD display with digital controls, enabling programming of time and temperature


Sample Preparation System
Microlute™ SPE

Microlute™ SPE• Provides a faster, trouble-free alternative to cartridges for high throughput sample clean-up
• Handles samples as small as 150ul
• Includes filter plate, collection plate, waste tray and manifold
• Offers all the advantages of automated and high throughput SPE sample preparation in a convenient microplate format
• Capable of rapidly processing 96 samples in one go repeatedly and precisely

Porvair Sciences

Imaging System
MYECL Imager

MYECL Imager• Delivers one-touch image capture and analysis of protein and nucleic acid gels and Western blots
• Incorporates advanced charge-coupled device (CCD) camera technology with more than two times the sensitivity of X-ray film and 10 times the dynamic range
• Stores images on an internal drive in a nonproprietary data format for easy sharing

Thermo Fisher Scientific

CO2 Microscope Cage Incubator
Okolab Bold Line

Okolab Bold Line• Enables prolonged observations on biological specimens and allows space for other equipment
• Features easy ‘turn-to-open’ assembly and full accessibility to microscope
• Models for any inverted and upright microscope are available
• A wide choice of chambers and interchangeable plate adapters allow the use of any cell culture support
• Compatible with manual and digital CO2 / O2 gas controllers

Warner Instruments


Microspectrometer Control and Spectral Analysis Software

MINERVA• New Windows™ 8 compatibility provides a more fluid response, with the operating system’s newly enhanced stability and advanced memory management
• Features enhanced usability through Windows™ 8’s quick resizing of windows, easier to see icons and speedy access to often used documents and spectra
• Windows™ 8 is designed to more efficiently use resources allowing for better operation of microspectrophotometers


Desktop Molecular Design and 3D SAR Tool

torchV10• Uses molecular fields to show the binding patterns of the user’s compounds
• Protein’s eye view gives clear insights into the causes of biological activity
• Allows chemists to see how to optimize the shape and electrostatic properties of their series, and rapidly identify the best next molecule to synthesize


Analyst Software for Luminex® Assays
MILLIPLEX® Analyst 5.1

• Enables more rapid and efficient management, tracking, and analysis of multiplex assays
• Provides excellent quality of fit, autofit, and potency calculation
• Relational database functionality enables analysis of multiple files from different experiments
• Available as one-, five- and ten-seat licenses, enabling complete flexibility for small, medium, and large laboratories

EMD Millipore

Device Driver Software
OmniDriver Version 2.20

OmniDriver Version 2.20• Platform-neutral Java based OmniDriver provides a simple interface for programming of USB spectrometers, accessories and devices in optical sensing systems
• Available with an optional set of spectral processing math algorithms
• New features have improved the platform’s high-speed data acquisition, spectral processing, data analysis, data visualization and data transfer options

Ocean Optics

SEM Sharpness Measurement Tool

SEM Sharpness Measurement Tool PCI• Based on ISO standards, this new feature of Quartz PCI software works with a single image or a group of images
• SEM images can be measured regularly to monitor the performance of a SEM and a detailed report can be generated in just a few clicks

Quartz Imaging Corporation

Detector-Agnostic Software for LC and GC
TraceFinder Version 2.1

• Now supports Thermo Scientific non-mass spectrometry detectors
• Detector-agnostic package is designed for the quantitative and qualitative review of data for routine analyses
• Eliminates the need for multiple software packages when moving between most gas and liquid chromatographic techniques
• Offers a simple workflow-driven method setup and automated data acquisition, data processing and reporting capabilities

Thermo Fisher Scientific


96-Well Plates for PCR and qPCR

96-Well Plates for PCR and qPCR• Hard-Shell low-profile semi-skirted PCR plate is compatible with multiple instruments including the Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast and ViiA 7 real-time PCR systems
• Hard-Shell 96-well 480 PCR plate is designed and optimized specifically for the Roche LightCycler 480 System
• Patented Hard-Shell technology prevents plate warping that often occurs during thermal cycling


Sample Vials
Versa Vial™

Versa Vial• Combine a wide mouth with a tapered neck, simplifying the task of routinely preparing samples for autosamplers
• Vase-like neck design features a 9mm opening
• Design makes it easier to add samples to the vials using a pipette, and safer to empty the vials
• Accommodates variations in robotic arm settings

J.G. Finneran

Alphanumeric Coded Sample Storage Tubes

Alphanumeric Coded Sample Storage Tubes• Sizes available include 0.5ml, 0.75ml, 1.1ml, and 1.4ml
• Feature a flat polypropylene bottom on which the alphanumeric code is encrypted with a laser
• Codes cannot fade or peel off even when subjected to repeated handling, exposure to different solvents or multiple freeze-thaw cycles
• Combine affordability with secure sample traceability