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September 2012 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments and system introductions to the laboratory market.

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UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
• Features a standard-sized cuvette holder and offers seamless compatibility with the new BioDrop CUVETTE for accurate micro-volume applications
• An integrated magnetic pipetting station provides easy sample loading
• Available as either a standalone instrument with software controlled via a large, color, multi-touch display or as a PC only version controlled by the powerful Resolution Life Science Software


NIR Analyzer
NIRS™ DS2500
• Provides excellent optical performance across the full wavelength range (400 - 2500 nm)
• Compatible with FOSS NIR System II and XDS instruments
• Gives users consistent results even in harsh environments
• Suitable for networking using LAN (local) or WAN (Internet)
• Includes new predispersive monochromator


Mass Spectrometer
3500 MiD
• Recently received a R&D 100 award as one of the most technologically significant products to enter the marketplace in 2011
• Fully self-contained, making it highly portable
• Can be easily incorporated within a stack or cluster of instruments on a particular chemist’s work space
• Brings the accuracy and reliability of mass spectrometry to on-site analysis applications

Microsaic Systems

Online HPLC Tool
Supelco HPLC Method Transfer Calculator
• Can be used with isocratic or gradient methods
• Allows method scaling from microbore through preparative columns
• Can be used for all common particle sizes
• Provides an estimated time and solvent savings value
• Is also available for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and Android devices


4 μm Ion Chromatography Capillary Column
Dionex IonPac AS11-HC-4μm
• For the determination of organic acids and inorganic anions in complex sample matrices
• Has the same selectivity as the current Dionex IonPac™ AS11-HC capillary column so methods can be easily transferred to the new column with minor adjustments
• Can separate 40 organic acids and inorganic anions in less than 40 minutes

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Product Spotlight

Flexibility for the Future New UHPLC system gives users a variety of customization options

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s new UltiMate 3000 XRS UHPLC system offers new capabilities in solvent delivery and sample handling with a wide range of detector options for highthroughput laboratories.

Rainer Bauder, pharmaceutical markets solutions manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific, said the company made the system so flexible because of customers demanding instruments that could adapt to their future needs.

“We started with customers’ strong desire for a highlyflexible, future-proof UHPLC system when designing the UltiMate 3000 XRS,” Mr. Bauder said. “Based on early feedback, we feel that we’ve succeeded.”

He added detector options are just one example of the system’s flexibility, with choices including charged aerosol detectors for near universal detection of non-volatile analytes, fully UHPLC-compatible optical detectors for UV-Vis absorbance and fluorescence detection, and the Dionex ESA Coulochem III electrochemical detector.

The new UltiMate also offers the lowest gradient delay volume and excellent flow precision and accuracy amongst all leading quaternary UHPLC platforms and is designed to support very robust chromatographic runs with column pressures up to 1,250 bar (18,130 psi).

A 45 nL, ultra-low dispersion flow cell that lets mass spec users monitor how contaminated their samples might be is another benefit of the UHPLC, Mr. Bauder said.

“Also, if there’s a blockage in the mass spec interface, it is simply a great feature to have a separate detector in the system so the problem can be quickly identified,” he explained, adding autosampler choice is also important for users’ workflows.

But, no matter their initial choices, Mr Bauder said customers can always make changes later. “They can change the detector, the column compartment, or other modules to make their investment future-proof.”

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WB Immunoaffinity Column
• Simultaneously screens for deoxynivalenol (DON) and nivalenol (NIV)
• Coupled with liquid chromatography analysis, the DON-NIV WB column provides over 90% recovery of both DON and NIV
• Doubles the productivity of commercial, government, and food safety research laboratories
• Provides rapid and simple sample preparation using the monoclonal antibody technology


Basic lab

Ductless Filtration System
• Designed to protect laboratory personnel from chemical vapors found inside of stand-alone chemical safety cabinets
• Fumes are pulled via a flexible hose connected to the cabinet and clean, filtered air is returned to the laboratory
• Eliminates the need for external ducting and minimizing loss of treated, conditioned air from the facility

Air Science USA

Personal Lab Sterilizer
• Uses ozone gas to clean users’ laboratory tools
• Effective in sterilizing and deodorizing lightly contaminated pipettes, pipette tips, gloves, plates, small instruments, and even personal items such as keys and glasses
• Easy to use—to sterilize items, simply place them inside the sterilizer and press START
• Operates without using any harsh chemicals


Automated Benchtop SEM
• Combines a robust scanning electron microscope, ASPEX’s own OmegaMax EDX technology and new Perception 2 operating software
• Features excellent sensitivity and productivity at an affordable cost
• New Perception 2 operating software features an improved, simple single monitor graphic user interface
• Provides a single source solution for detecting, identifying and characterizing features rapidly and automatically


Water Manifold
• Converts the flow from a single tap into three streams enabling optimal use of a fume cupboard water supply
• Equally effective linked to Liebig or Vigreux condensers as it is to a recirculating chiller and avoids “daisy chaining” multiple condensers
• Designed to be clamped to standard fume cupboard scaffolding


Centrifuge Bundles
Thermo Scientific Heraeus
• Combine Heraeus centrifuges with the necessary components so that customers can complete their purchase with one order and save
• Range of bundles offered—based on customer applications, including cell biology, tissue culture, clinical work, or basic fluid separation
• Each centrifuge features the glove-friendly ClickSeal® biocontainment sealing system


Product Spotlight

Silent Spinning
Microcentrifuge’s low noise level impresses the most

Earlier this summer, Eppendorf announced a new refrigerated centrifuge, the 5424 R, which the company says sets the new lab standard with established ergonomics, excellent quality, and solid temperature control.

Matthew Lieber, product manager for centrifugation and sample prep at Eppendorf, said customers are most impressed by how quiet the centrifuge is.

“They love the low noise level—much quieter than its predecessors,” Mr. Lieber said. “They also love the small footprint and the increased speed; it lives up to the quality they have come to expect from Eppendorf.”

This 24 place centrifuge can spin up to 21,130 x g and can accurately cool to set temperatures from -10°C to 40°C. The microcentrifuge includes a condensation drain to eliminate water accumulation and to prevent corrosion.

There are a number of features in particular that set the new instrument apart from other centrifuges on the market, Mr. Lieber added.

“The FastTemp program takes just eight minutes to cool the sample down to 4°C, unmatched in the industry,” he said. “In addition, the design of the lid minimizes the noise level so much than it can even be run without the rotor lid. Finally, the 5424R has Eco-Shutoff, a mechanism that automatically turns off the compressor after eight hours of non-use.”

Eppendorf’s 5424 R also allows users plenty of versatility with four different rotor options. Those choices include the unique Kit rotor, which is designed with an extended rim to support tube caps when using MiniPrep spin column kits.

For more information, visit R_centrifuge

Microcentrifuge Rotor System
• Rotors 18x1.5mL for microcentrifuge 5418 R and 6x50mL rotor for multipurpose centrifuges 5804 R and the 5810 R now have a lid locking mechanism that makes every day routines faster, and easier
• Lid system requires only a quarter of a turn to have certified aerosol-tight containment
• Provides easy access and safe centrifugation of precious samples


Ductless Filtering Storage Cabinets
Captair® Store™
• Designed to store a wide variety of chemicals used in laboratories
• Reduces inhalation risks associated with the concentration of vapors and purifies the laboratory’s ambient air 24 hours a day
• Equipped with silent turbine fans that draw chemical vapors into a molecular, high absorption filter
• Also available in a compact model


Environmental Transmission Electron Microscope
Titan ETEM G2
• Enables time-resolved, in-situ studies of processes and materials exposed to reactive gases and elevated temperatures
• Extends TEM analysis to dynamic processes and interactions
• Helps researchers improve the performance of catalysts
• Can be fitted with an image Cs corrector and FEI’s proprietary X-FEG and monochromator technology
• Includes a redesigned user interface


Handheld Colorimeters
Checker® HC
• Checker line now includes 12 new calorimeters
• Designed as an accurate, affordable alternative to chemical test kits
• Meters measure a variety of parameters including: ammonia (low, medium and high ranges), nitrite (low and high range), total chlorine (ultra-low range and high range), low range silica, bromine, chromium VI, marine calcium, and alkalinity


Benchtop Scanning Electron Microscope
NeoScope II
• Now with higher magnification, multi-touch screen control, and a sleek new design
• As simple to use as a digital camera
• Produces images with a large depth of field at magnifications ranging from 10X - 60,000X
• Features both high and low vacuum operation, three selectable accelerating voltages, and secondary electron and backscattered electron imaging


Dual Channel Industrial Permeation
System Span Pac™ 261 I
• Produces suitable standards for effective calibration for total sulfur
• One channel is operated at 40°C and is used for ppb COS plus 0.5ppm each of H2S, methyl and ethyl mercaptans
• The second channel is typically operated at 60°C and is used for similar concentrations of dimethyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide and/or thiophene


Water Purification Systems
AFS® 8D and AFS® 16D
• Offer cost-effective solutions for analyzers’ degassed water needs up to 320 L daily
• Complementary water purification techniques ensure delivery of degassed clinical laboratory reagent water to comply with the CLSI® guideline
• Robust and easy-to-use systems require little maintenance, help reduce analyzer downtime
• Incorporate a number of automatic self-maintenance functions

EMD Millipore

Gas Analysis Systems
SPM 220 and HPA 220
• Used to monitor and document vacuum processes, such as coating architectural glass or thin-film solar cells
• Both available in mass ranges of 1-100 and 1-200 amu; the HPA 200 is also available from 1-300 amu
• Equipped with a number of digital and analog inlets and outlets which enable their simple connection to process control systems

Pfeiffer Vacuum

Open Tank Circulating Bath Systems
• Available with either stainless steel or polycarbonate tanks
• Offered in reservoir sizes ranging from 6 to 28 liters and with three different temperature controllers
• All controllers display both actual and set point temperature on a readout that is easily read from across the lab


Manual and Electronic Pipettes
Sarpette® M and E
• Available in single, 8, and 12 channel configurations
• M pipettes feature continuously adjustable volumes from either the dispenser button or thumbwheel and offer excellent accuracy and precision
• E model electronic pipettes are controlled by a high-precision motor and microprocessor to ensure smooth and accurate pipetting
• Pipette tips offered in a wide range of packaging and purity options


Supercritical Fluid Extractor
• Designed to perform a variety of extractions in supercritical fluid and is engineered to meet the day-to-day rigors of the research lab
• May be used for small scale pilot processing
• Simple to operate and easy to modify for evolving applications needs
• Features operation pressure range of up to 10,000 psi

Supercritical Fluid Technologies

Low Temperature Bath
• Eliminates the need for costly consumables such as liquid nitrogen or dry ice
• Compact and completely self-contained • Offers up to 8 liters of working fluid volume enabling up to 91 Charpy impact test specimens to be accommodated at temperatures between -80°C and +30°C
• Includes a digital temperature display

SP Scientific

UV Viewing Cabinet for Gel Analysis CL-150 Series
• Enable lab technicians to view, analyze and photograph fluorescent samples with both epi-illumination and transillumination light sources
• 25-watt white light bulb in the cabinet provides visible illumination for easy sample preparation
• Accommodates large electrophoresis gels and up to four 8 x 8” (20 x 20cm) TLC plates


Wireless Current Logger
• Measures 4 to 20 mA currents
• Can be used to measure current directly or from the output of a wide variety of sensors
• Features an accuracy of ±0.05mA and resolution of 0.01mA
• Includes a large LCD display, capacity for 16,000 readings, IP64 water resistance and up to 4 years battery life with the “L” version



Whole Genome Amplification Kits
• Provide researchers with a pre-dispensed, room temperature stable formulation for whole genome amplification
• Enable a simplified workflow for obtaining large amounts of high quality DNA from small genomic DNA samples
• Deliver improved yields over the current GenomiPhi kits
• Available in two formats; Ready-To-Go GenomiPhi V3 and Ready-To-Go GenomiPhi HY

GE Healthcare

Kits for Mutagenesis, Cloning and Assembly
• Allow molecular and synthetic biologists excellent speed, flexibility, precision, and efficiency for the seamless cloning, assembly, and editing of genetic material
• Range includes Seamless PLUS Cloning and Assembly Kit, Seamless Cloning and Assembly Enzyme Mix, and Site-Directed Mutagenesis PLUS System
• All products include access to Life Technologies’ free online GeneArt® Primer and Construct Design Tool

Life Technologies

Chemical and Reagents Portfolio Expansion
“M” Brand
• 14,706 products to be available in North America for the first time
• Provides standardized products and consistency throughout the world under the new global “M” brand
• Products offer excellent specifications and innovative, environmentally friendly packaging for less waste and greater safety
• These products will be launched in phases throughout 2012 and 2013 EMD

EMP Millipore

Liquid Stable Homocysteine Kit
• Provides a convenient and accurate method for the determination of homocysteine in human serum and plasma
• Includes liquid, ready to use reagents requiring no preparation for ease of use and the elimination of reconstitution errors
• Standards are provided within the kit for user convenience
• Features on-board stability of 28 days, minimizing reagent waste


Lab Automation

Automatic Aseptic Sampling System
• Collects samples directly from bioreactors aseptically and automatically
• Saves time and removes the risk of potential error and improves the precision of quality control measures
• Easy to install and program and operates continuously around the clock
• Seamlessly integrates with existing data systems giving users real-time process characterization

Alfa Wassermann Separation Technologies

Linear Barcode Reader
Tracxer BC210
• Allows users to scan 1D barcodes on racks
• Operating as an accessory for the Micronic RS210 Tracxer Code Reader, it enables users to read both their rack barcode and storage tube codes within
just 5 seconds
• Further minimizes the risk of incorrectly placed racks and increases sample and rack traceability


Pre-Analytical System
cobas p 312
• Offers vendor-neutral sample management for labs with limited floor space
• Compact, stand-alone system performs sample registration, sorting, decapping and archiving of all sample tubes
• Features a throughput of up to 450 tubes per hour
• A good option for customers who are looking for an entry-level step into automation for pre-analytical workflow


Automated Bioreactor System
ambr 250™
• Features increased fermentation volumes, as well as individual bioreactor temperature and impeller control
• Allows rapid testing of a range of conditions and microbial strains to select the optimum ones for efficient scale-up to large scale bench top, stirred tank bioreactors
• A good fit for use in assessing different fermentation parameters with production microbes

TAP Biosystems

Screen Optimizer
• Broadens TTP’s currently available crystallography portfolio, enabling the simple, reliable and fast set-up of screen plates
• Combines novel pipetting technology with non-contact positive displacement pipetting
• Allows the dispensing of a broad range of fluid viscosities from as low as 0.5 μL directly into crystallography plates without the need for liquid classification

TTP Labtech

Cell Imaging Systems
Yokogawa CV7000
• Features simultaneous three color imaging and an incubated stage (temperature, humidity and CO2 controlled)
• New larger sCMOS cameras provide four times the image area of typical EMCCD cameras, enabling imaging of a 384-well plate in four minutes with a 50ms exposure time
• Makes live cell experimentation practical in a wide range of formats

Wako Automation

Life Science

RNA Ladders
RiboReady™ Color
• Allow users to easily estimate RNA molecular weight and confirm RNA transfer from gel to membrane
• Two new ladders feature six bands pre-stained with two distinguishable colors for easy size identification
• Supplied in a ready-to-use mixture that does not require heating or addition of denaturing agent before use


Cell Signaling Assays
Bio-Plex Pro™
• For detecting phosphorylated and total proteins involved in key intracellular signaling pathways
• Take advantage of the magnetic bead workflow to simplify assay preparation and improve precision
• Have been reformulated and optimized to provide exceptional sensitivity, high specificity, and improved performance over western blot and ELISA methods
• Available in singleplex sets and custom premixed all-in-one kit formats


Single-Cell AutoPrep System
• Enables a researcher to isolate and process individual cells rapidly and reliably for genomic analysis
• Lets researchers isolate cells, extract RNA, and then reverse transcribe and preamplify mRNA transcripts automatically to enable detection and analysis of cell activity
• Includes the C1 Single-Cell AutoPrep System, the C1 Single-Cell AutoPrep Array chip and the C1 Single-Cell AutoPrep Reagent Kit


High Performance Nitrocellulose Membranes
WhatmanTM FF
• Optimized for diagnostic assay reproducibility
• Enable fast, razor-sharp line separation and highly reproducible results for the detection of target molecules in liquids such as water, urine, blood and saliva
• Suitable for use in lateral flow assay manufacture as they provide improved reliability and rapid results
• Available with different capillary rise times (wicking rate)

GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Media Preparation Systems
• Now provide the feature of digitally signed log files as a safeguard against tampering with downloaded files
• Signed log files fully comply with FDA (21CFR Part 11) and EU (GMP Annex 11) directives requirements for electronic process documentation
• Newly integrated USB port allows the automated transfer of all run data log files to a flash drive


Integrated Digestion Platform
• Automates key proteomics workflow steps to significantly reduce sample preparation times and enhance reproducibility
• Features a customized Shimadzu HPLC system and multiple Perfinity columns
• Reduces sample prep to 30 minutes or less
• Removes much of the equipment and labor associated with LCMS analyses of proteins, minimizing a potential source of error and improving laboratory productivity


Perfinity Biosciences

CCD Cameras
• Allow scientists to detect finer details of dimmer samples under lower light levels
• Come equipped with a new sensor technology that packs twice as many pixels with a 15 percent improvement in peak quantum efficiency compared to current CCD technology
• Enable scientists to achieve higher quality, higher resolution images than previous CCD technology


EMMCD Camera
Evolve 512 Delta
• Enables researchers to obtain high quality super-resolution images in half the time it takes other 512x512 EMCCD cameras
• Equipped with a sensor running at 20MHz that captures images at 62.5 frames per second and less than 1e- read noise (using EM gain)
• Makes super-resolution imaging more productive and efficient


Bioprocess Monitoring System
• Enables automated batch feeding to optimize metabolism, and ultimately increase yields in biologics manufacture
• Can be integrated into all bioprocessing systems, running microbial or mammalian cell cultures
• Allows bioprocess managers to monitor and control metabolic rate, observe both single batch and batch to batch processing trends, and accurately determine end of process


Lims & Software

Stability Study Module
Matrix Gemini Stability
• Retains the protocol management features and the sample handling processes together with analytical result capture
• Provides a fully integrated statistics module that provides graphical interpretations including predictions of product shelf life well before the study is complete
• Implementation of the system is quicker and the management process made easier with faster interpretation of results


Enterprise Cloud Solution
Safety Inspection Live™
• Enables users to perform safety inspections using the most popular mobile devices such as Apple® iPhones®, iPads®, Google® AndroidTM, etc.
• Eliminates duplicate transcription processes and allows users to enter inspection data at the time of inspection
• Ensures greater data accuracy and more efficient inspection management and reporting


Chromatography Software
Clarity 4.0
• New features include a DHA extension for Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis, new support for bar code readers, enhancements to peak integration etc.
• Now includes control modules for Young Lin YL6500 GC, Spark SPH 1240 pumps, Cetac AS800 autosampler, Altech ELSD 3300, Ecom Flash DAD
• Control modules for Agilent HPLC 1100/1200/1260/1290 series have also been completely reprogrammed


Image Acquisition and Analysis Software
MetaXpress 5.0
• Designed to improve the ease and speed of custom analysis using Molecular Devices’ ImageXpress® Micro and Ultra Systems
• Enables user-created analysis to be run on MetaXpress PowerCore™ Software
• An interactive tool incorporated into the software allows users to create custom analysis easily, without resorting to dedicated programming expertise

Molecular Devices

Supplies & Consumables

Solutions of Thyroid Hormones
• Include thyroid hormones T4, T3, and reverse T3 at concentrations of 100 μg/mL in 0.1 N ammonia in methanol for each solution standard
• Suitable for use as critical starting materials in preparation of calibrators, controls, or linearity standards for analytical testing
• Prepared and certified to the highest industry standards including ISO Guide 34 and ISO 17025


Repeater Tips
Combitips advanced®
• Offer safe, accurate dispensing of liquids by positive displacement
• New features include color coding for easy size recognition, elongated tips to completely empty all standard laboratory tubes and a dispenser box with chute
• Available in nine sizes for use with any Eppendorf Repeater
• Designed for applications requiring precise pipetting of identical amounts of liquids in series


8 and 12 Channel Reservoir Trough Plates
• Help improve convenience and productivity in high throughput laboratories
• Hold liquid reagents in precise rows that align with eight channel and 12 channel pipettes allowing researchers to simultaneously aspirate or dispense fluids in all channels
• Lets users improve their speed and precision performing serial dilutions or dispensing different reagents in up to 12 channels

J.G. Finneran Associates

Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) Windows
• Offer a very wide transmission range and can be provided blank, polish finished, and coated for spectrometers and detectors
• Operate over a transmission range from 0.6 to 18 μm, have a very low absorption coefficient of 0.0005/cm @ 10.6 μm, and are non-hygroscopic
• Highly stable in a laboratory environment

Laser Research Optics

Self-Standing Centrifuge Tubes
• 50mL clear polypropylene (PP) self-standing centrifuge tubes combine ease of use, chemical resistance and high speed tolerance
• Can be spun up to 9400G and will withstand repeated autoclaving at 121°C or long term storage at -20°C
• Supplied in packs of 500 with inner bags of 50 either natural or sterile

Porvair Sciences

pH Electrodes
• Provide accurate and stable pH measurement changes in dynamic process environments under wide ranging variable temperature conditions
• Specially designed for variable temperature operation process testing
• Available in two designs to best suit user needs: the cost-saving, user-friendly sealed design and the Rapid-Renew refillable design, ideal for dirty samples


360 μm High Pressure Fittings
• Permits direct connection of 360 micron OD fused silica, PEEK, stainless, or electroformed nickel tubing without having to use troublesome liners
• Features compact size and fine 2-56 threads
• A leak-free connection that seals at pressures well in excess of 20,000 psi can be easily formed with the available manual tool

VICI Valco