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July 2012 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments and system introductions to the laboratory market.


Product Spotlight

Smarten Up with New Spectrometer

Mini CCD instrument first to include embedded processor

B&W Tek recently released its Exemplar™—the first miniature spectrometer to include an embedded processor, allowing for on-board data processing, including averaging, smoothing, and automatic dark subtraction.

This feature and several others have impressed users so far, says B & W marketing manager Robert Chimenti.

“They [customers] are really excited about the ability to perform onboard data processing in order to provide higher SNR and faster analysis times all at once,” Mr. Chimenti says. “Customers are also telling us that the ability to synchronize multiple spectrometers to within nanoseconds is opening up new applications in biosensing.”

He explains that the system has four first-of-its-kind benefits which the company refers to as the “4 S’s”—smart, speed, synchronization, and small. Along with its processing abilities, the Exemplar features USB 3.0, which allows for up to 900 spectra/second data transfer speeds; and boasts a 14ns trigger delay with +/-1ns gate jitter across up to 16 simultaneous channels. It also provides users with 1μs control over the CCD’s integration time, allowing for great control over the spectrometer’s SNR.

Mr. Chimenti adds customers are already doing some very cool things with the instrument.

“One very exciting application that a customer presented to us was to combine both spatially and time resolved spectroscopy in one setup, for measuring absorption of tissue from a laser source,” he said. “This is accomplished by combining 16 Exemplars, which are placed at varying points along the tissue’s surface and then, utilizing the ultra-low gate jitter of the spectrometers, a spectral timeline is created for each point which is then mapped onto the surface.”

For more information, visit exemplar.html

Raman Microspectrometer

  • Fits to most of the major brands of optical microscopes
  • Allows users to collect Raman spectra from microscopic samples or microscopic sampling areas of larger samples
  • With a single microscope, users can image samples and then measure the vibrational spectra of microscopic sample areas without further sample preparation or moving to another instrument


Moisture Analyzer

  • Provides high measurement performance and compliance with industry standards
  • Can be adjusted and calibrated at operating temperature
  • Built-in LevelControl warns the user if the instrument is not correctly leveled
  • Fully automatic calibration technology (FACT) eliminates the need for frequent manual testing with external weights
  • Includes password protection and access rights


Scientific-Grade Modular Spectrometer
QE65 Pro

  • Features enhanced sensitivity and low stray light capabilities
  • Delivers optimal performance in fluorescence, Raman and DNA sequencing spectroscopy
  • New optical bench components more efficiently manipulate light for greater throughput and higher sensitivity
  • Thermally robust design promotes spectrometer wavelength stability over a wide temperature range

Ocean Optics

High Resolution Wavelength Measurement System

  • Enables low light spectral measurements of high speed light sources from the UV to near-infrared region
  • Features customizable wavelength ranges from 190- 2500nm, e.g. 1850-2150nm, 400-1700nm
  • Includes high throughput volume phase grating-based design
  • Provides real-time spectral data acquisition
  • Gives users long life-time operation


EMR (EPR/ESR) Analyzer

  • Provides free radical and transition metal oxidation state information
  • Features a small footprint and low cost
  • Straightforward to use with no cumbersome cooling requirements
  • Includes a patented miniature electron spin resonance spectrometer, operating at 9.7 GHz with a sweep range of up to 400 mT providing sub-micromolar sensitivity

Oxford Instruments

Hyperspectral Multichannel Spectrometer
PPO HyperChannel

  • Utilizes in-house developed and manufactured PPO gel gratings
  • Delivers fundamental advancements for a diverse range of applications
  • Can distinguish over 200 separate spatial points arranged in any configuration
  • Collects all spectral and spatial data is in a single exposure
  • Available for purchase as a standalone product, or bundled with P&P Optica’s line of spectroscopy products

P&P Optica

Automated Benchtop Gas Sorption Capacity Analyzer

  • Measures high pressure adsorption, absorption and desorption of gases
  • Available with one or two sample ports
  • Capable of reliably measuring sorption isotherms, also called PCT curves, at pressures up to 200 bar at temperatures up to 400°C
  • Computer-controlled
  • Provides accurate, high-quality high-pressure data

Quantachrome Instruments

Biodiesel Analyzer
AC Analytical Controls® Biodiesel All in One

  • Quickly determines the quality of fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) in blending stock for diesel fuel
  • Compliant with the latest updates on relevant biodiesel methods, including EN 14103:2011, EN 14105:2011, EN 14110 and ASTM D6584_10
  • Also reports iodine value according to prEN16300
  • Now features a proprietary, programmable secondary oven


Triple Quadrupole LC-MS

  • Incorporates newly improved ion optics (UF-LensTM), which integrate two multi-pole RF ion guides, and UFsweeper™ II collision cell technology
  • Provides higher multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) sensitivity
  • Other improvements also yield higher sensitivity for scan mode measurements, expanding the potential range of LC/MS/MS applications
  • Features very fast polarity, switching at 15 msec


Size Exclusion Columns for Biomolecules

  • Engineered to provide efficiency increases of up to 70 percent and higher resolving power than other media
  • Offered in three phases with 3-micron particles
  • Proprietary hydrophilic surface chemistry ensures high resolution and minimal absorption of proteins for accurate quantitation
  • Guaranteed to deliver results that are similar to or better than other columns


Benchtop LC-MS System
Exactive Plus

  • Includes Thermo Scientific Orbitrap technology
  • Extends the capabilities of the Exactive system with advanced signal processing, ion optics and transmission technologies
  • Features full field upgradeability to the Thermo Scientific Q Exactive high-performance quadrupole-Orbitrap LC-MS/MS system
  • Produces full-scan HR/AM data, minimizing tedious MS method development and allowing retrospective data analysis

Thermo Fisher Scientific

BiPolar MALDI TOF Detector

  • Improves the detection efficiency of very high mass ions
  • Features a large 250 mm2 collection area which allows for higher sensitivities without the need for higher post-acceleration voltage
  • Comprised of a high-sensitivity microchannel plate, a high-speed scintillator, and a photomultiplier which can detect both positive and negative ions with 30 kV isolation


SPE Products

  • Fritless SPE product range provides greater reproducibility with cleaner, more consistent extracts
  • Feature reduced solvent requirements and greater sensitivity than conventional SPE, phospholipid removal and protein precipitation products
  • Proprietary manufacturing process involved in the production of SOLA products eliminates issues normally associated with conventional loose packed SPE products

Thermo Fisher Scientific


Ductless Fume Hood

Purair 5

  • Exceeds OSHA, ANSI and all relevant international standards
  • Ductless design eliminates installation costs and allows the unit to be positioned over a sink or benchtop apparatus
  • Three models available with a choice of 24”, 36” or 48” widths
  • Operates at low noise levels and do not exhaust expensive conditioned and/or heated air into the atmosphere

Air Science USA

ORP Arc Sensor

  • Features Hamilton’s proprietary Polisolve electrolyte, which is stable to most organic solvents, even in harsh environments
  • Delivers reproducible measurements and are ideal for high-pressure water, wastewater and chemical applications
  • Can be steam-sterilized, autoclaved or cleaned in place
  • Communicate directly with the process control system, with both analog (4 – 20mA) and digital Modbus interfaces

Hamilton Company

Sub-Ambient Reaction Systems
DrySyn® SnowStorm

  • Provide controlled cooling for sub-ambient chemistry without the need for jacketed reaction vessels or ice baths
  • Operating with a suitable chiller / circulator—give accurate, stable temperature control down to -50°C and up to +150°C
  • Comes in “SnowStorm One” and “SnowStorm Multi” models
  • Allow overnight runs can be performed with confidence


pH/mV Meter with Analog Output
HI 22091

  • Provides a high level of accuracy
  • Redesigned HI 2209 (pH/mV Meter), HI 2314 (EC meter), HI 2315 (EC meter), HI 23151 (EC meter with analog output), and HI 2316 (EC and resistivity meter) also recently released
  • Includes larger, easy to read LCD, space saving built-in solution holders and an attractive redesigned case

Hanna Instruments

Polyurethane Seating
7000V and 7000VS Silver Series

  • Features vented seats and backs for comfort
  • Also offers fast clean-up, extreme durability and easy adjustability
  • Provide advanced ergonomic features for improved body support
  • 10 distinct models available featuring a variety of options
  • Silver Series includes the same models and features but also offers a five star polished aluminum base and chromed tubular steel components


Laboratory Cabinets
Premium Series

  • Offers a modular design that allows users to configure their laboratories to meet their requirements
  • Traditional casework, islands or hanging cabinets also available
  • Featuring sound-deadening doors and drawers, stainless steel pulls and hinges; drawers offer 90 percent extension slides with 150 pounds capacity
  • Adjustable uprights allow shelving, cabinets and other accessories to adjust on ¾” centers

Hatfield Laboratory Furniture

Centrifuge Rotors
FA-45-6-30 & A-2-DWP-AT

  • New 6x50ml fixed-angle rotor (FA-45-6-30) fits both the 5804 R and the 5810 R
  • FA-45-6-30 can spin up volumes up to 50ml with max speeds ranging from 16,639 x g to 20,130 x g
  • New aerosol-tight deepwell plate, swing-bucket rotor (A-2-DWP-AT), fits the 5810 and refrigerated 5810 R


10mL Disposable Multichannel Reagent Reservoir

  • Low dead volume (650μL) generates significant savings on reagent usage
  • Pour back spout helps control liquid flow allowing users to neatly and easily return excess fluid to a source container
  • Now available in 10mL, 25mL, and 100mL sizes
  • Packaging options include portable, standalone sleeves and individually sealed bags for sterile applications


Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator

  • Allows measurement of moisture content from low to high concentrations quickly and accurately
  • Calculation functions include: concentration, factor standardization, statistics, and recalculation
  • Comes with a small footprint with integrated magnetic stirrer
  • Includes two RS-232C ports

JM Science

Ultra-Low Pressure Drop Mass Flow Controller
SmartTrak® 140

  • Controls gas mass flow up to 500 slpm (nlpm) with an ultra-low ΔP of 4.5 psid (310mBard)
  • Offers an accuracy of +/- 1.0% of full scale, repeatability of +/- 0.2% of full scale, and flow range up to 500 slpm (nlpm)
  • Features 316 stainless steel construction and control valve with large flow coefficient

Sierra Instruments

Mobile pH Meter

  • Suitable for use in harsh environments
  • Easy to use meter features level IP67 protection, meaning that it is sealed against dust and submersion in water up to 1m
  • Provide advanced ergonomic features for improved body support
  • Also includes wireless printing and a choice of 1 – 3 calibration points
  • Features memory capable of holding 200 results and an impact-resistant carrying case


UV Lamp
MiniMAX™ UV-5G

  • Suited for many laboratory applications including UV sanitizing of disease-causing microorganisms and UV degradation studies
  • Battery-operated, 5-watt, short-wave (254nm) UV lamp
  • Combines mini size with maximum power, making this lamp very portable and highly effective
  • Weighs 11 oz (312g) and measures 9 x 2¼ x 1¼ in (22.9 x 5.7 x 3.2 cm)


Manual Adjustable Repeater Pipette
Rainin AutoRep™ S

  • 25% lighter than its predecessor, the AutoRep M
  • Features many enhancements to improve ergonomics and ease of operation
  • Can dispense 59 different liquid volumes, ranging from 2 μL to 5 μL
  • Stroke-setting wheel makes selecting application-specific sample dispense volumes and iterations for specific application requirements fast and easy


Vacuum-Jacketed Tank Switcher

  • Provides a continuous supply of liquid nitrogen using dewars or liquid nitrogen cylinders
  • Vacuum-jacketed lines prevent dripping, sweating, and ice on the lines; they also provide a quicker cool-down time for faster cryogen delivery
  • Includes a programmable logic controller (PLC) to provide greater accuracy and cryogen control

Technifab Products

Homogenizing Packages
Micro, MaX, Multi-Gen 7, and Multi-Gen 7XL

  • Homogenize various volumes (.03ML to 20L) at speeds of up to 30,000 RPM
  • Packages have been preselected to better assist users in selecting a homogenizer setup that best suits their needs
  • For example, Micro packages are suited to processing 0.3-2ml volumes and the MaX- packages are best for processing small-large volumes

PRO Scientific

Hot Plates and Stirrers
ST15, HS15, ST19, HS19

  • Large 12” (30.48cm) square ceramic heater tops have a temperature range to 400°C
  • 5-position stirring units can stir 5-800ml beakers and the 9-position units can stir 9-500ml beakers of aqueous solutions
  • Stirring units feature stirring range from 100 to 1500 rpm
  • Units available with voltages and agency certifications for use all over the world

Torrey Pines Scientific

Stimulus Isolation Unit

  • Features battery power and optical coupling that isolates the stimulator from the pulse source, keeping stimulus artifacts to a minimum
  • Compatible with electrophysiological applications
  • Control timing pulses with any device capable of generating a TTL level positive pulse
  • Constant current output features 100 volt compliance with a LED over-voltage indicator

Warner Instruments

Product Spotlight

Sample Prep at the Speed of Light

New laser excellent for getting to deeply buried target structures

Carl Zeiss looks to speed up sample prep with the launch of its AURIGA® Laser, a new system combining the specific advantages of the AURIGA® CrossBeam (FIB-SEM) workstation with the capabilities of a pulsed micro-focus laser for fast ablation of material.

“Customer response has been exciting,” says Jerry Lehman, director of technology at Carl Zeiss Microscopy, about the feedback they’ve received on the new instrument so far. “The Auriga Laser overcomes the problem of spending hours of FIB beam time removing material that is in the way of getting a deep cross-sectional image. The graphical-assisted alignment of the laser beam to the feature/regions of interest also adds to the user’s confidence and time savings.”

He adds that the first-of-its-kind laser has been shown to be 500 times faster than a plasma FIB for bulk removal of material.

“Taking some consideration [into] the additional time to remove the heat affected zone (HAZ) using a traditional high current Ga FIB, the pulsed laser is still hundreds of times faster than a plasma FIB,” he says.

Ablation with a pulsed micro-focus laser beam also does not damage the sample and it enables ablation rates comparable to mechanical removal, according to the company. And the system’s scanning laser—a nanosecond pulsed, diode-pumped solid-state laser operating at 355 nm— makes it a good fit for the demands of preparing structures for SEM examination, the company adds.

“The selection of the DPSS 355nm laser for the Auriga Laser was made to address the broadest range of materials,” Mr. Lehman says.

For more information, visit

iTaq™ Universal and iTaq Universal Probes

  • Compatible with any real-time PCR instrument
  • 2x concentrated, ready-to-use reaction master mixes
  • Made with a proprietary optimized buffer formulation for maximum sensitivity, efficiency and reproducibility
  • Particularly useful when utilizing real-time PCR instruments that require ROX fluorescent dyes
  • Eliminate the need to change reagents between experiments and instruments


Ultrapure LC/MS Reagents

  • Range now includes three new reagents that modify the mobile phase to minimize background noise and enhance MS detection
  • Designed for use with the existing ultrapure Optima LC/MS solvent range
  • Comprise ammonium formate, ammonium acetate and acetic acid
  • Improve chromatographic peak shape and provide stable analyte signals in a MS detector

Acros Organics (Thermo Fisher Scientific)


Microplate Stacker

  • Features a dual plate carrier and rotational wrist to quickly move plates from the source stack to the instrument and back to the destination stack
  • Designed to provide increased throughput for batched processes
  • Can remove one plate from an instrument carrier and replace it with another microplate in less than 10 seconds total transfer time



Mass Spectrometry Reagents
iChemistry Solutions™

  • Enable new applications through advanced chemistries
  • Improve sensitivity, productivity, and data precision
  • Simply your workflow to save time and money
  • Ensure the optimal performance of your mass spec—day-in and day-out
  • Help boost a variety of mass spec applications


HTS Multi-Mode Microplate Reader
Synergy™ NEO

  • Tailored for smaller cell-based screening assays, and maintains ultra-fast, high performance found in traditional HTS readers
  • Includes multiple parallel detectors to decrease measuring time, and dedicated filter-based optics for live cell assays
  • Combines filter-based and monochromator-based systems in one compact unit
  • Optional integrated plate stacker allows increased efficiency and walk-away automation


Automated Cell Manipulation Platform
Cellaxess® Elektra Discovery System

  • Developed in close collaboration with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
  • Can be applied to a wide variety of cellular manipulations in cell biology research
  • Enables in-situ manipulation and monitoring of cell cultures directly in HCA compatible 96- and 384-well microplates at any cellular developmental stage
  • Provides excellent viability and completely retained cellular morphology


PCR Purification Product

  • Enables one minute, one step PCR purification with polymerase removal for use prior to cloning or Sanger sequencing using just a single functional pipette tip and pipettor
  • Does not require additional reagents, consumables, or equipment
  • Comes pre-packed in a single pipette tip
  • Available in two different tip formats

Diffinity Genomics

Tube Bar Code Scanner

  • Patented module for the Microlab® NIMBUS automated liquid handling platform
  • Enables hands-free bar code reading of sample tubes
  • Compatible with the NIMBUS4 benchtop system
  • Provides significant time savings while reducing errors inherent in manual tube scanning
  • Detects and records errors if a tube cannot be scanned and reports empty spots in the rack<\li>

Hamilton Company

Droplet System

  • Featuring Dolomite’s standard microfluidic components, the new system allows users to load single cells or beads into droplets
  • Benefits a wide range of applications including single cell analysis, high throughput screening and droplet PCR
  • Providing users with the tools required to perform assays on individual cells in picolitre volume environments



Sensor Chip

  • Capable of label-free interaction analysis of membrane proteins with peptides and small molecules
  • Allows researchers to screen and identify protein targets easier during drug discovery
  • Two surface plasmon resonance (SPR) kits have also been recently released for the ProteOn XPR36 protein interaction analysis system


Antibody Coated Paramagnetic Particles

  • Extended range will cover all ‘The Big Six’ strains of non-O157 Shiga-toxin producing E. coli (STECs)
  • Accelerates the isolation of micro-organisms, primarily from food and environmental samples
  • Particles consist of a magnetite core enveloped by a ceramic zirconium oxide coating
  • Can also serve as a capture system for rapid detection systems

Lab M

In Vivo Electroporation System

  • Possesses unique, variable pulse amplitude technology for vaccine delivery or gene therapy applications
  • Includes resistance measurement for proper needle placement and reproducibility
  • Features specially-designed needle arrays for intra-muscular or intra-dermal applications
  • Provides enhanced immune response and increased Ag-specific T-cell response
  • Gene expression is 100-fold higher<\LI>


HT System
ReliaPrep™ 96 gDNA MiniPrep

  • Complements the recently released ReliaPrep RNA Cell MiniPrep system
  • Provides a robust method for purifying gDNA from blood and Oragene®-DNA sample collection devices in a multiwell format
  • Captures using paramagnetic particles and without the need for an organic solvent
  • Eliminates the need for centrifugation or vacuum manifolds



  • Feature two compartments separated by a dialysis membrane for production of highly concentrated cell products of several mg/ml and biomass of more than 107 cells/ml in small volumes
  • A nutrient module with membrane-vented cap serves as the media reservoir with a capacity of 550ml
  • Media is easily changed in the nutrient module without disrupting the cell culture



Computational Suite

  • Gives computational chemists control and insight into activity data, allowing easier planning and direction of projects
  • Uses the shape and electrostatic character of molecules to create qualitative and quantitative 3D models of activity
  • Aligns, scores and compares molecules from a biological viewpoint


DMV-Bio Cell

  • Uses advanced precision micro-machining techniques and materials to produce a patented high energy throughput, ultra-low volume (samples
  • Design ensures that sufficient optical energy is available to measure low volume samples accurately across a wide absorbance range
  • Can be used in most UV-Visible spectrophotometers without compromise

Starna Scientific

Particle Analysis Software
VisualSpreadsheet© V3.2

  • Automatically detects, images and identifies thousands of particles and microorganisms in seconds
  • A companion to the FlowCAM® particle imaging and analysis system
  • Features a suite of advanced shape characterization properties
  • New measurement properties provide expanded pattern recognition capabilities for higher levels of discrimination among elongated cells and particles such as diatoms and fibers

Fluid Imaging Technologies

DNA/RNA Safe Dye
UltraSafe Blue™

  • Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic fluorescent dye specifically developed as a safer and more sensitive alternative to Ethidium bromide for staining agarose and acrylamide gels
  • Allows detection of 0.5pg of dsDNA using Syngene’s new UltraSlim-LED blue-light transilluminator
  • Cost effective, with 1ml of stain being sufficient for up to 10,000 samples


Sequencing Analysis Software
Omixon Target

  • The first NGS tool to introduce analysis quality control based on repeat analysis with mutated reference as well as with simulated short reads
  • Offers built-in simulation-based analysis quality control
  • Provides combination of automated and manual approval of mutations
  • Includes multi-sample comparison for controls and family trio analysis


Thermal Cyclers
Prime Series

  • Performs user-friendly programming functions with prompted protocol templates displayed on a large color touch screen interface
  • Six models, with numerous options, are available to accommodate a wide range of PCR processing requirements
  • Basic models offer cost effective upgrade flexibility to meet changing cycling needs
  • Sample blocks are also fully interchangeable


Applications Library Function
Structure Search

  • New Structure Search functionality for accessing Phenomenex’s library of over 6,000 HPLC/UHPLC, GC, and sample preparation applications
  • Enables researchers to simply draw the chemical structure instead of entering the analyte compound name or keyword
  • Makes searching easy for researchers at all experience levels
  • Once structure is drawn online tool provides information on all similar compounds


Immunoassay System Software Upgrade
ADVIA Centaur® CP v6.0

  • New system startup protocol helps shorten overall testing turnaround time by reducing the time to the first result (TTFR) by approximately two minutes
  • Cuts initiation time approximately in half, from about four minutes to now only about two minutes
  • Printed reports now include normal ranges to make results reporting faster and easier

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

Phospholipid Removal Plates

  • Provide fast cleanup of plasma samples in pharmaceutical and clinical research laboratories
  • Removes both proteins and phospholipids and delivers the prepared plasma to a collection plate in one step
  • Phree sorbent can process up to 400 μL per well and removes 99.0 to 100 percent of lysophosphatidyl and phosphatidyl cholines


Data Management System

  • New functionality synchronizes automation workflow to increase efficiency and quality, as well as expands connectivity
  • Consolidates patient and quality-control data from multiple instruments and provides centralized control over critical lab processes
  • Delivers expanded connectivity to multiple LIS, plus the Bio-Rad Unity System
  • Can now detect if an instrument connected to an automation track is offline


Glass Bottom Assay Plates

  • Available in a choice of 24-, 96- and 384-well formats
  • Combine the advantageous optical properties of glass, low background and low birefringence, with the versatility of a microplate
  • Proven to demonstrate higher performance than standard polystyrene plates for fluorescence assays, luminescence detection, scintillation counting and high-resolution microscopy using confocal imaging

Porvair Sciences


Vials and Snap Top Caps
Snap Seal™

  • Adapted for the 96 Well Multi-Tier Micro Plate System
  • Provide secure, solvent resistant containment for samples in a 96-well format with simple snap-on closures
  • 9 mm OD vials come in three sizes for sample volumes of 0.5mL, 0.75mL, and 1.0mL
  • Sealing the vials is simplified with Snap Top Caps

J.G. Finneran Associates

Distillation Accessories

  • Line of accessories now includes additional storage carboys and a distribution accessory
  • Give customers more storage options to ensure that pure water is readily available in the lab
  • New water storage carboys are configured to operate automatically when connected to Fi-Streem Stills
  • The distribution accessory kit connects to the B00121 LabStrong 40 liter storage tank