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June 2012 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments and system introductions to the laboratory market.

      LC/MS/MS System

            TripleTOF™ 4600

  • Acquires high resolution accurate mass MS and MS/MS data at up to 50 spectra per second
  • Integrates comprehensive qualitative exploration, rapid profiling, and high-resolution quantitation workflows on a single platform
  • Over 50 hours of continuous LC/MS operation provides


    Portable Multi-Fuel Analyzer


  • Incorporates the advantages of mid-IR and near-IR spectroscopy to achieve excellent accuracy of fuel properties
  • Uses more than 12,000 data points from the infrared spectrumto determine the concentration of molecules in a sample
  • Able to yield from that spectrum a “fingerprint” of more than 40 important fuel properties
  • Performs compound analysis according to international standards

    AMETEK Grabner® Instruments

    Gas Chromatographs

    SCION™ Series

  • Features a data acquisition speed of >600 Hz per channel
  • Comes standard with a 9 inch, multi-language touch-panel
  • SCION 436-GC is a compact 2 injectors, 2 detectors, platform that supports all the injectors and detectors including mass spectrometry
  • SCION 456-GC supports 3 injectors and 4 detectors, including the mass spectrometer


    Elemental Analyzer

    CE 440

  • Precisely determines the CHN content of a wide range of soil, plant and insect materials
  • Uses sample sizes of typically 2 - 20mg
  • Provides complete control over combustion parameters
  • Enables in excess of 1000 samples to be run between combustion tube changes

    Exeter Analytical

    Cyanide Analyzer

    CNSolution 3100

  • Uses in-line UV digestion to dissociate metal-cyanide complexes and measure total cyanide in minutes by ASTM D 7511-09e2
  • USEPA approval of ASTM D 7511-09e2 allows labs to analyze samples for total cyanide without a preliminary 2-hour acid distillation step

    OI Analytical

    Discrete Analyzer


  • Automatically tests multiple samples in discrete reaction vessels
  • Supplied with standard methods to USEPA, ASTM, ISO and other internationally-recognized standards
  • Analyzes a wide variety of parameters
  • Features unattended operation including the ability to run overnight

    SEAL Analytical

    Portable LPLC System


  • Provides on-site, on demand low pressure liquid chromatography
  • Low-cost, portable
  • Requires only microliter sample volumes
  • Features interchangeable columns (can be disposable)
  • Incorporates SFC Fluidics’ patented microfluidic components, ePump® and QuickConnect™ (both of which are available as either OEM modules or as standalone components)

    SFC Fluidics

    FT-IR Spectrometer

    Nicolet iS50

  • First research grade FT-IR to be equipped with one-touch operation
  • Provides fast, accurate analysis, while eliminating manual operational errors
  • Features ATR, Raman, and NIR modules
  • Allows users to acquire spectra from the far-infrared to the visible
  • Analyzes complex mixtures and materials using its GC-IR or TGA-IR capabilities

    Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Free-Standing Ductless Fume Hoods


  • Capable of enclosing equipment up to 52” tall
  • Three models are available: AC3000E (36”), AC4000E (48”) and AC6000E (72”)
  • Eliminate the need for costly customization when enclosing mixers, mills, grinders, reactors, or other tall equipment
  • Feature an upper folding sash combined with lower access doors for easy equipment insertion or removal

    AirClean Systems

    Type B Enclosures


  • Provide a controlled negative pressure HEPA-filtered environment for professionals to work with and weigh powders
  • Fabricated with chemically-resistant polypropylene
  • Alleviates the threat of vibration and balance disturbance during weighing
  • HepaSafe™ technology allows the operator to safely and easily change both the prefilter and the primary HEPA filter while the enclosure remains under negative pressure

    AirClean Systems


    Nichiryo Nichipet Premium

  • Includes a five-year warranty
  • Features a non-corrosive and non-greased ceramic plunger and abrasion-resistant nozzle tip
  • Also includes improved O-rings rated at 600,000 aspirate/dispense cycles, and a solvent-resistant high-impact polymer body
  • Constructed of UV resistant materials and is fully autoclavable at 121 C for 20 minutes

    Core Life Sciences

    Electronic Pipette

    Xplorer plus®

  • Specially designed for users working with complex or long pipetting series
  • Provides exact setting of parameters, maximum reproducibility and low operating force
  • Includes a history function that automatically saves the last parameters for faster handling
  • Features password protection for users’ programming and settings


    Powder Rheometer


  • Uses patented dynamic methodology, automated shear cells and bulk property tests, including density, compressibility and permeability, to quantify powder properties in terms of flow and processability
  • Delivers data that maximize process and product understanding, accelerate R&D and formulation, and support process optimization.

    Freeman Technology


    EZ-2 ENVI

  • Especially designed for gentle evaporation of samples
  • Provides excellent pesticide recovery and reproducibility
  • System is fully automated, can concentrate a number of samples at the same time and provides protection from cross contamination and bumping


    Heating Circulators

    Optima™ Series

  • Consists of four new models providing excellent temperature stability (±0.05 to ±0.01 ºC) and uniformity (±0.1 to ±0.05 ºC)
  • Designed for use with Grant’s five new stainless steel or three plastic baths and the five models in its refrigerated bath and circulator range
  • Clamp is also available to allow independent use of the Optima thermostats with any vertical sided tanks

    Grant Instruments

    Oxidation-Reduction Potential Arc Sensor

    EasyFerm Plus

  • Features a pressurized internal reference electrolyte that keeps the liquid junction free of particulates
  • Can be steam-sterilized, autoclaved or cleaned in place
  • Arc technology enables in-lab pre-calibration and configuration, reducing costs associated with installation and downtime
  • Delivers high-quality signals for reliable readings

    Hamilton Company

    Serological Pipette Controller


  • Now with a 3-year warranty in celebration of the brand’s 30th anniversary
  • Allows users to reproducibly pipette liquids from 0.1 to 100 ml
  • Smart valve design and speed regulation enable accurate control of dosing from drop-by-drop to fast pipetting using just finger pressure on trigger controls
  • Available in a large choice of colors


    Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopes

    JSM-7100F Series

  • Offers sub-1 nm imaging capabilities and analytical characterization at the sub-100nm scale
  • Features a turbo molecular pump (TMP) and a rapid specimen exchange airlock
  • Equipped with a large specimen chamber for a wide variety of detectors and accessories


    Diaphragm Pumps

    SIMDOS® 10 Series

  • User-friendly display combined with a touch-control knob allows for simple and intuitive setup and operation
  • Can be calibrated precisely in minutes and can maintain reliable repeatability at +/- 1%
  • Transfer liquids with a flow rate of 1 ml/min to 100 ml/min /’ and dose volumes from 1 ml to 1000 ml

    KNF Neuberger

    Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) Workstation Systems

    SIMDOS® 10 Series

  • Certified to meet specific electrical property requirements assuring static dissipation at a safe rate
  • Can be protected by static dissipative powder-coat finishes
  • Feature worksurfaces and shelves with static dissipative plastic laminate
  • Able to be configured in a variety of heights and lengths

    Lista International

    Convertible Balance

    NewClassic MS105

  • Converts easily from a laboratory balance with 0.01 mg readability into a stand-alone pipette check-station
  • An evaporation trap is the only external device needed if the pipetting volume is smaller than 50 μg
  • Trap keeps humidity levels stable during the check and thus minimizes evaporation for accurate testing

    Mettler Toledo

    Ductless Chemical Fume Hoods


  • EverSafe II™ microprocessor safety controller monitors and adjusts fume hood face velocity to the user preset value
  • Has been ASHRAE 110 tested and provides excellent containment from toxic fumes and vapors
  • Available in 30-, 42- and 54-inch widths

    Mystaire Misonix

    Bioprocessing Workstations


  • Provide maximum flexibility to help optimize unit operations in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process
  • Single-stack and modular multi-stack configurations available
  • Feature biocontainer trays and totes constructed of high-molecular-weight polyethylene
  • Offer excellent processing capabilities and great wear resistance
  • Include modular lightweight wheeled stainless steel frames

    Pall Life Sciences

    Karl Fischer Titrator

    Aquatest 1010

  • Provides quick & accurate moisture analysis
  • Features an extremely small laboratory footprint
  • Includes cabled keypad and display that can be placed on the bench, on unit or mounted on the wall
  • Photovolt also sells a wide variety of high- quality reagents that ship same day, with overnight service available

    Photovolt Instruments

    Low-Temperature Coolers

  • Provide rapid, low cost cooling of liquids to temperatures as low as -100°C
  • Available in both immersion probe and flow through styles
  • Immersion probe style coolers reduce the expense of using dry ice or liquid nitrogen
  • Flow-through style coolers are ideal for extending the temperature range of non-refrigerated circulators to below ambient


    Chip Climate Controller


  • Provides advanced microreactor temperature control for faster, cleaner reactions in glass or quartz microreactors
  • Offers maximum chemical resistance, excellent mixing and easy visualization of reactions
  • Does not need an external circulator or cold water supply
  • Enables cooling or heating from -15 °C to +150 °C at 1°C intervals


    Protein Quantitation Kit

    BCS Assay

  • Compatible with the most commonly used chemical components that may interfere with conventional protein quantitation kits
  • Exhibits low protein to protein variability
  • Utilizes amino acid-independent chemistry
  • Allows for minimal sample manipulation, low variability between assay response for different proteins, and is scalable for varied sample sizes


    Bioreactor Adaptor Kits

    New Brunswick CelliGen® BLU

  • Allows users to adapt existing autoclavable bioreactor for use with New Brunswick’s CelliGen BLU single-use vessels, without the expense of replacing the entire controller
  • Adaptor kits for New Brunswick and competitive bioreactors are also offered
  • Pre-sterilized and ready for use right out of the box

    Eppendorf North America

    HPLC Solvent Reservoir Kits

  • Now available in four sizes: 1000ml, 2L, 500 ml, and 5000 ml
  • Each size comes with the appropriately-sized bottle, cap, Teflon insert for OD and PTFE tubing and 316 stainless steel solvent frit (1000 ml comes with a solvent reservoir instead of a bottle)
  • All sizes in stock and ready to ship
  • Additional accessories may be purchased separately to meet inventory needs

    JM Science

    Chiral Resolution Screening and Purification Kits


  • Give organic chemists simple and rapid access to optically pure chiral compounds from their racemic mixtures
  • Ready-to-use kits reduce development time to just one day
  • Require as little as 0.4mmol of racemate
  • Consist of 384 different combinations of resolving agents and solvents

    Maybridge (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

    HT96 Kit

    Magna ChIP™

  • For high-throughput chromatin immunoprecipitation
  • Able to process up to 96 samples in one experiment
  • Protocol improves the reproducibility and robustness of the ChiP process
  • Provide better sensitivity and lower backgrounds than conventional methods
  • Uses as few as 10,000 cells per well, from cultured cells or tissue

    EMD Millipore

    Microplate Washer

    405™ LS

  • For 96- and 384-well microplate washing
  • May be operated via a keypad interface or by a computer with Liquid Handling Control™ (LHC™) software
  • Especially suited for robotic installations
  • Able to be used with vacuum filtration and biomagnetic separation bead-based assays
  • Includes patented Dual-Action™ manifold for independent aspirate/dispense control


    Nitrogen Blow Down Station

    Ultravap RC

  • Makes it easier to integrate an automatic dry down step into your automated liquid handling protocol
  • Robot-compatible
  • Displayed at Achema 2012 exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany along with Porvair’s range of tissue culture plastics and new manual Pin Tools—disposable replicators for 96 and 384 well plate replication plus their new MiniSeal Plus microplate sealer

    Porvair Sciences

    3D Proliferation Assays


  • Were created in an effort to provide more physiologically relevant assessments when using cell models in the screening process for compounds that influence toxicity, cell survival, tumorigenicity, and new tumor formation
  • Available for 3D growth in Basement Membrane Extract (BME), Laminin I and Collagen I formats


    Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells


  • Supplied in proprietary reagents that ensure high survival and recovery rates
  • Derived from the peripheral blood of normal healthy human adult donors collected at IRB-approved blood banks
  • Seven types are currently available
  • Tested to be free from infectious agents and analyzed for cell viability, cell purity, cell count, and CD markers


    Gas Controller for Live Cell Assays


  • Allows control and monitoring of CO2 and O2 levels in BioTek’s Synergy Hybrid multi-mode microplate readers
  • Part of the CellControl™ system designed to provide the optimal physiological environment for live cell-based assays
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications in life science and drug discovery research


    Hybridoma Production System


  • Capable of delivering variable AC pulse frequencies
  • Utilizes patented technology to enhance the alignment of cells in large volumes—up to 9 mls in one run
  • Generates hybridoma lines secreting mAbs with high binding specificity & biological activity
  • Can achieve efficiencies in scalable throughputs of up to 180 million cells fused in milliseconds


    Biosensors for HIS-tagged Biomolecule Analysis


  • Enable direct quantitation of HIS-tagged proteins and their easy capture for subsequent kinetic analyses with binding partners
  • Pre-immobilized with nickel-charged Tris-NTA
  • Provide an alternative to chemical protocols such as EDC/NHS and biotinylation
  • Compatible with both ForteBio’s Octet® and BLItz™ platforms
  • Offer great ease of use and time-to-result in a wide range of laboratory applications


    Benchtop-Sized Image Cytometer


  • Enables researchers to capture detailed data about their cells quickly while using minimal sample volumes
  • Allows data to be acquired for up to eight samples at a time
  • Delivers results through an intuitive graphical interface in less than two-and-a-half minutes

    GE Healthcare

    Imaging System

    ImageQuant™ LAS 500

  • Offers high sensitivity with a wide dynamic range
  • Enables detection of picogram levels of chemiluminescent samples
  • Provides fast and easy imaging of chemiluminescent Western blots, fluorescent proteins, DNA gel stains and white light imaging of colorimetric stains and markers
  • Includes a 16-bit, 8.3 megapixel Peltier-cooled, CCD camera

    GE Healthcare

    HPV Genotype Qualification Panel

  • Provides multiple vials of high-risk HPV Genotypes for the replicate tests typically performed during qualification testing
  • Derived from cultured human cells containing full-length HPV DNA
  • Includes the HPV 16 and HPV 18 genomes
  • Support assay qualification and testing by challenging every step in the process
  • Designed for use with HPV test kits from Roche Molecular Diagnostics, Qiagen/digene and Hologic

    SeraCare Life Sciences

    CLD Imaging and Analysis System

    Cell Metric™

  • Provides fast, reliable and automated cell line development
  • Offers an alternative approach to manually checking cell line monoclonality
  • Boasts an imaging resolution three times as many pixels as previous generation cell imaging instruments
  • Generates clear images of cells taken soon after seeding or sorting
  • Includes integrated, temperature-controlled microplate stacker


    Mini Viewing Cabinet


  • Weighs only 4 lbs. (1.8 kg); can be conveniently carried from place to place
  • Saves space with compact dimensions of 8.75W x 10L x 4.5”H (22.2W x 25.4L x 11.4 cm H)
  • Made of molded, high-impact plastic for rugged durability
  • Features a contoured eyepiece with a built-in UV-absorbing window for safe viewing


    Image Analysis System


  • Provides a one-click method for accurately imaging chemiluminescent and fluorescent blots, as well as 1-D gels (up to 10cm x 12 cm) stained with any type of fluorescent dye
  • Features a high resolution 6.3 million pixel camera and large fixed aperture lens
  • Can be rapidly set up to automatically select the best conditions


    Monoclonal Antibodies

    Ureaplasma parvum

  • Possesses a small simple genome
  • Ureaplasma parvum is the genus found in the human urogenital tract; its presence has been associated with several conditions including urethritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, congenital pneumonia and neonatal meningitis
  • New monoclonal antibodies have applications in ELISA and IFA


    3D Piezo Movement Micromanipulator

    Ureaplasma parvum

  • Penetration mode provides high acceleration steps for cell insertion
  • Features 20 mm of travel in all axes
  • Compact; allows multiple manipulators in a small space
  • Provides precise electrode positioning and drift-free operation
  • Operate up to 14 manipulators with the optional control unit Hub

    Warner Instruments

    Large Particle Flow Cytometers

    Copas Plus

  • For high-throughput analysis and sorting of human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPS) clusters using large particle flow cytometry
  • Allows the analysis and sorting of intact hiPS cell clusters from a complex mixture of varying sizes based on size, optical density and fluorescent parameters
  • Does not influence the morphology or viability compared to manually sorted cell clusters

    Union Biometrica

    Control Software


  • Redesigned control software for the MICROLAB NIMBUS automated liquid handling workstation
  • Puts NIMBUS functionality into the hands of users at all experience levels, with short learning curves
  • Supports a wide range of daily lab work with new tools
  • Wizards quickly walk the user through method creation steps for common routines

    Hamilton Robotics

    Software Update

    CytoSure™ Interpret Software

  • For array Comparative Genomic Hybridization (aCGH) analysis
  • Features a new relational database design
  • Now allows sample data to be stored and analyzed in accordance to its relationship with other data
  • Also performs common analysis steps automatically via the “Accelerate Workflow” mode
  • Speeds up analysis, especially when working with a large number of samples

    Oxford Gene Technology

    Online Center for Core-shell HPLC/ UHPLC Columns

    Kinetex Experience

  • Includes technical and application information and the latest Kinetex calculator for easy method transfers
  • Also provides column selection tools, FAQs and online technical support
  • Can be reached directly at
  • New “Core Club,” where chromatographers can access videos, view testimonials from other users, sign up for special promotions and link to related social media tools also available


    DB Software


  • Integrates a data management function with LabSolutions LC/GC control and analysis software
  • Optimally configured for PC-based laboratories
  • Connects to up to four LC/GC instruments for simultaneous use
  • Compliant with electronic records and electronic signature (ER/ES) regulations
  • Database allows multi-data report creation using Microsoft Excel


    Spectroscopy Software

    GRAMS 9.1

  • Now delivers enhanced capabilities to meet the needs of scientists engaged in a variety of spectroscopic experiments and disciplines
  • Offers intuitive and simplified workflows
  • Enables scientists to more easily and rapidly access their data and make more informed decisions about the results generated
  • Supported on Microsoft Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit Operating Systems and adds compatibility with more than 30 new instrument data formats

    Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Single-Use Ultra-Clean Containers


  • For storage, freezing, and manipulation of biological solutions
  • Injection blow molded in an ISO Class 5 (Class100) environment and radiation sterilized
  • Available in sizes from 125ml to 20L
  • Manufactured from resins approved for medical applications in PET or polycarbonate with HDPE closures

    Cellon (Biofluid Focus Inc.)

    Cap & Tube ‘All-in-One’ Label Sets


  • Include multiple CILS label shapes and sizes on a single roll/A4 sheet
  • Allow variable data printing straight from your standard laser or thermal transfer printer
  • Made to any cap & tube size and shape combination
  • Available color-coded for immediate sample recognition
  • Provide immediate high-strength bonding to all labware during cryogenic freezer storage (-196°C) and multi-freeze thaw cycles

    CILS International

    Liners for Shelves and Cabinets


  • Features an absorbent white side that is non-flaking, non-skidding, and low-linting
  • Orange barrier layer blocks soakthrough of strong solvents to surfaces
  • Available in standard, extra heavy, and super sponge plus absorbencies
  • Can be custom cut from a 16” x 100’ roll; precut 8” x 9”, 16” x 16”, 16” x 25” sizes also available

    Current Technologies

    Black 1536-Well Cycloolefin Microplate

  • Designed for fluorescence measurements and light protected compound storage
  • Developed specifically for use in highly automated systems
  • Has no alphanumerical coding and is ideal for automated sealing techniques using metal cover plates
  • Cycloolefins feature quartz glass-like properties and a particularly low autofluorescence in the lower UV range

    Greiner Bio-One

    96-Well PTFE Sealing Film

  • Seals samples in microplates during high throughput bioanalytical studies without exposing samples to the film’s sealing adhesive
  • Protects samples against cross contamination or evaporation
  • PTFE film material is compatible with aqueous solutions and organic solvents and resistant to most laboratory chemicals
  • Available in 2 mil and 5 mil thickness

    J.G. Finneran Associates

    Gas Permeable Adhesive Microplate Seals

    500120 Series

  • Allow uniform air and carbon dioxide (CO2) exchange
  • Prevent moisture evaporation
  • Available with 96 round windows for a 96-well plate, and 384 square windows for a 384-well plate
  • Provide high integrity microplate closure from minus 20°C to 80°C
  • Supplied sterile in packs of 50 (5x10 sheets)

    Porvair Sciences

    C8 Phase Solid Core HPLC Column


  • Feature a shorter alkyl length bonded phase, which provides lower hydrophobic retention than the equivalent C18 phase
  • Enhances chromatographic performance without generating excessive operating pressure
  • Enables laboratories to improve sample throughput and quality of results
  • Compatible with any instrument from any manufacturer
  • Recommended for analytes with medium hydrophobicity

    Thermo Fisher Scientific

    30mL Universal Polypropylene Containers

    Sterilin Quick Start

  • Leak-proof, resistant to temperature and chemicals and easier to use
  • Include a Quick Start cap with a three-start thread, reducing the number of turns to open and close it
  • A lot number printed on each container aids traceability
  • Supplied in eight handy bags of 50 (400 containers to a carton)

    Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Magnetic Imaging Chambers

    Quick Release

  • Include silicone o-ring seals, no grease required
  • Provide easy assembly and disassembly
  • Maximize the viewing area and provide optimal access for electrodes
  • Available for use with 12, 15, 18, and 25 mm round coverslips
  • Designed to be compatible with the Warner QE-1 Quick Exchange Platform, and the DH- 35i and DH-40i Culture Dish Incubators

    Warner Instruments

    Screw Cap Sample Storage Tube


  • Externally threaded, 2D coded, 0.50ml
  • Offers 475 microliters working volume and is 25.6mm tall
  • Uses just 60% of the space typical 0.50ml 96- well screw cap tubes use to store the same volume
  • Increased storage density helps save costs
  • Can be stored in an automation-compatible Micronic rack