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June 2011 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments and system introductions to the laboratory market.

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UV/Visible Spectrophotometer

  • New sample handling options add increased capability and scalability
  • 5-position thermostatted cell changer automatically measures samples that are at a controlled temperature
  • Other available accessories include a variable pathlength cell holder, automatic snipper system, Peltier thermocirculator, film holder and test tube holder


Flash Chromatography Cartridges

  • Three types of cartridges are available: KP-Sil for normal phase, C18 for reverse phase and KP-NH for more difficult normal phase systems such as amines
  • All cartridges safely operate at pressures of up to 100 psi
  • Available in 750 g and 1500 g sizes


Benchtop NMR Spectrometer

  • Resolves proton chemical shifts with a resolution of 100 ppb using a sample volume of less than 20 μl
  • Liquid samples are simply injected into an internal capillary via front-panel fittings
  • Features a highly stable temperature-controlled permanent magnet for maintenance-free operation
  • Portable unit weighs just 10.5 lbs



  • Samples can be analyzed by absorbance, reflectance, luminescence and fluorescence
  • Users can image microscopic samples with DirecVu™ optics and high-resolution color digital imaging
  • Able to measure thin film thickness or refractive index
  • Operates from the deep ultraviolet to the near infrared

CRAIC Technologies

Microscope Spectrophotometer
308 FPD™

  • Designed to add spectroscopy, thin film thickness measurement and colorimetry capabilities to an optical microscope or probe station
  • Can be configured to acquire spectra from the deep ultraviolet to near infrared
  • Acquires spectra and images in absorbance, reflectance and fluorescence
  • Thermoelectric cooling available to improve signal-to-noise ratios and long-term stability

CRAIC Technologies

Chromatography System
PKP Series

  • Features the ability to transition from pilot-scale chromatographic processes to final process-scale without loss in separation performance
  • Series covers a range from 1 to 4,000 L/h
  • Includes dual 4-piston diaphragm pumps
  • Features optimized clean-in-place (CIP) design

Pall Corporation

EDX Fluorescence Spectrometer

  • Designed specifically for screening elements regulated by RoHS/ELV directives
  • Features a Si-PIN semiconductor detector that does not require liquid nitrogen, enabling lower operational costs and easier maintenance
  • Users can customize set-up functions according to the management method

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

TSQ Quantum XLS

  • Features proprietary DuraBrite IRIS ion source, for high sensitivity in the low femtogram range
  • Combines full scan MS analyses of metabolites and targeted analysis
  • Features the ability to change from EI to CI without venting the system
  • Includes a zero cross-talk angled collision cell to eliminate false positives

Thermo Fisher Scientific

UHPLC Injector
Cheminert® C72

  • Features a proprietary stator coating that permits pressures up to 15,000 or 20,000 psi
  • An optional microelectric actuator determines accurate positioning without limit switches or user adjustment
  • Actuator includes an autosensing 110/230 VAC to 24 VDC universal power supply
  • Available in 4-, 6-, 8- and 10-port configurations in .004”, .006” or .010” bore

VICI Valco


Digital Density Meter
DMA 500

  • Requires only 1 mL of sample
  • FittingCheck™ technology automatically detects and records filling errors or gas bubbles in filled sample and generates a warning message
  • U-View™ enables visual inspection of measuring cell via real-time camera
  • Features Bluetooth interface for wireless printing and data exchange with a PC

Anton Paar

Ultra High-Purity Laboratory Water System
Gemini Series

  • Features a PLC-based controller and highresolution 3.5” HMI, 2-color display
  • Provides the user with four customizable easyto- program batch commands
  • Provides up to 3.7 liters per minute of 18.2 megohm, 0.2 micron filtered water using a multi-pass ultraviolet system to irradiate water
  • Includes a UV-protected dispensing port

Aries Filter Works

Freeze/Thaw Chambers
6220 and 6240 Series

  • Feature a wide temperature range of -25°C to 70°C and optional humidity range from 20% to 98%
  • gROD™ (Refrigeration on Demand) efficiently manages power consumption and saves electricity
  • gVapor™ feature delivers controlled humidity vapor on an as-needed basis without wasting energy or producing heat

Caron Products

Ultra-Low Flow Meter

  • Features simple four-button operation (Flow/Total, Units, Zero and Power)
  • May be used with fluid temperatures from 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
  • Chemically resistant nylon 1/16 barbed inlet-outlet connectors are compatible with all types of tubing
  • Display shows the current flow and total accumulated flow

Control Company

Syringe Pump
Pump 11 Elite Series

  • Lets users create, save and run simple to complex methods without a PC
  • Features smooth and accurate flows from 1.28 pl/ min to 88.28 ml/min
  • Available in Infusion Only or Infusion/Withdrawal Programmable with single or dual syringe racks
  • Features secure syringe clamp for syringes ranging from 0.5ul to 60ml (single syringe) and 0.5ul to 10 ml (dual syringe)

Harvard Apparatus

Clinical Centrifuge Package
QuickSpin® PLUS

  • Ideal for stat and coagulation applications, including platelet poor plasma
  • Features a maximum RPM of 8,000 and RCF of 6,153
  • 8-place rotor is ideal for small sample quantities
  • Accommodates a wide variety of tube sizes


SI Analytics TitroLine® Series

  • Feature a PC-based user interface for increased ease-of-use
  • Instruments automatically recognize dispensing module and reagent data
  • TitroLine 7000 model performs perchloric acid titrations and other complex non-aqueous titrations
  • TITRONIC 500 piston burette offers precise alternative to bottle-top and glass burettes

ITT Analytics

Moisture Standards Generator
Span Pac™ H2O-R

  • Uses proprietary Trace Source™ permeation tubes to dynamically add a known amount of water vapour to a flow of dried reactive matrix gas
  • Enables concentrations from
  • At any concentration level, multi-point calibrations over a 400:1 range are easily achieved
  • Mixture concentrations are traceable to NIST through physical standards


Remote-Controlled Orbital Shaker
Helix™ 150BLR

  • Can be used within a 37°C CO2 incubator and controlled externally via remote control
  • Features a brushless DC motor that provides consistent shaking speed independent of load or power supply fluctuations
  • Works with proprietary EZ-Clamp™ system, non-slip mats and test tube racks
  • Timer and speed are indicated on discrete LED displays


Gas Adsorption System
ASAP 2020 HD

  • Features Hi-AC technology with precision fluid properties developed by NIST
  • Provides low pressure desorption capabilities
  • Includes proprietary temperature control algorithms
  • Adsorptive properties library lets users select new probe molecules without difficulties of finding fluid property data


Infrared Temperature Sensor

  • Features an IR sensor/signal conditioner installation with direct USB connection
  • Includes software that converts a PC into a temperature meter, chart recorder or data logger
  • Emissivity is adjustable from 0.10 to 1.0
  • Measures -18 to 538°C (0 to 1000°F)

Omega Engineering

Multi-gas Incubator

  • Features a proprietary single-beam, dual detector infrared CO2 sensor
  • An optional Hydrogen Peroxide decontamination system enables full decontamination and incubator cleaning
  • Features an InCu saFe® copper-enriched stainless steel interior inhibits growth of moulds, fungi, mycoplasma and becteria
  • Oxygen is measured using a solid-state zirconium sensor


Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer
Twin Guard Series™ MDF-U700VXC

  • Dual° Cool™ technology maintains ultra-low temperatures via two independent one-compressor autocascade cooling systems
  • Features Cool Safe™ refrigeration to extend compressor life and minimize heat output
  • EcoMode™ deploys both systems in alternating cycles to maintain -86°C and reduce energy consumption


Vortex Mixer
Vortex-Genie® Pulse

  • Features a fully programmable “on” and “rest” function, which can be set from 0.1 seconds to 99 minutes
  • True pulsing action provides more collisions and random motion
  • Variable “run/stop” time provides quick pulsing or interval mixing
  • Ideal for heat-sensitive samples

Scientific Industries

Vortex Mixer
Vortex-Genie® Pulse

  • Features a fully programmable “on” and “rest” function, which can be set from 0.1 seconds to 99 minutes
  • True pulsing action provides more collisions and random motion
  • Variable “run/stop” time provides quick pulsing or interval mixing
  • Ideal for heat-sensitive samples

Scientific Industries

Moisture Analyzer

  • Features UniBloc sensor technology, which ensures stable temperature characteristics
  • Features a variety of measurement modes, including multiple ending and drying modes
  • Includes a long-life halogen heater that prepares samples efficiently for quick and accurate measurement
  • Features a built-in USB port and large pan size

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

Chemicals, Kits & Reagents

Cell Migration Assay

  • Presents a quantitative, high-throughput alternative to the scratch assay
  • Lets users capture and quantify cell migration data while improving assay efficiency and reducing assay costs
  • Permits formation of precisely placed and homogeneously sized cell-free areas into which migration can occur without releasing factors from wounded/dead cells


Gene Expression Assay with Master Mix

  • Includes probe, primers and master mix delivered in 8-well strip-tubes
  • Helps limit result variability since the number of steps is reduced
  • Users can purchase the necessary reagent amounts for 8 reactions at a time
  • For research only; not intended for animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use

Applied Biosystems

Weak Anion Exchanger

  • Developed for the extraction of strongly acidic analytes from aqueous samples
  • Resin-based sorbent is surface modified with well-defined hydroxyl-functional oligomers
  • Non-polar/anion exchange dual retention mechanism allows the use of a rigorous interference regime, reducing matrix effects associated with LC-MS/MS analysis


Magnetic Beads
Streptavidin Mag Sepharose™ Beads

  • Feature a high binding capacity for efficient purification of biotinylated biomolecules and enrichment of target proteins
  • Provide simplified handling, as rapid capture is facilitated by magnetic devices
  • A more than 400-fold enrichment factor enables an increased identification rate of target proteins

GE Healthcare

DG18 Agar
Dichloran 18% Glycerol Agar ISO

  • Designed to specifically enhance the growth of viable osmophilic yeasts and xerophilic moulds from low water activity environments
  • Requires no additional supplementation, minimizing media preparation time and reducing procurement needs and costs

Lab M

Assay Kit
Millicell® µ-Migration

  • Ideal for studying metastatic behavior or the effects of toxins
  • Replaces filter with micro-channels; cells migrating in these channels can be directly observed and their progress can be quantitatively measured
  • Provides a stable linear concentration gradient for up to 48 hours

EMD Millipore

Transfection Kit

  • Accelerates protein production by promoting maximum protein expression after 24 hours
  • Optimized specifically for Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell line
  • Enables efficient delivery of DNA into the cells, for high levels of gene expression
  • Produces active, soluble forms of recombinant proteins

EMD Millipore

Immunosuppressant Immunoassay
QMS® Everolimus Reagent Kit

  • Received U.S. FDA clearance for monitoring the appropriate blood levels of everolimus, a drug that helps prevent rejection in kidney transplant patients
  • Used on automated clinical chemistry analyzers for quantitative determination of everolimus in human whole blood

Thermo Scientific

Life Science

Automation Solution Accessories

  • New accessories include a proprietary hub for presenting and storing SBS-format labware, a removable plate hotel, sliding shelves and a high-speed incubator
  • The accessories enable easier maintenance and offline use of devices
  • Automates any microplate-based protocol providing walk-away time and throughput

Agilent Automation Solutions

Product Spotlight
Cut Your Own Genome

Knock Out Any Gene in the Human Genome

Although DNA sequencing throughput has been progressively increasing and processes have become more precise, gene editing capabilities have been lagging behind. Sigma Life Science has addressed this issue with the release of CompoZr Knockout ZFNs, which are predesigned and validated reagents to generate permanent gene knockouts in human cell lines in as little as a few weeks, as opposed to several months.

Current methods, which rely upon homologous recombination, can be very inefficient. They don’t always work well, and there is a great deal of time and effort required to screen resulting cells.

Keith Hansen, Product Manager for ZFNs at Sigma Life Science, says existing methods are done in a haphazard kind of way, and can eat up a lot of time. “People might irradiate cells, treat them chemically, or try to make use of… homologous recombination,” Hansen said. “All of those traditional methods are very random. People can’t target where the modifications would occur, so you end up having a lot of side effects… and you’re left needing to screen many more cells to find the specific knockout that you’re looking for.”

CompoZr Knockout ZFNs help to cut down the time required to knockout genes in the human genome. They do so by introducing a double-strand break at a defined site within the first twothirds of a gene’s open reading frame. This double-stranded break stimulates the cell’s natural DNA repair mechanisms, which in some instances can create nucleotide insertions or deletions that disrupt protein function.

“We’ve pre-determined where each zinc finger will cut for any particular gene,” Hansen added. “This really speeds up the process.”

Supriya Shivakumar, Global Commercialization Market Manager at Sigma Life Science, says the CompoZr ZFNs help users in a variety of applications, including disease studies. “You can take a gene that’s implicated in a disease and knock it out. You’ll have both a cell line that has it and [one] that doesn’t, so they’re identical except for that one gene mutation,” she said. “You can then directly investigate that particular gene’s role in the disease. That hasn’t really been possible before, except for a handful of genes.”

Sigma’s CompoZr Knockout ZFNs are priced to fit within a typical lab’s consumables budget, and arrive ready to be used.

For more information, visit

Cell Culture Scaffold

  • Mimics in vivo growth and formation of tissues in the body
  • Enables the formation of complex 3D cellular structures, decreases cell death and enhances cell function
  • Available in different formats for shortand long-term cell culturing
  • Viable cells can be isolated for passaging or flow cytometry


Transfer System
Trans-Blot® Turbo™

  • Enables protein transfer in Western blotting in as little as 3 minutes
  • Delivers high transfer efficiency, enabling the detection of proteins larger than 200 kD
  • Able to transfer four mini gels or two midi gels simultaneously
  • Compatible with standard semi-dry protocols and consumables


Desktop Automated Liquid Handler

  • Enables the user to automate a single work stage or a whole application
  • Features a robotic dispensing module that guarantees the results are accurate
  • Includes a drag-and-drop function for easy programmability
  • Racks feature a spring mechanism allowing the use of a wide range of tubes in the same rack


Imaging Platform
IN Cell Analyzer 6000

  • Designed for live cell assays, 3D imaging, co-localization studies and imaging of assays with low signal
  • Features a proprietary optical system that includes an iris-like aperture to mimic the eye’s actions
  • Fully adjustable aperture can be adjusted to be used in open mode, full confocal mode, or any setting in between to optimize imaging performance

GE Healthcare

Gravity-Flow Columns
GraviTrap™ Series

  • Enable manual purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies from various species in milligram scale
  • Deliver high-purity purification with a run time of approximately 30 minutes (dependent on sample)
  • Columns contain 1 ml bed volume and can bind milligram amounts of antibodies
  • Product packaging readily converts into a convenient column stand

GE Healthcare

Handheld Automated Cell Counter
Scepter 2.0

  • Uses the Coulter Principle, which is capable of detecting cells less than 7 µm in diameter, including red blood cells, yeast and human embryonic stem cells
  • Includes software that lets users compare sample sets using histogram overlays and multiparametric tables
  • Cell counting takes just 40 seconds

EMD Millipore

Sterile Disconnector

  • For convenient and secure sterile separation of flexible tubing assemblies
  • Features a locking mechanism to eliminate the risks associated with clamping and cutting; requires no tools, calibration or maintenance
  • Disconnection is performed in less than 30 seconds
  • Can be used in single-use or hybrid (linked to stainless-steel hardware) systems
  • Withstands autoclaving up to 130 °C or gamma irradiation up to 50 kGy

Pall Corporation

Aseptic Disconnector

  • Single-use; allows an aseptic disconnection of Silicone tubing
  • Used after a fluid transfer to disconnect transfer lines and bag assemblies
  • Can be applied to multiple sizes of Silicone tubing, including 3/8” x 5/8” and 1/2” x 3/4”
  • Available as a stand-alone product or preassembled on single-use transfer lines and bag assemblies

Sartorius Stedim Biotech

Imaging System
G:BOX Chemi IR6

  • Lets users image any combination of commercial IR dyes as well as standard fluorescent and visible dyes in under 40 seconds
  • Features a high-resolution 6-megapixel CCD camera
  • Included GeneSys image-capture software selects optimal filter/ lighting combinations


Cell Culture System Accessories
CompacT SelecT™

  • T75 Flask Processing Adaptor allows flasks to be uncapped and processed
  • Low Volume Reagent Dispensing Option provides chilled storage at 6°C for up to six different reagents (40 ml each)
  • Incubator Oxygen Control Option reduces oxygen levels using displacement via a nitrogen gas supply to generate a low percentage oxygen environment

TAP Biosystems

Microplate Imaging System
Acumen® eX3

  • New 561nm laser permits additional high-throughput cell-based assays
  • Enables the use of a new range of dyes to increase multiplexing capabilities
  • Collects and analyzes over 40 images per second at a resolution equal to a 20x objective lens
  • Provides read times from as fast as six minutes for 24- to 3,456-well plates

TTP LabTech

Reinverter for Vitreoretinal Surgery
ROLS8 (Infinity)

  • Used to correctly orient the images created by non-contact viewing systems or contact lenses
  • Allows users to adjust the prism to fit each microscope’s optical pathway
  • Features mechanisms to set and lock the internal prism in the correct alignment for a completely custom fit
  • Available in a manual configuration or a foot switch operated powered version

Volk Optical

LIMS & Software

Oligo Design and Analysis Tool
SciTools Suite

  • Determines the properties of any oligo sequence entered and mediates the intelligent design of assay conditions
  • Includes a dilution calculator, a resuspension calculator and an application for analyzing oligonucleotide secondary structures
  • Sequences can be compared with all known nucleotide sequences using a link to the NCBI BLAST database

Integrated DNA Technology

Microscopy Software

  • Displays light microscopy images together with atomic force microscopy images
  • Users can obtain mechanical properties such as adhesion and elasticity
  • Uses the accuracy of the AFM closed-loop scanning system to enable a true display of absolute angles and length coordinates

JPK Instruments

Product Spotlight
Experiment Knowledge Base

Manage Experiments Using a Single System

In an effort to help laboratories increase productivity, Accelrys has launched a packaged Professional Services solution, which offers support for sustainability strategies specific to scientific enterprises engaged in chemistrybased research, development and manufacturing.

Experiment Knowledge Base (EKB) complements existing laboratory instrumentation and data management systems, and extracts, transforms and loads data from previous experiments and other systems.

“[It] enables [researchers] to develop better materials more quickly with fewer resources,” said Ted Pawela, Senior Director, Product Marketing for Accelrys. “It achieves this by bringing together all aspects of experimentation into one system.”

With support for statistically designed experiments, the system ensures that the experiments can be correlated with similar ones. In addition, it tracks the workflow of R&D-wide experiments and gathers data produced from instrument files, spreadsheets and databases, eliminating the need for users to manually collect this information.

“The complexity of the laboratory information environment has led to an explosion of experimental data,” Pawela added. “Existing systems don’t allow scientists to extract knowledge from data. The end result is that up to 40% of all experiments run are repeats—a tremendous waste of time and money.”

EKB enables users to be more productive, sustainable and efficient by providing algorithms for ad-hoc analysis of experimental data, as well as the automation of standard data operations. Configurable report templates offer integrated charting and scatter plots, and enable mining of existing data for trends and patterns.

For more information, visit

Software for Melting Point Systems
LabX™ 2010 Thermal Values

  • Features version control and comprehensive protocols
  • Includes automatic export for easy integration into LIMS systems
  • Full 21 CFR Part 11 support; all data is automatically available for next audit
  • Intensity curves and videos are also available, in addition to thermal values


Instrument Control Software

  • Features advanced error recovery to ensure the system reacts and attempts to continue the run without any intervention
  • Enables various tasks, including loading a single instrument with plates or a complex assay involving many instruments
  • Features 386 instrument drivers to control equipment from 123 manufacturers


LC Column Selection Tool
Reversed Phase Column Screener

  • Helps chromatographers select the most effective (U)HPLC column for their methods
  • Lets users search by compound characteristics, pharmacopeia classification, column used or application
  • Provides primary and secondary recommendations for fully porous particle columns with complementary selectivities
  • Provides mobile phase starting conditions


Online Method Development
SPE Method Development Tool

  • Enables users to improve analyte concentration and detector response
  • Produces customized methods in less than one minute, with options to save, print or e-mail
  • Users can develop methods based on the chemical characteristics of the analyte
  • Pre-treatment recommendations for a variety of sample matrices are also provided


WinLIMS Cloud Edition

  • Web-based, remote-hosted, Software as a Service (Saas) application
  • Tiered service structure is maintained and supported by QSI engineers
  • Additional service tiers include custom screen configuration and report design and more
  • Ensures access to software through various devices including notebooks, tablet PCs and PDAs

Quality Systems International

Toolkit for Proteomics Software Developers

  • Includes web service API (Application Programming Interface) based on XML data formats
  • Features a cross-platform Client Library to access API on Windows®, Linux® and other operating systems
  • SEQUEST 3G feature includes enhanced sensitivity for PTM analysis

Sage-N Research

Driver for Analect FTIR Spectrometers

  • Integrates the functions of Analect instruments into Symbion-DX and RX software suites
  • Each method is permanently stored in Symbion database and is under full version control, compliant with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Once validated, a method can be recalled from database and downloaded for deployment at multiple instrumentation locations

Symbion Systems

Supplies & Consumables

Pipette Tips
Optifit Single Refill Packs

  • Range in volume from 10 µl to 1,200 µl
  • Supplied DNase-, RNase- and endotoxin-free
  • Well-suited for use in laminar hoods or clean rooms
  • Supplied in thin, recyclable packaging, reducing waste


Pump Tubing

  • Features ultra-low extractables or leachables, low spallation and low protein-binding
  • Handles a temperature range of 50 to 135°C (-58 to 275°F)
  • Contains no DEHP phthalates, halogen plasticizers or animal-derived components
  • Users can sterilize by ethylene oxide or gamma irradiation to 45 kGy


CrystalQuick X

  • Designed specifically for in situ x-ray and UV analysis of protein crystals
  • Features an ultra-thin well bottom to minimize background scattering
  • Ideal for bright light microscopy and applications involving polarized and UV light
  • Features two flat-bottom crystallization wells per reservoir

Greiner Bio-One

1,536-well Microplate

  • Designed for screening active pharmaceutical compounds and other agents
  • Features a black pigmented frame to reduce cross-talk of light signals in fluorescent measurements
  • Features a refractive index similar to glass; transparent cycloolefin well bottom combines high optical transparency with reduced autofluorescence

Greiner Bio-One

Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) Probes

  • Measure ammonium, chloride, fluoride and nitrate
  • Include a solid state sensor that can be stored dry, and eliminates the need to replace membranes and fill solution
  • Feature a large reference junction to provide more surface area for sample contact

Hach Company

Microcentrifuge Tube

  • For use with proprietary automated liquid handling platforms
  • 1.5 mL tube features a snap-cap that can be automatically opened and closed using an independent pipetting channel, minimizing evaporation and contamination
  • Elimination of manual steps cuts time requirements by 20 percent for long, unattended runs

Hamilton Robotics

Sample Purification

  • Designed for purification of small samples (10 µl to 150 µl) in single-column, 96- well or 384-well formats
  • Ideal for desalting, removing unbound markers, and for purification of proteins, peptides and DNA
  • Offered pre-filled with various chromatographic materials including gel-filtration, ionexchange, silica-based reverse (C18) and normal phase materials

Harvard Apparatus

Microporous PTFE Membranes
Interstate Mupor

  • Feature tensile strength up to 20N/mm2
  • Available with pore sizes from 0.5 to 50 µm
  • Can be supplied in thicknesses from 50 to 3,000 µm and widths up to 330 mm with optional polypropylene backing

Interstate Specialty Products

NMR Tubes

  • Available in 3 mm, 5 mm and 10 mm diameters with round or flat bottoms
  • Made of KIMAX® borosilicate glass in two grades: KG-33 glass is suitable for high-temperature applications, and N-51A accommodates ambient temperature conditions
  • Specialty tubes are available with valves or threaded openings

Kimble Chase

Balance Clips

  • Allow users to dose directly into the tare container
  • Available in various configurations to secure dozens of types of tare containers for use with proprietary analytical and micro balances
  • Eliminate transfer errors and save money by minimizing sample loss



  • Features window flatness better than 2 µ and frame flatness better than 150 µ
  • Minimizes microbubble formation
  • Available in 96-, 384- and 1,536-well formats
  • Bottom surface options include 0.72 or 0.17 mm glass and clear quartz


Clear-bottom Microplates
Krystal UV

  • Designed for scientists using assay chemistries which require excitation or detection in the far UV spectral region
  • Provide low background and excellent photometric accuracy down to 220 nm
  • Feature resistance to solvents including alcohols, DMSO and PBS
  • Available in a 96-well format only

Porvair Sciences

Plastic-hinged Collars
Injection Molded

  • Feature an integral hinge with a stainless steel clamping screw and one flat section with a hole for mounting or attaching other components
  • Offered in 7/8”, 1” and 1-1/4” ID sizes
  • Anodized aluminum is also available

Stafford Manufacturing

Shear Flow Chamber
PFC-1 ProFlow Chamber

  • Pre-cut medical-grade silicone gaskets can be stacked to achieve desired bath height
  • Produces a nearly uniform shear flow across the entire width of the bath
  • Made of polycarbonate; stage adapters are available to fit most microscope stages

Warner Instruments