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May 2011 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments and system introductions to the laboratory market.

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Handheld FTIR System

  • Spherical ATR Sampling interface permits analysis of powders and granules, as well as polymer, composite and plastic sheets
  • Features a frequency range of 4000 – 650 cm-1 and maximum resolution of 4 cm-1
  • Incorporates a commercial PDA that controls operator functions and presents results of sample analysis

A2 Technologies

Sample Fusion System for XRF Analysis
Vulcan MA

  • Basic model features 2, 4 or 6 fusion stations with automatically controlled flame temperatures under microprocessor control
  • Other configurations facilitate sample prep for ICP or AAS, or a mixture of XRF and ICP or AAS
  • Vulcan can be combined with a dedicated fume extraction system to provide an integrated sample preparation workstation


ATR Probe for FTIR Spectroscopy

  • Features broad mid-IR spectral response
  • Comes with an interchangeable sample compartment mounting plate to mate to any specified FTIR spectrometer
  • Probe can pivot around spectrometer’s sample beam axis so it can be dipped into any sample container for rapid screening or detailed analysis

Axiom Analytical

Double Beam UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
Libra S80PC

  • Features a wavelength range of 190 to 1100 nm with accuracy of ± 0.3 nm across wavelength range (at 1 nm bandwidth)
  • Supplied with 10mm path length cell holders in sample and reference positions
  • Resolution CFR software enables various users to be set up as part of defined groups with differing access rights, supporting a fully compliant audit trail


Optical Petrography System
CoalPro II™

  • Rapidly determines thermal maturity and energy content of coal, kerogens and petroleum source rock
  • Performs precision 546 nm reflectance measurements
  • Features a high-sensitivity detector with low noise and long-term stability
  • Can be upgraded to a full 308 Coal™ microscope spectrophotometer

CRAIC Technologies

Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit

  • Prepares samples for elemental analysis of halogens, sulfur, phosphorus and numerous metals using the Schöniger flask method
  • Remotely ignites samples inside a safety interlocked chamber using focused infrared heat from two tungsten-halogen lamps
  • Integral pressure vents ensure safe release of excess reaction pressure

Exeter Analytical

Multi-functional GC Inlet
Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer EGA/PY-3030D

  • Chemically characterizes most liquids and solids
  • Offers a choice of six analytical techniques
  • Available accessories include a carrier gas selector, auto-shot sampler that can accommodate up to 48 samples, and a vent-free GC/MS adapter

Frontier Laboratories

Benchtop Evaporator
EZ-2 Elite

  • Features a high-performance scroll pump that delivers deeper vacuum than diaphragm pumps
  • SpeedTrap™ features automatic defrost and drain technology
  • Accommodates a wide range of sample holders, including round-bottom flasks up to 500 mL, custom reaction blocks and shallow or deep-well microplates


Hydrocarbon Trap

  • Designed to be connected between a nitrogen gas generator and the LC/MS (MS) to TOF/MS
  • Offers a choice of flow rates: 20 liters/min and 40 liters/min
  • Includes ¼-inch and 6mm fittings for use with most MS systems
  • Features a 300 psi pressure limit (2.07 MPa) and 572°F (100°C) temperature limit

JM Science

High-resolution Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer
Pegasus® GC-HRT

  • Features proprietary Folded Flight Path™ (FFP™) technology to provide full-range mass spectra at speeds of up to 200 spectra per second
  • Provides resolutions of up to 50,000 with high-performance mass accuracy
  • KADAS® (Kinetic Algorithmic Data Acquisition System) provides high-integrity output under the most demanding acquisition conditions available


Miniature Visible Spectrometer

  • Features a flat field optical design and reflective holographic concave grating to disperse light
  • Features optical resolution of
  • Operates in the Visible range (360 to 825 nm), delivering low stray light and ideal for measuring color
  • Suitable for low-light applications

Ocean Optics

Miniature Visible Spectrometer

  • Features a flat field optical design and reflective holographic concave grating to disperse light
  • Features optical resolution of
  • Operates in the Visible range (360 to 825 nm), delivering low stray light and ideal for measuring color
  • Suitable for low-light applications

Ocean Optics

Sulfur Analyzer
ANTEK MultiTek™

  • Combines testing for sulphur, nitrogen and halides through a process that includes combustion ion chromatography, ultraviolet fluorescence and chemiluminescence technologies
  • Works with solid, liquid, gas and LPG samples
  • Ensures product compliance across a wide range of industries and applications


Benchtop XRF Spectrometer
Epsilon 3

  • Handles a wide variety of sample types, including solids, pressed and loose powders, liquids and filters weighing from a few grams to larger bulk samples
  • Performs non-destructive quantitative analysis of elements from sodium to uranium, in concentrations from 100% down to ppm levels
  • Features smart excitation and detection technology


Personal Blowdown Evaporator

  • Removes volatile organic solvents from HPLC fractions collected in 24- or 96-well microplates
  • Installation just requires connection to a standard gas supply and standard mains socket
  • Incorporates advanced evaporator head technology which directly injects heated nitrogen into each microplate well simultaneously

Porvair Sciences

NMR Spectrometer

  • Capable of simultaneous and automatic determination of oil, moisture and oleic acid content in a variety of analytes
  • Measures fatty acids in a single seed or grain where samples are not destroyed during analysis
  • Complies with ISO 10565 and ISO 10632
  • Uses custom tailored software to suit each specific application

SCP Science

TOC Analyzer
TOC-L Series

  • Features a wide sample range from 4 µg/L to 30,000 mg/L
  • Uses a proprietary 680°C combustion catalytic oxidation method to analyze all organic compounds
  • Features automatic sample acidification and sparging, as well as automatic dilution
  • High-precision mass flow controllers ensure uninterrupted carrier gas

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

Bi-O-Vision™ Series

  • Features two workstations, producing both 312nm UV and white light
  • TD-1000R model offers fixed-intensity; TVD-1000R model offers variable-intensity control of either UV or white light
  • Continuously adjustable from 100% down to 50%
  • Each workstation has a filter area of 8 x 8 inches (20 x 20 cm)


Column for Nanoscale HPLC

  • Uses metal-free fused silica capillaries to ensure full biocompatibility
  • Features precisely cut and polished ends, giving a zero dead-volume connection to the emitter and transfer lines
  • Optimized for online LC-MS
  • Compatible with any nano LC system

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Pulsed Discharge Helium Ionization Detector (PDD)
Model D-3

  • Designed for plug-and-play installation on Agilent GCs, with models available for the 6809 and 7890
  • Optimized for trace-level work in the helium photoionization mode; uses electronics and power supply of the host GC
  • Includes detector cell, pulser, FID board and standard and mini helium purifier

Valco Instruments


Sample-ready Plates
Petrifilm™ Aqua Plates

  • Eliminate the need for agar preparation
  • Available in four types: Heterotrophic count, Coliform count, Enterobacteriaceae count, Yeast & Mold count
  • Shelf life of 18 months
  • Compatible with membrane filtration

3M Food Safety

Ductless Fume Hood
Purair 5

  • Eliminates installation costs, allowing the unit to be positioned over a sink or benchtop apparatus
  • Three models available, in widths of 24”, 36” or 48”
  • Does not exhaust expensive conditioned and/or heated air into the atmosphere
  • Features a face velocity of 100 fpm to ensure containment of fumes and particulates

Air Science USA

Heating Block

  • Converts any standard hotplate stirrer into a reaction block for three flasks or up to 12 vials
  • Provides excellent heating and stirring without the risk of fire and toxic fumes from an oil bath
  • Made of chemically resistant, 100% recyclable anodized aluminum
  • Provides heating to over 300°C and can heat a reaction flask 25 percent faster than an oil bath


Rotational Viscometer

  • Capable of both steady shear and yield stress testing
  • Ideal for investigating the mixing, stirring and process flow characteristics of fluid systems
  • Includes Peltier Temperature Control for all measuring systems
  • Features an angular velocity range from 0.01 to 200 rad/s, a Torque range from 0.005 to 20 mNm and a temperature range from -10°C to 120°C

ATS Rheosystems

EcoMet® 250/300 Pro

  • Stores and recalls 32 methods via touch-screen controls
  • Features adjustable power head speeds from 30 to 60 rpm (250 model), or 60 to 150 rpm (300 model), both in 10 rpm increments
  • Z-axis function removes material by depth instead of time


Infrared Detector Array
Linear Multiplexed Array

  • 256-element array provides high sensitivity in the 1.0 to 5.5 μm wavelength region
  • Features built-in compensation elements and a refined optional cooler controller
  • Built-in shielding isolates the array from environmental variables
  • Available in both PbS and PbSe material

Cal Sensors

Product Spotlight
High-Throughput Sample Filtration
Simultaneous Vacuum Filtration of up to Eight Samples

EMD Millipore’s new Samplicity™ filtration system was designed to ease the strain researchers typically experience when preparing samples for chromatography.

The device, which can simultaneously filter up to 8 samples— even those with high viscosities or particulates—provides a high-throughput alternative to syringe-tip filtration, which can slow down an entire workflow.

Samples are easily loaded into filter units using a pipette, and are filtered directly into LC vials. The filtered samples are then immediately ready for subsequent analyses. The entire filtration process takes a few seconds.

“As we move from HPLC to UHPLC, runtimes significantly go down,” said Vivek Joshi, Senior Scientist, Bioscience Business Unit, at EMD Millipore. “Now you’re running your analysis in one minute and your sample prep is taking longer and becoming a bottleneck.”

Vivek added that the device addresses the unmet need for medium-throughput users. Syringe-tip filtration is slow and tedious, but the only other option is the use of robotic systems, which can be too elaborate and expensive for labs running a few dozen samples a day.

“Something like this is not necessarily breakthrough technology—it’s filtration,” said Greg Hoff, Media Relations Manager at EMD Millipore. “But it takes away a major pain point and it saves an enormous amount of time for people.”

Samplicity is designed for use with Millex Samplicity™ filter units, which allow processing of samples as small as 200 μl. The unit is available in two colors: bold blue and glossy green.

“What researchers have told us is that everything in the lab is drab and boring—white, beige, grey,” added Joshi. “Sample prep to begin with is not something people love to do. We thought we would make it bright and stand out in the lab.”

For more information, visit

Benchtop CO2 Incubator
GelJacket Series

  • Model 6016 is refrigerated and Model 6014 is non-refrigerated
  • Both models are 10 cu. ft. and feature proprietary active gel insulation technology
  • Incorporates an automatic built-in 90°C moist heat decontamination cycle
  • Includes gVapor™ controlled relative humidity technology, which eliminates the need for a water pan

Caron Products

Ergonomic Pipettes
Ovation® BioNatural

  • Offers relief for workers who experience repetitive stress injuries caused or exacerbated by traditional pipetting
  • Keeps the hand in the neutral position (as recommended by ergonomic experts)
  • Available in several models, including adjustable-volume, electronic and macrovolume electronic
  • Also available in left-handed models


Gas Cylinder

  • Standard 34-liter aluminum alloy cylinder contains 66 liters of precision calibration gas
  • Available in standard disposable and EcoSmart refillable formats
  • Employs reinforced cylinders and a proprietary manufacturing process to safely increase the gas pressure
  • Holds both pure gases and gas mixtures and is approved for safe transport by the Department of Transportation


Linear Shaking Water Bath
GLS Aqua Plus

  • Features a robust, magnetically coupled shaking mechanism
  • Includes drain taps, two programmable temperature and shaking presets, timer with audible buzzer, and non-drip polycarbonate lids
  • Available in two models (12-liter and 18-liter)
  • Features precision temperature control with operating range of ambient +5°C too 99°C with ±0.1°C stability and uniformity

Grant Instruments

Benchtop Meter and ISE Probe
HQd and IntelliCAL™

  • HQd meter permits easy switching and set-up of multiple smart probes
  • Electrode’s large reference junction provides more surface area for sample contact
  • HQd system can test ammonia, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, BOD, ORP and sodium
  • System automatically recognizes testing parameters, calibration history and method settings

Hach Company

96-channel Electronic Pipette

  • Features proprietary Touch Wheel™ interface for easily programming various pipetting modes including repeat dispense, serial dilute and sample dilute
  • Four pipetting heads with pipetting volumes up to 12.5 µl, 125 µl, 300 µl or 1250 µl are available
  • Compatible with VIAFLO GripTips, which provide a perfect seal and won’t fall off during use

INTEGRA Biosciences

Coulometric Titrator for Trace Water in Battery Materials

  • Allows two titration stations to run parallel with various coulometric/volumetric combinations
  • Reduces the use of expensive KF reagents
  • Three types of electrolytic cells are available: small volume, standard and one-room cell
  • Features an ultra-trace moisture measurement mode with an accuracy of =10µgH20

JM Science

Gas Blending System

  • Computer-controlled, multi-channel system supplies a continuous flow of adjustable composition test gas mixture
  • Features 6 independently controlled permeation channels; each can contain up to 8 compounds, for a total of 48 compounds
  • Mixtures can be supplied dry or humidified and can be delivered up to psig pressure


888 Titrando® and 890 Titrando®

  • Both models have automation capabilities when sample changer is connected to USB interface
  • 888 Titrando is designed for potentiometric titration; 890 for Karl Fischer titration
  • Method and calculation equation templates are provided for method development
  • Both models can be controlled as either stand-alone systems or via PC

Metrohm USA

Powder/Liquid Dispensing Modules
Quantos® Q2 and QL2

  • Can be added to any 0.1 mg or 0.01 mg proprietary XP Excellence Series analytical balance
  • Speeds lab efficiency, improves results and eliminates weighing error
  • Q2 model automatically dispenses the compound to a target weight
  • QL2 model adds solvent in the exact amount to achieve target concentration


Water Purification System
Elix® Gulfstream Clinical

  • Provides up to 100 liters per hour and 2,000 liters per day of clinical laboratory reagent water (CLRW)
  • Features Elix electrodeionization technology to extend purification cartridge life
  • Includes reverse osmosis cartridges
  • Meets stringent standards of the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI®) for CLRW

EMD Millipore

Electromagnetic Low Flow Meter

  • Features a response time of
  • Contains no moving parts and no flow obstructions
  • Can be used in areas where flow sensors with moving parts cannot be applied due to contamination in the media
  • Ideal for water, chemical and cooling industries

Omega Engineering

Universal Thermocouple Connector

  • Accepts signals from 9 thermocouple types (J, K, T, E, R, S, B, C and N)
  • Through USB, displays actual temperature readings on a PC
  • Includes software for display, data logging and chart recording
  • Features built-in Cold Junction Compensation and Linearization

Omega Engineering

Instrument Automation Solution harmony

  • Features a scara robot with portrait gripper and 4 stacks, enabling 90 SBS plate capacity
  • Includes full data management configuration
  • Includes Overlord3 software with instrument sockets to control robot

paa – process analysis & automation

High-Pressure Chemical Reactors
HPR Series

  • Range in size from 50 ml to 4 liters and may be operated up to 10,000 psi and 350°C
  • Feature a magnetically coupled impeller for optimal mixing
  • All high-pressure components are ASME-rated and protected by a rupture disc for safe operation
  • Compact units can easily fit into a fume hood

Supercritical Fluid Technologies

Supercritical Fluid Extractor

  • Features a removable oven lid and large side panel to allow easy access to high-pressure vessel(s)
  • Accommodates extraction vessels up to 500 ml in single or dual configurations
  • Features dual sapphire syringe pump technology, integrated pre-heaters and precise flow control
  • Indicator light on the SFT-10 pump module alerts users to the proper use of the Peltier pre-cooler

Supercritical Fluid Technologies

Mechanically Refrigerated Bath

  • Operates down to -80°C without the need for hazardous and costly refrigerants
  • Uses a liquid medium to freeze samples in seconds, minimizing ice crystal formation
  • Features a hinged, insulated lid for easy access to the bath
  • Available in two models: basic for general freezing applications, and advanced with built-in magnetic stirrer and temperature control

SP Scientific

Jacketed Chemical Reactor System

  • Enables vessels from 50 ml to 5 L to use a common clamp, lid, circulator and stand
  • Accommodates a wide temperature range (from -90 to 250°C)
  • Features a spring-loaded outlet valve to eliminate the occurrence of leaks
  • Available as single or vacuum jacketed for extreme temperature control


2.5x Loupe

  • Aspheric (distortion-free) and Achromatic (color correct) hard-coated optics feature 2.5x magnification
  • Features a focusable working distance of 10 to 17 inches
  • Features adjustable pupillary distance and adjustable nose pads for height and comfort
  • Features a wide field of view (3 inches) and weighs 80 grams

Vision USA

Pressurization Kit

  • Eight-channel perfusion pressure kit to upgrade any gravity-feed system
  • Regulators come supplied with 5 µm filters and a rod mounting clamp
  • Includes eight universal reservoir plugs that fit directly into a 60cc syringe holder
  • Accommodates 5, 10 or 20 ml BD syringes

Warner Instruments


Lipid-Based Transfection Reagent
GenePORTER® Gold

  • Features the lowest reported cytotoxicity of commercially available transfection reagents
  • Optimized to provide simple, same-day transfection
  • Ideal for high-throughput or large-scale applications


Human Serum Albumin

  • Animal-free; produced in the seeds of Asian Rice (Oryza sativa)
  • Proven in tests to be similar in structure and biochemical function to native HSA
  • Extends the life of cell cultures by scavenging toxins and stabilizing membrane proteins
  • Improves the health of cells by acting as a fatty acid carrier and hydrophobic moiety scavenger


Affinity Chromatography Medium
MabSelect SuRe™ LX

  • Protein A-derived affinity medium designed to promote efficient processing of high-titer bioreactor feeds
  • Highly-rigid base matrix facilitates the use of higher bed heights and high flow rates, which reduces cycle time and provides flexibility in process design
  • Generic elution conditions for different MAbs promote the use of platform purifications

GE Healthcare

Pre-designed qPCR Assays

  • Guaranteed to work for human, mouse and rat transcriptomes
  • Consist of two primers and a hydrolysis probe
  • All three components are shipped in a single tube and are guaranteed to provide >90% efficiency
  • Users can select from five different dye/quencher combinations

Integrated DNA Technologies

Microbiological Culture Media
Modified Giolitti and Cantoni Broth (ISO)

  • For the detection and enumeration of coagulase-positive staphylococci
  • Can be used with or without an agar/paraffin plug on the surface, depending upon the testing regime used
  • Employs the Most Probable Number technique according to ISO 6888-3:2003

Lab M

DNA Quantification Kit
Investigator™ Quantiplex Kit

  • Quantifies human DNA in forensic samples and establishes whether it contains inhibitors that may interfere with downstream applications
  • Based on real-time PCR; provides accurate data in less than 50 minutes when combined with Rotor-Gene Q thermocycler
  • Overall sensitivity is less than 1 pg/µl


Fragment Library
Maybridge Ro3 Diversity

  • Available in a prepared format, with each compound pre-dissolved as a DMSO solution
  • Contains a broad range of 1,500 compounds
  • Manufactured and selected to meet “Rule of Three” requirements
  • Available in three 500-compound sets; each compound is presolubilized as a 1ml 10 mM solution

Fisher Scientific

Monoclonal Antibodies
Giardia Lamblia

  • Reactive with cyst form of organism and target the GSA65 antigen
  • ELISA pairing recommendations are provided on data sheet
  • For research use only; not for use in diagnostic procedures



Microplate Reader
EZ Read 400

  • Features ability to perform single- or dual-wavelength measurements to incorporate reference wavelength readings
  • Ideal for ELISA, protein, cell biology and kinetic assays
  • Can be configured with a choice of filter options within a range of 400 to 750 nm
  • Can be fitted with a QC plate for instrument validation


Automated Liquid Handler

  • Handles tubes and vials up to 100 mm
  • Performs automatic vial decapping and recapping
  • Scans and decodes 1D/2D barcodes
  • Features a rack/plate transfer station


Product Spotlight
Controlled Electroporation of Microorganisms

For Safe Transformation of Bacteria and Yeast with DNA/RNA

When transforming electrocompetent bacteria and yeast with DNA, electroporation yields significantly higher transformation efficiency and much more reproducible results, compared with traditional chemical methods.

Transforming bacteria to amplify recombinant DNA is often achieved through chemical transformation. Though reliable, this process is time-consuming and the efficiency can be too low. The new Eporator from Eppendorf provides transformation efficiencies ten times higher than is achieved with the heat shock method.

The instrument is designed to be user friendly, with simple one-button operation for faster sample handling—just set the voltage or choose a preset parameter and insert a cuvette.

“[Eporator] is very simple to perform and saves valuable time,” said Jaimie McLaughlin, Product Manager, PCR, Detection & Cell Technology at Eppendorf North America. “Typically a manual is not even needed and you can start an experiment immediately.”

In addition, the unit features freely programmable function keys and two program buttons that allow storage and recall of most commonly used parameters. Added safety features maximize user protection, such as safe electronics and an integrated electroporation chamber to prevent voltage leaks and potential misuse.

The compact design simplifies storage and transport, and the USB port allows experiment data to be exported for GLP-compliant documentation and analysis.

For more information, visit

Peptide Workstation

  • For manual microwave-assisted peptide synthesis
  • Features a microwave peptide vial available in two sizes: 2 – 5 mL for 75 – 150 µmol scale, or 10 – 20 mL for 250 – 500 µmol scale synthesis
  • Material can be collected in a standard GL 45 laboratory glass bottle, 50 mL centrifuge tube or a round-bottom flask


Pressure Monitoring System
Samba Preclin

  • Enables researchers to record high-frequency pressure data (up to 40 KHz) using a transducer small enough for insertion into carotid, femoral and tail arteries of mice
  • Fiber-optic transducer is safe for use within an MRI environment (+10T)
  • Ideal for use in gating the MRI allowing enhanced image quality

Harvard Apparatus

Nanoparticle Characterization System

  • Features optimized locators, enabling the user to easily position the measurement cell
  • An optional blue laser improves imaging capability; fluorescence filters can be added when working with suitably labeled particles
  • Features an EMCCD (electron multiplying CCD) featuring 37 full frames per second


Single-use Mixers
Allegro™ 3D

  • Available as 200-liter systems for working volumes from 50 to 200 liters
  • For large-volume applications including vaccine and drug formulation and mixing viscous fluids
  • Ideal for various liquid-liquid and liquid-solid mixing applications including compounding, formulation and buffer and media preparation

Pall Corporation

UV Crosslinker
Select™ XLE-Series

  • Covalently binds nucleic acids to membranes in less than 30 seconds
  • Features true-UV-monitoring circuitry that safeguards valuable test results from washouts
  • Features a “smart” user-friendly, fully programmable microprocessor, built-in “help” messages and an auto-repeat function
  • Available in 254nm, 312nm and 365nm versions


Upright Two Photon Microscope

  • Designed for in vivo or intravital imaging in live animals
  • Features a non-descanned detection scheme based on two highly sensitive GaAsP PMTS with equivalent collection efficiency
  • Includes a motorized slider with 3 filter sets for flexibility in choice of dyes
  • Lets users combine up to 6 color channels for two-photon imaging

TILL Photonics

Biopharmaceutical System Solution
UNIFI™ Scientific Information System

  • Combines proprietary UPLC®/MS characterization technology and UNIFI™, for a complete solution that unites all aspects of biotherapeutic analyses and workflows
  • Features automated data processing and simplified results validation
  • Enables easier transfer of information between departments



R&D Software
Enterprise R&D Architecture

  • Features workflow definition and capture function, to optimize workflows
  • Based on the proprietary Pipeline Pilot ™ platform
  • Provides a broad, flexible solution set with configurable applications


Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN)
Symyx Notebook v. 6.6

  • Enables cross-disciplinary teams to collaborate more effectively using validated and compliant processes
  • No custom coding is required
  • Offers configurable capabilities for analytical, process and formulation teams working in small and large molecule development


Oligo Design and Analysis Tools
SciTools Suite

  • Determines the properties of any oligonucleotide sequence entered
  • Includes dilution calculator, resuspension calculator and an application for analyzing oligo secondary structures
  • Provides important information for reaction optimization, such as oligo melting temperature, range, GC content, molecular weight, etc.
  • Offers two specialized analysis options for PCR and qPCR assay planning

Integrated DNA Technolgies

Environmental Monitoring Software
Nexxis EM

  • Connects directly to any instrument to monitor conditions such as temperature, humidity or any type of specific chemical
  • Can be set up to automatically check target values and take action when conditions reach a critical point
  • Collected data is stored in an environmental database


Compound Selection and Design Software
StarDrop 5 with Nova Module

  • Enhanced data visualization features a trellising function
  • Lets users explore data and produce graphs, histograms and chemical spaces to be included in reports
  • Nova Module facilitates the search for prospective drug candidates
  • Nova includes an initial library of more than 200 transformations derived from literature


Filter Cartridge

  • Manufactured from a highly hydrophobic Gore ePTFE membrane
  • Offers exceptionally high gas flow rates at low pressure differentials
  • Demonstrated to retain integrity after repeated steaming in place cycles (SIP)
  • 100% integrity tested during manufacture by the forward flow diffusion method

Porvair Filtration Group

Software as a Service (SaaS) LIMS
WinLIMS Cloud Edition

  • Web-based, remote-hosted application that reduces the need for internal IT resources
  • Available options include custom screen configuration, custom report design, data management, documentation, training, etc.
  • Service tier options lets users select the level of features that best fits their needs
  • Ensures access to software through various devices using Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox

Quality Systems International

SampleManager 10.0

  • Designed to integrate with existing ERP, PIMS and MES systems and with other applications and instruments in and out of the laboratory
  • Features key business metric (KBM) dashboard functionality
  • Includes instrument calibration, operator training records and stock/inventory functions

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Product Spotlight
Integrated FTIR Software

Streamlines Quality Assurance and Quality Control Applications

ABB Analytical’s Horizon™ MB Software Suite provides consistent, repeatable results and simplified quality assurance. When combined with the company’s MB3000 series FTIR spectrometers, it offers a solid foundation for high-quality product development and manufacture.

The software streamlines QA/QC processes by providing integrated spectrometer and accessory control. The user is guided through every step of the process, from collecting reference data to deployment of turnkey methods.

Featuring numerous import and export options, data conversion is easy and straightforward.

“Results are typically available within about 90 seconds for many types of applications,” said Josée Labrecque, Product Line Manager at ABB Analytical. “And all the components of the [software] are designed to work in CFR 21 Part 11-compliant environments.”

The software suite includes Horizon MB™ FTIR v3.1 and Horizon MB™ QA. Horizon MB QA works with the company’s MB3000 and MB3600 spectrometers, and includes a Sample Analysis feature that helps users quickly acquire repeatable results.

Horizon MB FTIR v3.1 includes an improved Horizon Quantify chemometric module and an IR interpretation module for easy identification of functional groups. In addition, users can automate features such as temperature monitoring via smart accessory control.

Ideal for petroleum, chemical, life sciences and semiconductor industries and academic and research applications, the software suite assists laboratory staff by providing intuitive workflow along with integrated spectrometer and accessory control, making QA simple and more consistent.

For more information, visit


  • Features a web-based, icon-driven, customizable interface using a Just Enough Information Model (JEIM) requiring minimal mouse clicks to operate
  • Enables numeric, free text, calculated value, data and time, colour, etc. to be used to record test sample data
  • Allows final reports to be produced to look like original forms

Two Fold Software

LC-MS Software

  • Lets users process data for both targeted and unknown screening experiments without the need for multiple software packages
  • Data processing and reporting are automated
  • HR/AM library includes more than 3,000 mass spectra for more than 1,000 compounds relevant to food safety and environmental testing

Thermo Fisher Scientific


Fume Hood Liners

  • Prevents leaks and spills in fume hoods
  • Absorbent, low-linting liners feature a plastic barrier impermeable to strong solvents including xylene, acetone, ketones, alcohol and formalin
  • Available in three absorbencies: standard, heavy and sponge-plus

Current Technologies


Sample Chambers
Ultra-Fast DIALYZER™

  • Diameter is increased from 18 mm to 24 mm, resulting in a larger surface area for sample exposure and enhanced exchange rates
  • Reusable chambers are made of PTFE for high sample recovery
  • Units range from 50 µl to 1,500 µl of volume

Harvard Apparatus

Microplate Adhesive Sealing Films

  • Eliminate clogging and contamination of autosampler needles
  • Provide an adhesive-free polymer seal over each well of the microplate
  • Adhesive does not come in contact with well contents
  • Available in 96- and 384-well formats, several film materials and different seal compositions


Sample Tube Storage Rack

  • Laser etched to produce a label that will never wear or fall off
  • Manufactured from hi-grade solvent-resistant polypropylene
  • Features an enclosed wall design that allows robotic grippers to access the rack from any height
  • Sure-Shot™ well tops help guide incorrectly delivered tubes


Brass Water Turbines

  • Sapphire bearings ensure long life; uniform bearing load design minimizes bearing wear
  • Features a fixed pulse rate and a wide turn down ratio
  • Designed for flow rate measurement of water and many water-based liquids
  • Ideal for applications involving automotive testing and water processing

Omega Engineering

Seal for GC Columns
Easy Seal

  • Constructed of proprietary gold-plated alloy that is softer than stainless steel
  • Can be installed without extraordinary pressure
  • Rugged enough to perform at high temperatures and remain stable
  • Compatible with all Agilent GC instruments


Deep-well Plates

  • Manufactured under class 10,000 conditions from ultra-pure grade polypropylene
  • Contain no contaminants that may leach out and affect stored sample or bacteria cell growth
  • Round 96-well plates are available for general work and sample storage
  • Square 96-well plates, in 350 µl, 1 ml and 2 ml volumes, provide automation capability

Porvair Sciences

Polypropylene Filter Cartridges

  • Designed for the removal of sub-micron organic and inorganic particulate matter
  • Eliminate the risk of media migration and minimizes the release of particles
  • Feature optimal pleat geometry to maximize the available filtration area
  • Can be steam sterilized and will retain total integrity following steaming at 135°C

Porvair Filtration Group

Centrifuge Tubes
Nunc Conical

  • Incorporate a plastic rack design that is reusable, collapsible and recyclable
  • Feature a large writing area, enabling users to clearly label their research for increased sample traceability
  • Feature a leak-proof design for superior sample protection
  • Available in 15 ml and 50 ml volumes

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Safety Glasses

  • Features adjustable temple length and a panascopic angle
  • Available in safety only, or with magnification for lower portion
  • Includes integrated side shields and wide brim
  • Complies with ANSI287, OSHA and CE-166 and AS/N2S 1227-1992

Vision USA Supplies