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April 2011 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments and system introductions to the laboratory market.

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Portable Flashpoint Tester
Grabner® MINIFLASH Touch

  • Features an extended temperature range from 0 to 400°C
  • Automatically determines flashpoint according to advanced ASTM D7094 Standard
  • Continuously closed cup design and small sample volume ensures maximum safety, avoids offensive fumes in the testing area and reduces sample waste

AMETEK Petrolab

Double and Single Beam

  • Now available with USB ports as standard, enabling instruments to be controlled via PC
  • DataStream software allows data to be viewed, manipulated, processed and saved
  • Data may be copied and pasted into Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other formats
  • Options include high-performance wavelength scanning, kinetic analyses, calibration curves and spectral derivatives

Cecil Instruments

Product Spotlight
Rapid Viscosity Measurements

Measure Viscosity in Three Simple Steps

The μVISC (micro VISC) viscometer from RheoSense employs VROC® (Viscometer-Rheometer-On-a-Chip) technology, a MEMS microfluidic chip-based viscometry technology, which facilitates accuracy and simplicity.

The measurement process consists of just three simple steps: load the sample into a disposable pipette, mount the pipette and run the test. Measurement results, including data necessary for advanced analysis, are displayed in less than a minute for most samples.

“This enables lab scientists to get accurate viscosity measurements in the shortest time,” said Seong-Gi Baek, Ph.D., President of RheoSense. “In addition, small sample volumes enable low-cost product development at early stages of R&D.”

The device facilitates measurements for a wide range of viscosities (0.2 cP ~ 5,000 cP) with hot-swappable sensor cartridges. Featuring multiple operational modes to assist any user, the device can log up to 20 tests, each with a user-definable sample ID.

“No evaporation during testing ensures [integrity] of data,” added Baek. “No air interface in particular eliminates the interfacial effect of adsorbed proteins at the interface.”

Since each sample is contained in a pipette, there is no need to clean the device. Samples can be continuously run.

Accuracy exceeds 2% of the reading and repeatability is within 1%.

For more information, visit

UV/Vis-NIR Microspectrophotometer
20/20 Perfect Vision™

  • Imaging and spectroscopic analysis of samples can be done by absorbance, reflectance and fluorescence from the deep UV to far into the near infrared
  • Employs proprietary Lightblades™ technology and fully programmable automation features
  • User can also use instrument as an automated UV, color and NIR microscope

CRAIC Technologies

Elemental Analyzer
Model 440

  • Features a horizontal furnace design, allowing for removal of residues between runs
  • Analyzes a wide range of sample types including nitrides, graphite fibres, ceramics, and carbides with melting points of over 2000°C
  • Delivers simultaneous CHN analysis in less than 5 minutes, and Oxygen and Sulphur in 6 minutes

Exeter Analytical

IAQ/HVAC Portable Data Collection Meter

  • Measures TVOCs, CO2, air velocity, particulates and specific gases
  • Add text notes via virtual keyboard or optional handwriting recognition
  • WolfSense PC software enables simple download, analysis and report creation
  • Optional “Advanced Report Generator” software automates the entire reporting process

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions

Personal Evaporator
Centrifan™ PE-T

  • Uses self-generating blow-down technology to evaporate solvents without vacuum
  • Available with an off-timer for stopping the evaporation process to concentrate solutions instead of drying them completely
  • Requires little bench space, doesn’t need to be placed under a fume hood, and can be operated on a lab cart, providing portability and bench space savings

Modular SFC

FTIR Spectrometer
Spectrum Two™

  • Ideal for unknown substance identification, material qualification or concentration determination
  • Incorporates a humidity shield to protect against environmental effects
  • Suitable for various applications including fuel and lubricant analysis, pharmaceutical, environmental and polymer analysis


Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometer
Xevo® G2 Tof

  • Features UPLC®/MSE and QuanTof™ technology for exact mass quantitative and qualitative performance
  • UPLC/MSE is a method of data acquisition that catalogs complex samples in a single analysis
  • Can be upgraded to MS-MS capability using the same hardware

Waters Corporation

Basic lab

Low Temperature Reaction System
DrySyn SnowStorm

  • Offers active temperature control without ice formation and the ability to cool and stir up to 12 reaction tubes in parallel
  • Active temperature control also prevents temperature fluctuations
  • Compatibility with all standard laboratory circulators and magnetic stirrers allows cooling to -50ºC and heating to 150°C


Labeling System

  • Able to print and apply up to 12 labels in tandem with precision and accuracy
  • Features a thermal transfer printing system with 600 dpi resolution
  • Features retracting peel edge technology to work with a variety of container shapes and sizes
  • Offers accurate placement for label sizes from 4 x 4 mm to 100 x 100 mm


Nautilus Systems

Waterproof Food Thermometer

  • Features a range of -58 to 572°F and -50 to 300°C and a resolution of 0.1°C from -20 to 200°C (with accuracy of ±1.5°C)
  • Holder allows probe to be positioned at any height while attached to beakers, stainless cylinders or vats
  • Features a flat-profile design and built-in pocket clip

Control Company

Soil Extraction for Organics
Soil Extraction Cell

  • Replaces microwave technology with a proprietary HotBlock and stainless steel Soil Extraction Cells
  • Increases the number of samples that can be run at one time and lowers the cost per test
  • Extracts organic compounds under SW846 Method 3546, including PAH/BNAs, PCBs, TPH, pesticides and herbicides

Environmental Express

Multi-Channel Pipetting Head

  • Air pressure sensors are built into each channel to monitor pipetting
  • Total Aspiration and Dispense Monitoring (TADM) technology monitors in real time, giving users the chance to react to problems such as empty samples, clots or foam
  • TADM verifies and documents with a traceable digital audit trail to confirm a sample has been successfully transferred

Hamilton Robotics

Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator

  • Features six built-in calculation modes for solid, liquid and gas samples
  • Includes a fritless cell option, for fast and accurate results
  • Four files can be stored in memory; allows instant recall of data for up to 20 samples
  • Features a built-in detector to monitor titration status

JM Science

Automated Gas Standards Generating System

  • Uses proprietary Trace Source™ permeation tubes to add known concentrations of various oxygenate species to a flow of purified food-grade CO2
  • Secondary dilution feature gives low ppb and ppt concentrations adjustable over a 400:1 range
  • Mixture concentrations are traceable to NIST through physical standards


Filtered Glove Box

  • Provides inlet and outlet 99.99% efficient HEPA or 99.999% efficient ULPA filtration
  • Real-time performance data is provided on internal static pressure (inches of water)
  • No detectable leaks greater than 1 x 10-6 ml/sec
  • Liners are available in either one piece molded fiberglass or Type 304 stainless steel


Orbital Shaker
Helix 250

  • Designed for biological, chemical, liquid mixing and cell cultivation for various laboratory settings
  • Features quiet operation and constant shaking speed independent of load or input power fluctuations
  • Includes an optical movement sensor that prevents the shaker from “walking”
  • Features a new EZ Clamp™ tool-free clamp system


Vacuum Pump Inlet Trap
MV Visi®Trap

  • Prevents users from contaminating a central source vacuum system
  • Features clear 9.5” sumps for visually monitoring filter condition
  • Can be supplied with replaceable copper or stainless steel gauze, molecular sieve, Sodasorb®, activated charcoal, activated alumina and Polypro 2-, 5- and 20-µm filter elements

Mass-Vac, Inc.

Digital Hydraulic Tester

  • Designed for fast diagnostic troubleshooting of all types of mobile or stationary hydraulic systems
  • Generates flow pressure and temperature measurements simultaneously from one point
  • Features pressure-relief disc protection and low battery/over-range indicators
  • Includes a 3.5-inch digital LCD

Omega Engineering

Oxygen Deficiency Monitor
10+ Year Sensor

  • Zirconium Oxide sensor does not rely on partial pressure, or need a reference gas
  • Features a 24VDC power source, rather than a depleting source, such as an electrolyte
  • Features a built-in audible alarm that sounds in the event of a leak from any cryogenic gas
  • Eliminates the inconvenience associated with disposable sensors


Laboratory Chiller

  • Available in 160, 170, 180 and 190 watt heat removal capabilities
  • Provides precise Thermoelectric temperature control (± 0.05°C) for lasers, low-light CCD cameras and instrumentation cooling
  • Features quiet operation and a compact size (8 lbs) with temperature ranges from 2°C to 45°C
  • Consumes up to 90% less electricity than comparable compressor-based chillers

Solid State Cooling Systems

Microbiological Incubators
Thermo Scientific Heratherm™ Series

  • Available in three models: General Protocol, Advanced Protocol and Advanced Protocol Security
  • Feature stainless-steel, easy-to-clean rounded interiors
  • All models include an inner glass door to maintain temperature uniformity
  • Available in 60-, 100- and 180-liter sizes

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Desk Lamp

  • Includes a 5” glass lens with 3X distortion-free optical quality
  • Features 22-watt color-correct circular fluorescent illumination
  • Tilting function allows users to view objects at any angle

Vision USA

Chemicals, Kits & Reagents

Full-length Human Proteins
Affinity Purified

  • Expressed in HEK293 cells; derived using an extensive collection of human cDNA clones
  • Guaranteed to be greater than 80% pure
  • Ideal for use as native antigens for optimized antibody production; positive controls in antibody assays; ELISA assay standards, in vitro biochemical assays, etc.


Mycoplasma Detection Kit

  • Brings together universal primers, optimized reagents and touchdown PCR
  • Includes buffers for cell lysis, sample lysis tubes, PCR mixes and primers
  • Kit will detect as few as 10 genomes of M. arginine in three hours
  • Recognizes more than 60 species of Mycoplasma, Acholeplasma, Spiroplasma and Ureaplasma

American Type Culture Collection

Certified Reference Standards of Tapentadol Metabolites

  • N-Desmethyltapentadol, Tapentadol-ß-D-glucuronide and Tapentadol-O-sulfate
  • Suitable for quantitative or qualitative applications including pain prescription monitoring, toxicology applications or urine drug testing
  • Certified to highest industry standards, including ISO Guide 34 and ISO/IEC 17025


Ion Exchange Chromatography Media
Capto™ ImpRes

  • Capto SP ImpRes (strong cation) and Capto Q ImpRes (strong anion) enable high-throughput, highresolution polishing and flexibility in process design
  • Available in several formats, including Predictor ™ 96-well filter plates and pre-packed HiTrap™ and HiScreen™ columns

GE Healthcare

Oligo Manufacturing Service
DNA and RNA Oligos

  • Deprotected, desalted and quantified using UV spectrophotometry and checked for quality using mass spectrometry
  • Available in a range of amounts, from 25 nmol up to 10 µmol, with the additional option of large-scale production up to 10 g
  • Can be delivered in individual tubes, as well as 96- or 384-well plates, either lyophilized or resuspended in liquid

Integrated DNA Technologies

Mouse miRNA Expression Assay Kit

  • Enables users to perform direct digital detection and counting of miRNAs at single-base resolution without the need for amplification
  • Provides the capacity to perform multiplexed profiling of more than 600 murine and murine-associated viral miRNAs in a single tube, with specificity and sensitivity comparable to qPCR

NanoString Technologies

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) Assay Kit

  • Used to investigate the interaction between proteins and DNA in the cell
  • Aims to determine whether specific proteins are associated with specific genomic regions
  • Technique is based on a rigid porous polymer matrix rather than the traditional sepharose or magnetic beads

Porvair Filtration Group


Fume Hood
Green Solution Hood

  • Features Neutrodine® technology from Erla
  • Allows users to reduce energy costs by 96% and reduce operation costs by 70%
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by not replacing treated air
  • Handles liquids and solids individually or together with a single hood

Air Master Systems

Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets
CellGard Energy Saver NU-475 and NU-477

  • Feature a 10 degree sloped sash
  • Reduce noise, vibration and operating costs by decreasing energy consumption
  • Extends HEPA filter life with less heat production


Energy-Efficient Thermal Cycler

  • Features a proprietary Thermal Energy Recovery System (TERS®) to save energy
  • TERS works by harnessing some of the heat transferred from the block during the cooling phase for re-use in the next heating phase
  • Features a ramp rate of up to 5°C per second


Benchtop Ovens
Heratherm Series

  • Three models available in three sizes: 60-, 100- and 180-liter capacities with a choice of gravity or mechanical convection
  • Special insulation and a heat-decoupled door reduce energy consumption and minimize heat transfer to the environment
  • All models include an easy-to-use interface, automatic over-temperature alarm and data monitoring

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Life Science

Target Enrichment System
SureSelect XT

  • Lets researchers sequence just the genomic regions of interest rather than the entire genomes
  • Allows geneticists to interrogate the genome of more samples per study than previously possible
  • Facilitates the processing of 192 samples weekly per workstation

Agilent Automation Solutions

PCR Thermocycler

  • Optimized for proprietary Array Tape™ to provide high-capacity DNA amplification
  • Simultaneously processes up to 230,000 reaction wells in a standard run
  • Supports microplate-based PCR thermocycling with a maximum capacity of 152 plates per run

Douglas Scientific

Personal Sequencing System

  • Lets users prepare clusters, sequence and analyze data on a single machine with walkaway automation
  • Applications include highly multiplexed PCR amplicon sequencing, targeted resequencing, ChIP-Seq, small RNA sequencing and more
  • Features TruSeq technology, reversible terminatorbased sequencing by synthesis chemistry


Multimode Microplate Reader

  • Features Corning® Epic® label-free technology and classical label detection in a single instrument
  • Identifies novel molecules and characterizes cellular and biochemical mechanisms of action (MOA)
  • Includes an optical biosensor in each well; supports 96- and 384-well formats


Pneumatic Pipetting Solution
Cavro® Air Displacement Pipettor (ADP)

  • Uses air displacement to aspirate and dispense fluids
  • Correct operation is monitored by onboard pressure-based liquid level detection and self-diagnostics
  • Features an integrated tip ejector, allowing tips to be ejected by a simple command
  • Tip sensor can determine if a disposable tip has not been correctly picked up or has fallen off the probe


Personal Cell Imager
Thermo Scientific CellInsight™

  • Features a solid-state illumination source, high-efficiency filters and a custom optical design for high-quality imaging and virtually maintenance-free operation
  • Typical plate scan times are less than four minutes for a 96-well plate, while a 1,536-well plate can be scanned in just over one hour for a three-color assay
  • Includes iDEV software to eliminate assay development bottlenecks

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Product Spotlight
Frozen Sample Management Software

Enterprise-class Performance for Large and Small Labs

RURO’s FreezerPro 2011 software is now available in three new editions. The reliable and secure Web-based application lets users know exactly where a frozen sample is located even before opening the freezer door. Complete with revised audit trails for samples and vials with greater detail, the new software maintains compliance with the FDA ’s current GLP/GMP requirements.

“By keeping the inventory organized, researchers save themselves lots of time every day,” said Vlad Lebedev, Systems Architect with RURO. “All their samples are a few clicks away, no matter where they are.”

The new barcode label designer lets users keep their existing label formats and use a wide range of popular printers. In addition, an enhanced user interface puts users in control of their FreezerPro experience via user-defined fields and sample views including a box view that displays sample icons.

Available in FreezerPro Standard, Enterprise and Multisite, there is an edition for every type of application. The Enterprise and Multisite versions include extended APIs which enable full read/ write access to sample data, as well as an integrated real-time notification system for communicating changes in sample data to external applications.

For more information, and to download a free trial version, visit

LIMS & Software

Software for Multicapillary Gel Electrophoresis

  • For DNA fragment and RNA analysis with proprietary QIAxcel® multicapillary gel electrophoresis system
  • Supports electronic record requirements specified under CFR part 11
  • Enables standardized sample processing with process templates that cover the entire workflow


Image Acquisition Software

  • Lets researchers quickly capture excellent images of even complex multiplex gels
  • Users can select up to five dyes; the software calculates the best possible combination of filters and lighting to ensure each dye is accurately detected with minimal crossover
  • Intuitive touch screen prompts users to select type of gel or blot and what it is stained with



  • Displays results parameters with clarity and flexibility
  • Enables various types of results parameters to be used to record test sample data: numeric, color, free text, date, time, calculated value, etc.
  • Features an intuitive, configurable user interface

Two Fold Software

Scientific Data Management System
NuGenesis® 7.1

  • Supports both Professional and Enterprise 32-bit versions of Windows 7, and proprietary Empower™ 3 chromatography data system
  • Stores and manages all types of scientific data to a centralized database
  • Features a “file and print capture” function


Data Management Software

  • Compatible with PC, Mac, Linux and mobile platforms such as Apple’s iOS 4.3, BlackBerry OS 6 and Android 2.2 for touch tablet and phone operation
  • Lets users meet data requirements associated with laboratory quality testing and batch processing, including full audit trail, 1 and 2D barcoding, batch and lab integration, and support for voice input & barcode scanning

The Weaver Group

Supplies & Consumables

Polypropylene Storage Tube
1.4 mL Amber

  • Ensures the integrity of light-sensitive biological samples even over long-term storage periods
  • Supplied in a 96-position sample tube storage rack that meets the SBS standard footprint
  • Produced from high-quality FDA-approved polypropylene in a class 7 automated facility
  • Available in non-coded, alphanumeric coded and laser encrypted 2D coded formats


Co-Extruded Plastic Tubing

  • Combines the functionality of polyethylene with the flexibility of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate)
  • Can be used with economical barb-style fittings
  • Produced from Class VI, FDA-sanctioned ingredients
  • Resists gases and moisture and remains pliable even after extended contact with alcohol

New Age Industries

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Sorbent
Strata™-X-Drug B

  • Specially designed and quality-control tested for drugs of abuse
  • Polymeric strong cation-exchange sorbent does not require conditioning
  • Does not promote interconversion of norcodeine and normorphine to parent compounds
  • Detection for all 11 common drugs of abuse is below new, lower SAMHSA cutoff levels


Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Microplate
Development Microlute™

  • Offers users a choice of up to 12 different phases and sorbent loadings (10 – 100 mg) in a standard format 96-well plate
  • Constructed from a single piece of moulded highquality polypropylene
  • Will not bend or distort because SPE cartridges do not have to be repeatedly plugged in and out
  • Each well has an individual drain spout, ensuring 100% sample transfer and zero crossover contamination

Porvair Sciences

Reagent Trough
25 m L

  • Designed to reduce waste of valuable reagents in automated liquid handling applications
  • Features a conical base design to minimize the liquid volume inaccessible to the liquid handling arm
  • Made of grey polypropylene; suitable for light-sensitive reagents
  • Available free from human DNA, RNase, DNase and PCR inhibitors


Freezing Containers
Nalgene Mr. Frosty®

  • Accommodate 3.6, 4.5 and 5.0 mL cryotubes
  • Enable simple cooling of samples at an optimal rate of -1°C per minute
  • Require only 100% isopropyl alcohol and a mechanical -70 to -80°C freezer

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Glass Vials
One Closure

  • Available in three sizes: 20 ml, 30 ml and 40 ml
  • Available in amber or clear, providing solutions for working with light-sensitive compounds
  • 24-414 closure comes in one size, for easy ordering and stocking
  • Closure is available in polypropylene open-top lined with PTFE/ silicone (0.125); a closed-top version is also available

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