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Top 10 Management Mistakes

Managers come from different walks of life, posses various characteristics, and have their own philosophies regarding how to manage a business and employees.

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Managers come from different walks of life, posses various characteristics, and have their own philosophies regarding how to manage a business and employees. In a broad sense, there are common mistakes made by managers at different levels and in various types of businesses. gives ten of the most common management mistakes.

  1. Putting policies ahead of people. The smaller the organization, the larger the mistake this is. Policies are made to be followed, within reason. Some flexibility with employees, particularly in a small company, is important. An even bigger mistake is standing behind policies at the expense of losing loyal customers.
  2. Lack of communication. In any industry, at any level, communication is key to being a successful manager. Employees need to know what is expected of them and when specific projects or tasks need to be completed. Communication needs to be clear, and any questions that arise need to be answered.
  3. Failing to hear what your employees have to say. Managers make the mistake of listening but not always hearing what their employees are saying. To manage effectively, you need to understand the needs and concerns of your employees.
  4. Not acknowledging that you do not have all the answers. A good manager does not make the mistake of trying to solve every problem. Seeking help from individuals with expertise in specific areas in a sign of strengths, not weakness. In addition, a good manager must understand that his or her way is not the only way to do the job.
  5. The glass is always half empty. Managers who continually focus on the negatives, without recognizing positive achievements or employee accomplishments, end up with employees who are not motivated and often have one foot out the door looking for a more positive work environment.
  6. Not accepting responsibility. A common mistake made by managers is to either delegate blame or simply not accept responsibility for that which happens under their guidance. Being in charge means taking responsibility for whatever happens.
  7. Favoritism. Once a manager has obvious favorites, he or she loses credibility and the respect of the rest of the team.
  8. Just do it. The Nike slogan does not work when employees are trying to gain an understanding of the process or project. Rather than expecting your team to simply work blindly on tasks they do not understand, a good manager takes the time to explain what the project is all about how the team's work is incorporated into the plan.
  9. Too much technology. A new breed of managers are more tech-savvy than they are comfortable handling and managing people. Embracing technology is a key to success in the modern office environment, but not at the risk of embracing people skills. Do not hide behind e-mails and other technology.
  10. Never change. In a rapidly changing business environment, not being open to change can be a major mistake. While you may stick to tried-and-true methods in some areas, you should consider and weigh the value of change in others. Above all, be flexible.