Microwave Digestion Manufacturer List

Need microwave technology? These manufacturers can help!

Milestone, Inc.
Shelton, Connecticut
(203) 925-4240
www.milestonesci.com Milestone Inc. Logo

Analytik Jena www.analytik-jena.com 

Anton Paar www.anton-paar.com 

Aurora Biomed www.aurorabiomed.com 

Buck Scientific www.bucksci.com 

CEM www.cem.com 

HORIBA www.horiba.com 

Milestone Inc. www.milestonesci.com 

PerkinElmer www.perkinelmer.com 

PreeKem www.preekem.com/en 

Questron Technologies www.qtechcorp.com 

SCP Science www.scpscience.com 

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Sample Preparation Product Resource Guide

Published: April 11, 2019

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