Live Air Date: Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Laboratory activities are never stand-alone. How each task is performed affects all related tasks. This webinar examines the costs and financial benefits that result when lab tasks associated with chemical inventory management are optimized.

Presenting the results of an in-depth survey conducted of ChemSW’s CISPro® chemical inventory system customers, the webinar will explore how technology has benefited laboratories that streamlined chemical inventory management processes.

“All the areas where workflows can be optimized and labor hours reduced with CISPro were found to benefit our customers financially,” explains Darryl Braaksma, Senior Business and Financial Consultant at ChemSW. “But there’s always more to the equation than just performing a specific task faster and more efficiently. For example, a comprehensive chemical inventory system like CISPro also enables associated activities such as reporting to be streamlined, making it easier to generate Tier II, Fire Code, DHS and other regulatory reports. Once the activities surrounding chemical management are optimized, all related workflows are also streamlined in a domino effect that benefits everyone in the lab.”

TUNE INTO OUR LIVE WEBINAR to hear Darryl explain ways in which technology enables laboratories to manage chemical inventory more efficiently. He will also present a cost benefit case study that explains how laboratories can calculate their own Return on Investment (ROI).


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