Live Air Date: Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Technologies to provide precise, user-defined control of temperature and CO2 are widely available in CO2 incubators, but methods to control relative humidity (RH) while preventing the formation of condensation are still evolving. This webinar will explore the various factors that affect RH in CO2 incubators, as well as evaluate the effects of the available humidity control/management technologies on culture growth, contamination prevention/control, and condensation.

As an attendee, you will learn more about:

  • How you can be sure that your incubator provides active humidity control
  • What surface temperature gradient and RH sensor accuracy have to do with condensation
  • Whether you can trust that your incubator is really providing you with 95% RH


Deborah Thibodeaux, Science Director and Applications Specialist – Deborah Thibodeaux is an accomplished scientist with more than two decades of experience in biomedical sciences. Prior to beginning her current work as Science Director and Applications Specialist at The Baker Company, Deborah served as Senior Scientist, Lab Manager, or PI at companies such as Biogen Idec, Meso Scale Discovery, Cambridge Biomedical Research Group and Covance. She has also served as Technical QA Writer at Shire Pharmaceuticals and Adjunct Professor at community colleges in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Since 2009, Deborah has also owned and led DKT Consulting, LLC, which provides practical, efficient solutions to organizations seeking to run GLP-compliant laboratories.

Cheri Gaudet, Marketing Specialist – Cheri Gaudet is a marketing professional with eight years of experience in business-to-business marketing, including three years in the life science industry. With particular expertise in content marketing, brand messaging, and communications, she focuses on creating value for both customers and organizations. Cheri holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Southern Maine.


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