Original broadcast date: Wednesday June 3, 2015

Presenter: Mj Callaway

Some people stand out from the crowd. Some people blend in like the décor. Every day you're selling others on you! You're selling your ideas and your point-of-view in business and in life. Maximize your opportunities by becoming memorable. Create a commanding presence and an engaging conversation to shine in business and in life. In "The Art of Selling Yourself for Success” you'll discover the actions and tips to stand out in a crowd.

Attendees will learn these immediate takeaways:

  • How to avoid being a "bench warmer "
  • Understand the “value” of you
  • What "It's not about you" really means
  • How to become a people magnet
  • Discover the "why" to transforming incidents into memorable stories

Mj Callaway was dubbed the $14 Million Dollar Communicator. Mj Callaway is dedicated to working with organizations to develop the crucial strategies they need to create effective sales conversations that produce results and increase sales revenue.

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