Live Air Date
Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Rheological samples from all industries are delicate, sensitive, and need to be handled with care. Testing the structure of a sample—mouthfeel, spreadability, appearance, shelf-life stability, shape stability after application (to name a few)—is critical for ensuring that the final product will successfully meet the quality standards of the end-user. Therefore, rheological test results need to be extremely reliable and reproducible. However, rheological testing is commonly influenced by some simple mistakes in both sample handling and in the selection of the test method itself. Want to make sure you’re getting it right? 

Attend this live webinar to ensure you’re avoiding these common pitfalls as we review the critical steps that take place before you even press ‘start’ on your rheometer:

  • Sample handling
  • Sample loading
  • Sufficient recovery
  • Design of the test method and automatic data evaluation to meet QC criteria 

As an attendee, you will learn:

  • Proper sample handling before conducting a rheological test
  • Selecting the right measuring tool for the job
  • Proper sample loading for accurate results
  • Selecting the right measuring procedure for your material 


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