Webinars: Bridging the Gap Between Operational Efficiency and Occupant Experience for the Intelligent Lab Infrastructures of Tomorrow

Join our experts in a live, interactive webinar discussion to learn more about Intelligent Lab infrastructures of tomorrow

Lack of efficient temperature regulation, unreliable Internet connections, outdated equipment, poor facility maintenance—such factors continue to challenge the number of outdated lab spaces in the U.S. and in turn, may negatively impact testing, research and development. As such, a convergence between facility maintenance and lab R&D activities presents an opportunity to increasingly think in terms of space collaboration, efficiency and design to help future lab scientists meet market demands.

To execute that vision, requires IoT technologies, analytic services for labs, and proactive data analysis to provide labs with continuous monitoring and a systematic, preventive maintenance approach to harmonize operational efficiency with occupant experience.

Attend this webinar and learn how to start your journey to an Intelligent Lab Infrastructure by:

  • Transforming legacy systems to integrated, people-centric digital applications
  • Reducing time used to identify and troubleshoot lab equipment problems
  • Optimizing and maintaining performance that drives safe and efficient operations, and improves energy consumption and regulatory compliance
  • Decreasing utility and operational expenses
  • Improving occupant safety and control over experimental/process variables


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