Webinars: Implementing Effective Sample Lifecycle Solutions for Improved R&D Efficiencies: Setting the Foundation

Advances in life sciences R&D approaches are influencing the workflow needs of scientists, lab managers, PI’s, and key decision makers

Live Air Date: Friday, December 8, 2017

Life sciences R&D approaches are adapting to new technologies and evolving commercial dynamics. Nowhere is this more evident than in biopharma, with precision medicine advances, identification of early detection bio-markers and the need for innovativesample data management platforms. With the growing complexity of clinical studies, there’s increased attention to implementing sample-centric best practices, earlier in the workflow, that deliver significant efficiencies. This requires better control of the sample throughout its lifecycle, as well as across the discovery and development value chain.

As the first in a series, this webcast on Dec. 8 sets the foundation for effective Sample Lifecycle Management Solutions through implementation of Quality Management Systems and Transparent and Accessible Data Solutions. The ongoing series is designed to share best-in-class practices, with practical implementation and case-study scenarios.  

In this webinar, you will learn more about:

  • Key components of effective sample lifecycle management
  • Unlocking of sample value with data integration & informatics solutions
  • Role of quality management for sample & data integrity
  • Monitoring of Key Quality Indicators and tracking collection-centric QA Plans


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