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Webinars: Lab Weighing Crash Course: Learn the Basics, from Common Terms to Top Tips

A team of lab professionals overlooking a set of Sartorius balances

Join Lab Manager and our panel of experts to discover how to achieve the best possible weighing results

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A balance is a crucial piece of equipment in the lab, used to save time and produce accurate results. The right lab balance will allow even the most intricate, complicated weighing tasks to become routine. How do you know which balance is right for your lab? What kind of maintenance is required to keep your balance working efficiently? How can you avoid common errors that will hamper your research?

Get an insight into the world of weighing technology, learn typical terms, and discover what you need to do to achieve the best possible weighing results. In this webinar you will also get an insight into the usage, handling, and cleaning of calibration weights.

Key learning objectives

  • Terminology in weighing
  • Avoiding errors and understanding their daily impact on your weighing accuracy
  • Uncertainty determination
  • Monitoring your laboratory balance(s)
  • Calibration and servicing of your laboratory balance(s)
  • Calibration weights, selection, storage, and correct handling


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