Webinars: Laboratory Ventilation & Chemical Fume Hoods: Design Considerations, Installation, and Exhaust

Examining airflow and ventilation design for the modern laboratory

This webinar will focus on design considerations for lab ventilation and proper placement when installing chemical fume hoods. The presentation will touch on the design differences of major types of chemical fume hoods and briefly discuss their features and functions. Important key issues regarding general lab ventilation and exhaust ducts are covered in detail. OSHA standards and other applicable guidelines and regulations including NFPA are also discussed. 

As an attendee, you will learn more about:

Design and installation considerations for chemical fume hoods

  • Fume hood design – terminology and their functions
  • Issues to protect critical inflow velocity and flow – i.e. the right location
  • Exhaust ducts – correct size, materials, blower location and stack heights

Key installation issues for lab ventilation chemical fume hoods

  • Things to avoid during placement
  • Protecting the critical face velocity & flow (travel pathways & HVAC supply)
  • Chemical fumes/vapors and duct compatibility
  • General lab ventilation and balance
  • Exhaust duct materials and issues
  • Exhaust stacks – heights, location, weather protection
  • Service, maintenance and decontamination


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