Sustainable Lab Design and Optimization Strategies
Sustainable Lab Design and Optimization Strategies

Webinars: Sustainable Lab Design and Optimization Strategies

Join Lab Manager and our experts as we discuss how to design and optimize a sustainable lab

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Laboratories are often the most energy intensive spaces at research universities. At Harvard University, labs account for only 23 percent of the square footage on campus, but are responsible for nearly 50 percent of the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Harvard’s Sustainability Plan and Climate Action Plan lays out very aggressive sustainability goals for the University, which is a driving factor in the design and operation of the labs.

This presentation will provide an overview of Harvard’s Sustainability Goals and how it pertains to lab design and operation. We will discuss Harvard’s Green Building Standards, LEED implementation, laboratory ventilation management, and the Green Labs Program. The presentation will also provide insights into the use of laboratory benchmarking, and how working with local and international partners on the topic of sustainable labs translates into positive outcomes for lab efficiency.


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