What Health and Safety Leadership Really Means
What Health and Safety Leadership Really Means

Webinars: What Health and Safety Leadership Really Means

Join Lab Manager and our safety expert as we discuss what health and safety leadership really means

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All laboratory organizations are composed of people trained to execute the methods and techniques important to that organization. The health and well-being of those people are critical to the success of the organization. While all laboratory leaders talk about the importance of lab safety, it can be very challenging to align the day to day decisions with the priority assigned to lab safety. To drive superior lab safety performance, leaders need to align our words, actions, decisions, and personal behaviors with our lab safety priority.

Some of the topics of this presentation will include:

  • Determining the right priority for lab safety
  • Training staff for lab safety
  • Creating the habits required for lab safety
  • Measuring lab safety
  • Inspecting for lab safety
  • Prioritizing for lab safety
  • Actively practicing lab safety
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