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Webinars: When the Whole World Suddenly Cared About PPE

When the Whole World Suddenly Cared About PPE

Join Lab Manager and our panel of experts as we hear the story of MSU 3DPPE and how they helped frontline medical personnel during a pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic—independent from its impact on the health and wellbeing of millions—highlighted a gigantic flaw in laboratory safety. Our speaker, like many of you, took for granted that personal protective equipment was as ubiquitous as plastic wrap and available at the drop of a hat. It turned out, however, that the PPE supply chain was so precariously balanced that the once-predictable availability of equipment suddenly became scarce. So what was everyone to do? Wash masks? Reuse dirty equipment? As industrial production faltered, an unlikely group offered a solution: The Makers.

This webinar will tell the story of MSU 3DPPE, the people at the heart of it, and how they helped frontline medical personnel during a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. What started as three “geeky” people, with 3D printers and an idea, quickly turned into a group of over 60 working nearly around the clock to fabricate validated and functional face shields for those treating our most vulnerable.

Our speaker will share with you:

  • Why his team decided to make face shields and not face masks, from a liability and functionality perspective
  • How they sourced our materials, implemented quality control standards, and distributed product rapidly
  • Best Practices to minimize waste and maximize efficiency
  • How they avoided the need to seek Emergency Use Authorization while still making a functional product
  • Why 3D printed PPE can’t (and shouldn’t) ever replace commercial products
  • How to make sure your fabricated PPE doesn’t become an expected part of your institution’s supply chain
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