LabWare LIMS Solutions: LabWare Enterprise Laboratory Platform

By LabWare

LabWare is recognized worldwide as a leading supplier of laboratory automation solutions. Our Enterprise Laboratory Platform, which combines the functionality of LIMS and Electronic Laboratory Notebook into a single integrated solution, is unique in the industry. We provide software, professional services for implementation and validation, and global technical support.

The LabWare ELNT™ system is a unique entry in the Electronic Laboratory Notebook solution space, and is a key component of the company’s formidable Enterprise Laboratory Platform (ELP) solution strategy. The ELP refers to LabWare’s ability to deliver an integrated and scalable solution that has the functional breadth to span broad portions of its customer’s business operations. LabWare ELN is an innovative product that provides scientists and other laboratory personnel with the automation tools necessary to manage experiments, to properly execute tasks, and to capture, preserve and safeguard intellectual property.

LabWare ELN is an experiment and workflow driven software application that enables customers to electronically document their experiments including relevant scientific content and observations, instrument results and attachments such as spectra, chromatograms, and if appropriate, chemical structures. The product works seamlessly with LabWare’s flagship product, LabWare LIMS™, allowing any data within LIMS to be accessible by ELN and vice versa. The ability to seamlessly interact with Lab- Ware LIMS and to utilize any data or content stored in the LabWare LIMS relational database including customer-defined fields, tables, or record types is at the heart of the unique power of LabWare ELN. In addition to its ability to automate scientific experiments, the system also provides guided method execution capabilities. Laboratories that work on GMP samples are required to follow standardized testing methods (STMs) when testing samples in the laboratory. LabWare ELN helps ensure that laboratory technicians are performing standardized test methods according to the proper sequence of steps stipulated in the SOP, improving operational efficiency and enhancing regulatory compliance.

LabWare LIMS and ELN offers a very modern and highly configurable architecture that allows companies to spend less time installing and configuring the system, and more time applying it to their specific information management needs. LabWare’s Enterprise Laboratory Platform is the industry’s most functionally comprehensive suite of software for laboratory automation.


  • Procedure / Method driven user interface that guides users as they execute steps in a laboratory testing method or SOP
  • Seamless integration with laboratory instrumentation for electronic result update and instrument traceability
  • Supports formulas, custom calculations, charting and the insertion of file attachments
  • Full audit trails with configurable E-Signaturest

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