Fast and efficient 3D microtissue production with the Viaflo 96 channel hand-held electronic pipette

Preclinical drug development relies on advanced in vitro models with a high degree of standardization to achieve maximal predictivity for an efficient compound de-risking strategy. InSphero’s scaffold-free organotypic three-dimensional (3D) microtissue spheroids fulfil these requirements as they can be produced and assayed by standard automated liquid handling systems. The Integra Viaflo 96 Channel Electronic Hand-Held Pipette is perfectly suited to produce 3D microtissues in InSphero’s GravityPLUS™ hanging drop plate and to further culture and process them in the GravityTRAP™ platform. Ease of use, versatile programming, and highly accurate tip positioning are the key advantages of the Viaflo 96 pipette which guarantee to perform medium to high throughput screening campaigns with 3D microtissues successfully and with considerable time savings of up to 40% compared to manual pipetting with an 8-channel pipette.

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