Thermo Fisher Scientific announces an improved ion-exclusion chromatography method for the determination of total and free sulfite in foods and beverages. Application Note 54: Determination of Total and Free Sulfite in Foods and Beverages demonstrates that this new method offers the following benefits when compared to a previously published method: uses a disposable platinum working electrode that does not require polishing, thus eliminating a process step; uses a smaller-dimension ion-exclusion column that significantly reduces eluent consumption; and applies to samples with lower sulfite concentrations than those previously addressed.

Sulfiting agents are frequently used as preservatives to prevent microbial spoiling and browning reactions in a wide variety of food and beverage products. However, because sulfites have been implicated as a cause of negative reactions in humans, sulfite concentrations in food and beverages are regulated. To facilitate regulatory compliance, the food and beverage industries need a simple yet reliable method that offers the required selectivity and sensitivity to monitor low concentrations of sulfites in complex food/beverage matrices.

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