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A scientist in the lab with mRNA pipetting microplate temperature control
Photo provided by JULABO USA

Bioreactor Temperature Control for the Production of mRNA

Manufacturing and temperature control considerations

Julabo USA

Recent breakthroughs in COVID-19 treatment have put mRNA vaccines and technologies in the spotlight. Many researchers claim the mRNA vaccines are just the beginning, and the production of mRNA treatments will change the standard of care and usher in a powerful era of personalized medicine. While mRNA therapies hold a lot of promise, there's still much for us to learn about the best way to manufacture these nucleotide-based drugs.

Cold chain management is a crucial part of the mRNA production and distribution process. In the case of the COVID-19 vaccines, shipping and storage challenges became a hot topic. While you may not hear as much about it, temperature also plays a vital role in the laboratory production of mRNA, specifically within the enzymatic reactions and purification processes inside the bioreactor.

Download this app note to learn more about how effective temperature control management can help manage workflows and increase yields and throughputs for mRNA, courtesy of JULABO USA.