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Application Note

Gene Modification for Cell Therapy Applications

A streamlined path to clinical cell therapy manufacturing

The advanced therapeutics industry has been undergoing intense change, with the clinical success of CAR T cell therapy spurring increased interest and investments. A critical component of any therapeutic developer’s risk mitigation strategy is to ensure that the manufacturing workflow incorporates equipment and reagents suitable for clinical manufacturing. 

With the Gibco™ Cell Therapy Systems™ (CTS™) product suite, you can:

  • Work with exciting and new innovative technologies
  • Expect transfection efficiency and viability above 70%
  • Easily scale and optimize the transfection process in a closed system
  • Have fast and efficient electroporation of large sample sizes 
  • Integrate with reagents such as CTS TrueCut Cas9 Protein

Download the app note now to learn more about how you can optimize the cell engineering step of your manufacturing process.

cover of the gene modification for cell therapy pdf

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