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High-throughput Flow Reactor System

Optimize reaction conditions before scaling up synthetic production


The FlowSyn Maxi™ is a high-throughput flow reactor for process chemists. Combining the benefits of proven technology with the capability to run at high flow rates (up to 100 ml/min) all in a compact benchtop design, this system sets a new standard for higher throughput applications.

Designed for ease of use, an intuitive user interface enables quick navigation through the process of setting up an optimized flow chemistry reaction. Once set up, FlowSyn Maxi™ automatically runs the experiment unattended, ensuring that critical parameters remain within defined limits. The FlowSyn Maxi™ is designed to carry out superheated reactions up to +260°C (1400 psi) and cooled reactions down to -70°C, making it one of the most versatile process scale flow reactors available.

Download this brochure now to learn more about the FlowSyn Maxi™, courtesy of Uniqsis.