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A picture of a scientist in the lab using the ImageQuant 800 for assay and western blot
Photo provided by Cytiva

Lateral Flow Assay Development

ImageQuant™ 800 imager: using dyes across the spectrum


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Development of assays based on lateral flow has led to low cost and effective large-scale screening of infectious diseases with high specificity. Lateral flow assays consist of membranes, antibodies, and reagents for detection of a color change or fluorescent dye. Amersham ImageQuant™ 800 systems are a new generation of highly sensitive and robust imagers for capture of high-quality images in life science applications from a wide variety of samples, including gels, membrane blots, multiwell plates, and petri dishes.

This app note investigates the use of Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles (CPNs™) with the Amersham ImageQuant™ 800 imaging system for lateral flow assays and western blotting.

Download this application note to learn how Stream Bio uses the ImageQuant™ 800 imaging system to test and validate fluorescent dyes for various applications including diagnostic lateral flow tests, courtesy of Cytiva.